Absolute Resonance

Chapter 21 Preliminary Exam

Chapter 21 Preliminary Exam

Around the wooden platform on the Xiangli tree, there was constant noise of boiling, and all the students except the first courtyard were all admiring.

No one expected this result.

At first, I thought that today's competition was just a reason for the first court to occupy the five golden leaves of the second court, but who knew that the three six seals of the first court were all overthrown by Li Luo alone. land.

This is really a rare good show.

The most important thing is that there are many dramatic effects mixed in. For example, when Li Luo was demoted from the first house to the second house, the reason was that Li Luo was born empty and had limited potential.
But right now, Li Luo's sudden appearance of compatibility and strength, I'm afraid the mentor Lin Feng of the First Academy will be quite complicated in his heart, right?

While many students were amazed, they couldn't help but look at Li Luo in the field again. Could it be that this man who once fell down is about to rise again?But is it a little late now?
There was constant noise, but the first courtyard was relatively quieter. Many students looked at each other with complicated expressions.

Tifaqing stared blankly at Li Luo's figure, and after a while, she said in disbelief: "Isn't he born with a void? Why did he suddenly have a phase?"

Song Yunfeng had no expression on his face. He also couldn't answer this question.

"Although the acquired appearance is extremely rare, it is not without it. Some special treasures of heaven and earth can also give birth to the acquired appearance, but it is extremely rare. It has been rare in our Great Xia Kingdom for hundreds of years, but Li Luo's parents They are two outstanding people, so it may not be impossible to get them." Lu Qing'er said on the side.

The things that Jinlong Baohang has come into contact with are extremely wide, and Lu Qing'er's second uncle is also the president of Jinlong Baohang in Nanfeng City, so he is familiar with it and knows many things that ordinary people don't know.

"With such a treasure, why did he wait until now to use it?" Tifa Qing said.

"Maybe some special conditions are required, but I don't know the specifics." Lu Qing'er said with a slight smile.

Tifaqing was silent for a while, and finally said: "This guy, is he really going to turn Xianyu over?"

The tone was a bit complicated. The Tifa family she belonged to naturally had some conflicts with the Luo Lan family, but it was much smaller than the Song family, and there was no special grievance between her and Li Luo, but the only thing that made her dissatisfied was The marriage contract between Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e.

"It's not that easy."

Song Yunfeng said lightly: "Li Luo's appearance should be a water appearance. From the battle with Bei Kun just now, we can roughly guess the rank, which is probably between the fifth and sixth ranks. Not bad, but far from great."

"And his strength level is the five-seal level. Do you think it's really rare for a fifth-sixth-grade five-seal level?"

Tifaqing nodded thoughtfully. With this configuration, she would not even be able to enter the top ten in the first hospital. Even though Li Luo is very talented in the practice of physiognomy, it is still very difficult to reach the dazzling level of the past. difficult.

Of course, the most important thing is that it's less than a month before the college entrance examination. Can Li Luo catch up in such a short time?

Tifaqing can only say that it is impossible.

Thinking of this, Tifaqing seemed to breathe a sigh of relief in her heart. For a while, she didn't even know whether she was happy to see Li Luo rise again.

Lu Qing'er did not participate in the conversation between the two, and her beautiful eyes stayed on Li Luo.

Have you finally solved the problem of emptiness? So in these last hours, can you really catch up?
While many students were boiling, on the high platform, the senior officials of Nanfeng Academy were a little quiet.

Even Xu Shanyue himself was a little stunned by the result.

As for that Lin Feng, he didn't say a word from the beginning to the end, and his face was as expressionless as a wooden stake.

The other instructors only glanced at Lin Feng occasionally, with a hint of a smile in their eyes.

In the end, the old dean clapped his hands and said with a smile: "As expected of the sons of those two, is this considered a late bloomer?"

Lin Feng said indifferently: "Dean, you may have used the wrong words. The strength of the five seals and the seemingly fifth or sixth grade water phase are not considered great weapons from any angle."

The old dean shook his head. Of course he knew that Lin Feng might be a little angry at this moment, so he immediately smiled and said, "You are just too arrogant. You will suffer from this sooner or later."

Lin Feng was noncommittal, then looked at Xu Shanyue, and said: "This time, my skills in the first academy are not as good as others, and ten golden leaves will be given as they are. These boys are incapable of themselves and can't keep it, so let them pay a price." .”

Xu Shanyue sneered: "I thought you would say let Li Luo go back to the first hospital."

Lin Feng smiled when he heard this, and said: "You think too much, as I said before, he is not a great talent, and my first academy does not lack such a normal student, and now he should think more Yes, is it possible to catch up in the last less than a month, and then reach the admission qualifications of the Saint Xuanxing Academy?"

Indeed, although Li Luo's sudden appearance of water caught him off guard, if there was anything to say about the pity, he really didn't feel that way.

After all, this water phase came too late. The current Li Luo is only at the phase power level of the five seals, and the water phase does not necessarily have a high level, so in Lin Feng's view, Li Luo just started from In the quagmire, he struggled a little bit and got half of his body out. As for wanting to stand on the peak again, is it really just a show for those outstanding students in his first academy?

