Football's Number One Madman

Chapter 82 Li Bo Luo: It's so hard to score goals!

Chapter 82 Li Bo Luo: It's so hard to score goals!
"Sports Weekly" reporter Liu Chuan did not expect that he would come to this small town outside London again to conduct a second exclusive interview with a League Two team.

There is no way, first destroy the Red Devils, and then slaughter the Red Army. The young defender of the Kuang Gang has already aroused strong repercussions in the country by virtue of his outstanding performance.

Although part of the content of the last interview can still be referred to, after all, four months have passed and it has lost its timeliness, so he contacted the player himself as soon as possible to prepare for the second interview.

But as soon as he arrived at his destination, he was stopped by a man in a suit:
"I am a staff member of Mr. Li's agency Stella Group. Mr. Barnett asked me to follow up on this interview."

Having reported on English football for so many years, Liu Chuan certainly knew the status of "Barnett" in English football, and he was stunned:
"Jonathan Barnett?"

The other party nodded:

"Yes, originally your appointment was not approved by Mr. Barnett and should be cancelled, but Mr. Li said that you enjoy VIP treatment, so this is not an example."

Liu Chuan breathed a sigh of relief, and shook hands with him in greeting:
"Thank you."

The other party smiled:
"So, I hope you can also cooperate with my work. First, I will outline the outline of today's interview. I want to make sure that these questions will not make my players feel unhappy. You should understand?"

Journalists who have been in journalism for many years don't understand this:
"Of course, I understand."

Looking at the conversation room close at hand, he and his photographer looked at each other, but sighed inwardly.

【The last time the interview was completed easily with only a few hundred pounds, this time it was followed up by a special person and the topic was restricted... It seems that it is much more laborious! 】

If these treatment were Premier League players, he would not be surprised at all, but... His interviewee today only plays for a League Two team!
"Good evening, Polo."

After going through many audits, Liu Chuan finally met his interviewee.

He took a closer look, and obviously felt something different.

Li Poluo, who was still a little immature at the time, seemed to have become more confident after more than four months of tempering. The sharpness hidden in his bones before seemed to break out of his body at any time!

Lee Polo smiled and shook hands with him:

"I said, it won't be long before we meet again."

Liu Chuan nodded sincerely:
"I thought it would take at least one or two years, but I didn't expect to underestimate your potential and strength. I watched the whole game yesterday, and I think your performance is completely above Gerrard! With your current strength, It is absolutely possible to gain a foothold in a team in the five major leagues!"

For his compliment, Lee Polo fully accepted:

"Thank you, I also feel that I can reach a higher stage."

Liu Chuan immediately asked the question he was most concerned about:
"Have you ever considered joining a top league team?"

This question is too direct, even a bit unfriendly, but Lee Polo doesn't care:
"That is the dream of all players. No one wants to hang out in the lower leagues for the rest of their lives. As a professional player, I also want to join top giants such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and Bayern, but the reality is... I am sober. I am still far from this goal, and I still need to continue to work hard to improve.”

His answers were quite satisfactory, and no one could jump out of too many questions. Liu Chuan had no choice but to open the materials he had prepared in advance, and officially entered the state:
"I made a simple statistic. You have played 22 times for Wimbledon this season. Do you know how many goals you have scored?"

Li Boluo was stunned for a moment, he recalled a bit, and finally shook his head:

"We don't have a dedicated statistician in the team. All I know is that I have now surpassed Akinfenwa and am the top scorer in the team."

Liu Chuan lifted his spirits, and suddenly felt that his hard work in collecting information was worth it:

"In 22 games, you scored... 20 goals in total! Almost one goal per game! Such scoring efficiency is terrifying!"

After hearing this data, Li Poluo's heart also "thumped".

[Fuck, so fierce? 】

Just listen to Liu Chuan continue to analyze:
"Among the 20 goals, including 10 League Two goals, 5 League Cup goals, and 5 FA Cup goals, the distribution is very even..."

Li Poluo stopped him:
"Wait a minute, I should have 4 UK Championship goals!"

Liu Chuan froze for a moment:
"England Championships? What's that?"

For this reporter who only pays attention to the Premier League and the Champions League, the British Championship consisting of League One and League Two teams is indeed very unfamiliar.

But for Lee Polo, this is also an official competition he participated in!Why is it not a grade?
After quickly updating his data, Liu Chuan wiped off his sweat:
"That is, participated in a total of 26 games, scored 24 goals, and averaged 0.92 goals per game. This efficiency is higher than before!"

Only then did Li Poluo nodded in satisfaction:

"I have now become the focus of the opponent's attention, and it is becoming more and more difficult to score goals."

Liu Chuan couldn't help complaining in his heart:
[It's getting harder and harder, does it mean that you didn't perform a hat trick against Liverpool? 】

The two chatted for another half an hour, and the interview came to an end. Liu Chuan looked at the outline in his hand:

"As we all know, Messi and Ronaldo are representative figures in today's football. They have won 4 and 3 Ballon d'Ors respectively. Among these two, which one do you admire more? Or, do you want more? Which player do you become?"

This is a classic question that is asked in many interviews, and now it has finally come to Lee Polo.

Li Poluo spread out his hands, a little helpless:

"Can you not answer?"

Liu Chuan laughed:

"Of course, but I think... many domestic fans must want to know your answer."

Li Poluo thought for a while, and answered realistically:

"If I had to choose, I would prefer to be Ronaldo."

Liu Chuan pricked up his ears:


Lee Polo shrugged his shoulders:

"They are all one-in-a-million geniuses, there is no doubt about it. But from a character point of view, I prefer Ronaldo."

Liu Chuan expressed his understanding:

"You mean, Messi is relatively low-key?"

Lee Polo nodded:
"That's right, I didn't deny this at all, it's just that... in my whole life, I'm doomed to keep a low profile!"

Liu Chuan couldn't help complaining in his heart again:
[Please, you are still only a second-tier player, do you really think you can go to heaven if you score a few low-quality headers? 】

But Lee Polo didn't actually finish his explanation.

Perhaps there should be no distinction between the peerless double pride, but as a man, he really wants to be Ronaldo more.

He is tall and straight, with a handsome and handsome face. When he was young, he lingered in the flowers and grooms every night, and when he matured, he developed the qualities of a family man.As for other lace and negative news, it seems insignificant.

As for Messi, his skills are unmatched today, and it can even be said that he has stabilized Ronaldo, but Li Polo, who was reborn in 2021, feels that he is somewhat too depressed.

In Barcelona, ​​he was allowed to be squeezed by various forces and became a bargaining chip in the club's chairman election; in Argentina, he also became a loser and was even criticized by his own people.

He clearly deserves better.

Li Poluo compared his heart to heart, if he and Messi switched identities, he would definitely not be able to bear this kind of grievance!

So he can't be Messi.

An hour later, Liu Chuan finally ended the short interview.

This time, he took the initiative to say to Lee Polo:
"I have a hunch, maybe in the near future, I will come to interview you for the third time!"

Lee Polo didn't deny it at all, just smiled confidently:

"Then you have to make an appointment with my agent in advance, next time there will be no VIP treatment!"

 The liver is not moving, take a break and eat something

(End of this chapter)

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