Absolute Resonance

Chapter 17 Competition Gold Leaf

Chapter 17 Competition Gold Leaf
On the top of the majestic Xiangli tree, Lin Feng and Xu Shanyue, the heads of the first and second courtyards, also had a dispute over the allocation of golden leaves.

"Xu Shanyue, you should understand how many outstanding students we have gathered in our college. Their talents are far superior to those of other colleges in Nanfeng Academy. So if we can give them some better cultivation conditions, the results they have achieved , will far surpass other students." Lin Feng said in a deep voice.

Xu Shanyue snorted coldly: "The first courtyard is indeed excellent, but my second courtyard may not be all waste and not worthy of enjoying the golden leaves, right? And there are always fifty gold leaves on the Xiangli tree, and now there are forty of them in one In the hands of the courtyard, don't you feel satisfied?"

Lin Feng frowned and said, "It's not a matter of being satisfied or not, but that the students of the First Academy are able to give full play to the value of the Golden Leaf."

"I'm not targeting the students of your Second Academy, but that's the truth."

Xu Shanyue sneered and said: "You just want to drain all the resources of Nanfeng Academy, so that you can teach a few more students who can enter the "Sacred Xuanxing Academy", add some light to your resume, and eventually be promoted to Are you going to Saint Xuanxing Academy?"

In fact, it is not only many students who regard Shengxuanxing Academy as their goal, but even their tutors in these secondary institutions also regard it as a holy place. All their efforts are aimed at entering Shengxuanxing Academy to teach. His status and future achievements have all been greatly improved.

It is not a bad thing to have such a goal, but Xu Shanyue felt that Lin Feng was too utilitarian in doing things, and only cared about his own interests, just like kicking Li Luo to the second court back then. In fact, it was not necessary at all. After all, even if Li Luo was empty, he wouldn't really be a hindrance.

What Lin Feng did at that time was probably more to use Li Luo to establish his prestige, so that those outstanding students in the first courtyard would not dare to challenge his authority when he first came to Nanfeng Academy.

When Lin Feng heard this, his complexion became much gloomy, and he said, "Xu Shanyue, don't mess around."

The other instructors of Nanfeng Academy at the side watched the two of them quarreling, and hurriedly tried to persuade them.

The old dean named Wei Sha also had some headaches. The golden leaves on the Xiangli tree are scarce, and every courtyard wants to get more. This is understandable. After all, the achievements of the students are also related to them. Mentor evaluation and promotion.

However, Lin Feng has been pestering him for a long time, and he has been procrastinating, but looking at it today, he still has to give an answer.

Wei Sha looked at the many figures on the Xiangli tree below, pondered for a moment, and said: "The golden leaves of the second courtyard cannot be separated without reason. After all, we cannot completely deprive the students of the second courtyard just because the first courtyard is better. The heart to pursue progress.”

"If you all want to compete for the golden leaf, then you have to rely on the students to fight for it."

"How about this, the first courtyard and the second courtyard each find three students, and the level of strength required cannot exceed the six seals. The two sides compete, if the last courtyard wins, then the second courtyard will be divided into five gold leaves, but if it is two If the court wins, then the first court will give ten gold leaves to the second court from your share."

After the old dean's voice fell, Lin Feng and Xu Shanyue stopped arguing immediately, and frowned slightly.

"Dean, why do you have to lose ten golden leaves when you lose one house?" Lin Feng asked dissatisfied.

Wei Sha smiled and said: "Because you brought up the dispute for the golden leaf first, the other court is already stronger, if you don't pay a heavier price, why should the second court fight with you for nothing?"

Lin Feng frowned, thought for a while, and finally said, "Yes."

Although this kind of competition has been suppressed to the level of the sixth seal, their first house still has a great advantage.

Xu Shanyue was a little hesitant. Although he said that if the first academy loses, ten golden leaves will come out, but he understands that the first academy is the card of Nanfeng Academy after all, and the quality of its students is far better than all other academies.

"Dean, there are only two people in our Second Academy who have reached the level of Six Seals." Xu Shanyue said helplessly.

Lin Feng smiled, and said: "Don't worry, the students of the First Academy will not let you be dragged to such an impasse."

Xu Shanyue's face darkened, and anger welled up in his eyes.

