Chapter 47 The Queen's Box
"What should it be?"

"It should be someone's servant!"

"Someone?" Zhao Wujiang was taken aback, "Uncle Jiu, think about it..."

Uncle Jiu, an old servant of the Wang family, stroked his gray beard and muttered:

"If the old man remembers correctly, he should be a domestic servant of an official's family in the three provinces. Whose family is it? There are too many people to remember."

"Uncle Jiu, haven't you always had good eyesight? Didn't you often say that when you were young, you listened to all directions and saw all directions?" Wang Yifang joked.

The old servant of the Wang family blew his beard and stared: "That was when the old man was young, not now."

The old servant of the Wang family often travels through various departments, taking care of his family's master Wang Yifang. He has too many contacts with people every day, and he can't remember clearly.

The servant of the official family of the three provinces?

Hiss, it's a bit broad, but it's within my expectation...Zhao Wujiang looked thoughtful, he had analyzed and guessed after Chen De's death that Shang Shusheng had a pawn behind the fraud case.

The three provinces are divided into Menxia Province, Zhongshu Province, Shangshu Province, and Shangshu Province is divided into six departments.

Even if you know the scope, there are many officials in the three provinces, so it is impossible to go door-to-door to find out... Zhao Wujiang thought, looking a little disappointed.

Seeing this, Wang Yifang seemed to see what Zhao Wujiang was thinking, and said with a smile:

"My dear brother, don't panic, you will have a chance in the future!"

"The day after tomorrow?"

"In the morning of the next day, the list of imperial examinations will be published in the Ministry of Rites. To celebrate the imperial examinations, in the evening, a wedding banquet will be held in Qujiang Garden in Chang'an City."

Wang Yifang touched his chin and continued slowly:
"And during the wedding banquet, the emperor's relatives, relatives, dignitaries, etc. will gather in Qujiang Garden. At that time, all the officials will bring their family servants to attend. Can't my virtuous brother search for it?"

"Thank you, Brother Wang!" Zhao Wujiang cupped his fists.

Wang Yifang waved his hand and said with a sincere smile: "It's good that you can help my brother, and you don't have to pay attention to it when the time comes. Just ask Uncle Jiu to watch for you. He has good eyes."

After chatting for a while, the two shared their experiences in reading.

As the sun went down, Zhao Wujiang left the secretary's province.

The imperial examinations will be released the next day, and I think Li Zhi and several prime ministers will be on the list tomorrow, looking for the new champion.

Taking advantage of the afterglow of the setting sun, Zhao Wujiang rushed to Queen Wang's place.

Because just now the Queen's maid sent a message.

"Master Zhao, the Queen wants to see you..."


Qifeng Palace.

Zhao Wujiang lightly knocked on the door of the queen's bedroom, "Empress, my servant is here."

He didn't say his name, because Queen Wang could hear the voice.


The door was opened, and Queen Wang stood at the door.

Zhao Wujiang could see the unhappy expression of Queen Wang at a glance. She looked haggard, her eyes were red and swollen, and she had obviously cried several times.

"Miss, what's wrong?"

Hearing this, Empress Wang's long and narrow phoenix eyes were instantly filled with water vapor, she couldn't stop sobbing, almost out of breath, hot tears kept running down her cheeks.

Zhao Wujiang helped him to the table.

Listening to Queen Wang constantly telling her about her past since entering the palace, until she talked about yesterday's family letter.

The family letter was sent by her father, the Patriarch of the Wang family in Taiyuan. Every line in the family letter is full of disappointment with her daughter Wang Yanning, verbally criticizing her for not living up to expectations and not working hard.

Wang Yanning's grievance turned into a trickle and trickled down from the red eye sockets.

"This palace is useless, the Wang family doesn't want me anymore..."

"Master Changsun and Uncle Liu will also cut off contact with me, saying that they will support new people..."

"Xiaochengzi, Lizi, Cuier, Donger, they all rushed to other palaces..."

Wang Yanning's beautiful eyes were full of crystal water drops, she stared at Zhao Wujiang, and finally cried at her desk.

Crying is full of grievances and sadness.

The majestic and unkind queen finally let go of her disguise and cried bitterly.

Zhao Wujiang looked at her quietly, shoulders heaving and sobbing.

After a long while, Wang Yanning raised her head, her exquisite face was covered with weeping makeup, she held her mouth and said in doubt:
"Master Zhao, why don't you put on clothes for me?"

Zhao Wujiang: "..."

"This is what I read in my books. When a woman is crying, the man will gently cover her with clothes." Wang Yanning said.

Zhao Wujiang had no choice but to find a cloak and put it on Wang Yanning.

"You seem very reluctant..." Wang Yanning wiped away her tears, "Okay, I'm done crying!"

Women are fickle...Zhao Wujiang complained in his heart, "Then I'll go?"

"Don't..." Wang Yanning blushed, "Master Zhao, tell me about the imperial examination, I want to hear about it."

Zhao Wujiang began to tell about the past few days of the imperial examination.

Holding her cheeks, Wang Yanning quietly looked at the handsome and charming Zhao Wujiang.

When she heard some students ridiculed and questioned Zhao Wujiang, she showed an indignant expression, thinking how could these people be like this?
When she heard Xiao Yuzi read the imperial decree in public, and everyone looked remorseful, she hummed in her heart that she deserved it.

When she heard that Zhao Wujiang's sharp eyes caught the cheating students one after another, her beautiful eyes twinkled, and she thought that this man was really amazing.

When she heard that Zhao Wujiang was fighting against the mysterious masked man in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice, she clutched the tablecloth tightly with both hands, her face full of nervousness.

Zhao Wujiang added some embellishments and kept talking.

In a blink of an eye, the bright moon hangs high, and the night is already deep.

Wang Yanning's beautiful eyes were full of joy, without any sleepiness.

Sure enough, there was only the exhausted cow... Zhao Wujiang couldn't help but got up to leave.

"and many more……"

Wang Yanning looked at the tiredness in this gentle man's eyes, feeling a little guilty.

She walked quickly to Fengta's side, took out the reddish-brown wooden box from under the pillow, and placed it solemnly in Zhao Wujiang's hands.

Wang Yanning's cheeks were flushed, and she said in a low voice: "Master Zhao, this is for you, remember to keep it safe."

Zhao Wujiang looked puzzled, but he took it solemnly. In fact, he was always curious about what was in the wooden box.


In Wang Yanning's beautiful eyes, Zhao Wujiang returned home by moonlight.

He opened the reddish-brown wooden box, and inside was a stick lying quietly, exuding a mysterious luster.


There was a mechanical voice in his head.

【Ding!Congratulations to the host, you have obtained the queen's secret X1]

(End of this chapter)

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