The old dean sighed, and said: "Xiao Xu, don't worry, even if you lose, I will make up for the Second Academy in the coming year. At this time, there is only one month before the university's final exam."

Hearing what the old dean said, Xu Shanyue was silent for a few breaths, and finally he could only nod in frustration. Obviously, in the heart of the old dean, as a member of the Nanfeng Academy, he can indeed enjoy some benefits. Privileges that the Second Institute does not have.

In this regard, Xu Shanyue also knew that he couldn't blame the old dean, because this is human nature, and if the best first hospital is not favored, is it still partial to the second hospital?
"Then I'll make arrangements." After Xu Shanyue finished speaking, he turned over from the tree house and jumped down.

With a smile on his face, Lin Feng also turned around to make arrangements.

At the same time, at the position below that, Bei Kun finally led the people away in a bit of embarrassment and unwillingness. After all, Li Luo completely ignored his anger. On the contrary, his routine that did not follow the rules also made him The people here are a little apprehensive.

The young people are the top ones, the fights among the students, even if they break the scalp, they have to grit their teeth and hold on for the sake of face. Who has seen this kind of people who have to find someone from home to beat them every now and then?

There are no rules at all!

And as Bei Kun and others ran away in embarrassment, many students from the Second Academy also looked at Li Luo with strange expressions. Obviously, they did not expect that Li Luo would use this method to resolve the opponent's provocation.

"Aren't you a little too unruly?" Zhao Kuo also scratched his head, came to Li Luo's side, and said in a low voice.

Li Luo rolled his eyes at him lazily, and said, "Permit him to bully me for nothing, but won't I be allowed to bully others?"

"That's not the way to say it." Zhao Kuo wanted to refute, but he had nothing to say for a while, so he could only shake his head. This young mansion master's approach seems a bit wild.

While they were talking, Xu Shanyue's figure appeared in front of him. He clapped his hands and directly recruited all the students from the Second Academy, and then briefly talked about the next competition with the First Academy.

But as soon as the words came out, the crowd suddenly became angry.

"This courtyard is too much! They have occupied forty golden leaves, aren't they satisfied? Are they still coming to snatch us?"

"There is absolutely no chance of winning in this competition. There are only two people in our second court now that we have reached the sixth seal."

"Oh, it's better to admit defeat."


However, after a moment of anger, many students of the Second Academy became pessimistic. After all, where the strength of both parties lies, even with the limitation of the Six Seals, the Second Academy is still at a disadvantage.

Seeing the low morale of the students of the Second Academy, Xu Shanyue also sighed helplessly, and immediately arranged: "The competition will be played by Zhao Kuo and Yuan Qiu."

"Teacher, don't worry, I will definitely not embarrass our Second Academy. I will let them know that the Second Academy is not easy to mess with." Zhao Kuo's blood boiled with enthusiasm, his face full of fighting spirit.

Yuan Qiu was a tall girl, but she was quite calm and asked, "What about the third person?"

Xu Shanyue's eyes swept over many students in the Second Academy, and everyone who was caught by his eyes dodged, obviously not confident to play.

Finally, he looked at Li Luo. After all, although Li Luo is empty, he is proficient in physiognomy. In terms of combat effectiveness, he is second only to Zhao Kuo in the Second Academy. Of course, Yuan Qiu must be added now.

"Li Luo, come here."

Xu Shanyue made a decision, and said: "Don't feel pressured, it doesn't matter if you lose, you'll be the first one to fight, and if you can't stand it, you will admit defeat. If you can, try to consume as much of the opponent's strength as possible. That way the people behind will have a higher chance of winning.”

Li Luo wasn't too surprised to be hit, after all, there were only a few people in the Second Court.

But obviously, Xu Shanyue's positioning of him is cannon fodder, used to consume the strength of the opponent's personnel.

Li Luo's eyes became a little deep, and he wanted to keep a low profile, but now it seems that God doesn't allow it.

Old Xu, you have no idea what kind of existence you ordered! The light on your face today may be more dazzling than the sun.


Xu Shanyue's palm landed on Li Luo's shoulder, hitting him staggeringly, and a dissatisfied voice came: "What are you doing with such dull eyes, won't you be frightened?"

So the aura that Li Luo had just brewed up was immediately crushed by his slap.

(End of this chapter)

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