And the most important thing is that the university exam is coming soon, and Li Luo doesn't have much time to catch up. If he misses this time, he will miss the age requirement of Shengxuanxing Academy. In this case, Lin Feng still needs to pay attention to Li Luo's future meeting. Any achievements?

Losing the opportunity to enter the Shengxuanxing Academy will only be an irreparable loss for Li Luo. This point will not change because he is the young master of the Luolan Mansion.

Thinking of these in his heart, Lin Feng's expression became more casual.

At this time, the old dean waved at Li Luo who was in the field. Seeing this, the latter thought for a while and went up to the stands along the wooden platform.

"Hi Dean." Li Luo greeted with a smile.

The old dean looked at Li Luo with a smile, and said, "Have you solved the problem of emptiness?"

Li Luo nodded and said, "Well, it's a five-grade water phase."

The fifth-grade water phase fell into his ears, and Lin Feng couldn't help but smiled slightly, saying: "Li Luo, this water phase is considered to be in the middle, but if you work harder, you can still achieve something in the future."

"Let's not bother Master Lin Feng to worry too much about this. Of course, the rank of phase character can affect the strength of cultivation phase, but in this world, there may not be five ranks of princes and kings." Li Luo said.

Lin Feng played with his taste: "Fifth Grade Prime Minister, Fenghou is called king? You are really a child, can you even believe this?"

The old dean waved his hand to stop Lin Feng's words, but said to Li Luo, "It's best if you have this confidence, but the university exam is less than a month away, if you want to catch up , I am afraid more efforts will be needed."

Li Luo nodded: "Understood."

The old dean gave a few more words of advice, and let Li Luo leave. At the same time, taking advantage of the crowd, he announced to the audience: "There is less than a month left before the university exam, so in two weeks, there will be The pre-examination has started, and the basic indicators of the Saint Xuanxing Academy have also come down this year, um, the level of strength is required to be no lower than the seven seals."

As soon as this remark came out, it immediately caused mourning, and many students' faces were full of frustration, not lower than the seven seals, which was an extremely high threshold for them.

Only some of the top students in the first academy were smiling slightly.

As the top school in Great Xia, even among the surrounding countries, it is certainly impossible for everyone to enter the Saint Xuanxing School.

"Not lower than the seven seals."

Li Luo smacked his lips, but he was not surprised by this. Right now, he is only in the Five Seals Realm, and there are still two stages left. It seems that in the next half month, he will really practice crazily.

And the seven seals are just the basic indicators, and there will inevitably be some competition at that time, so if Li Luo wants to be on the safe side, he feels that he needs to improve his "watery appearance".

It's just that the gap between the fifth grade and the sixth grade is not a star and a half. Li Luo estimated that if this was the case, he felt that Luo Lan Mansion's income in Tianshu County would be swallowed up by him alone.

While Li Luo was pondering, the students in the field gradually dispersed amidst howls, and then he suddenly noticed someone approaching him.

Li Luo turned his head and saw Lu Qing'er looking at him calmly.

"Congratulations, Young Master." She said.

As soon as Li Luo saw her, he wanted to dodge like a conditioned reflex, but as soon as he moved, he stopped awkwardly.

"Hello, hello." Li Luo greeted the most perfunctory.

"Aren't you going to hide?" Lu Qing'er said.

"I really didn't hide." Li Luo said awkwardly.

Lu Qing'er was noncommittal and said: "Li Luo, I am very grateful to you for teaching me physiognomy, but I don't think you should have avoided me so naively all these years, because I did not take your position, and you should also understand that this position It's not who gave it up, but it needs to be captured with strength."

"Li Luo, I am now No.1 in Nanfeng Academy. If you want to get back this position, then come and defeat me. I used to be concerned about your sensitive feelings, so these words were hard to say, but now you have solved the empty space. If you are still a man, you should take back what you lost."

Li Luo smiled wryly and nodded: "Then, then I will try my best."

Lu Qing'er smiled, and then Li Luo saw a cold and slightly annoyed expression flowing from her eyes.

"I'm waiting for you. Also, let me tell you that your behavior over the years has weakened my appreciation for you a lot, so if there is a chance"

When she said this, she broke down, but the cold eyes already showed everything.

After the words fell, she turned around and left.

Looking at her back, Li Luo could only shake his head helplessly. It seemed that this time, Lu Qing'er was offended. Sure enough, the more beautiful a woman is, the more careful she is!

And while he was sighing, he suddenly noticed a haunting gaze resting on him, so he turned his head away.

He saw on the wooden platform not far away, a figure staring at him with cold eyes, filled with a sense of warning.

That is the second member of the first hospital, Song Yunfeng.

The eyes of the two met, and Song Yunfeng's eyes were full of sharpness and aggression. Immediately, he shook his head contemptuously, and there were silent words between his lips.

"Li Luo, don't look for trouble, stay away from Lu Qing'er."

He believed that Li Luo should know the meaning of his lips, because he thought it was a basic operation.

But Li Luo who was not far away frowned, and said to himself: "What is this fool doing? If you want to talk, just call it out, your mouth is moving around, like a mouse stealing food, the ghost knows you What are you talking about?"

Because he couldn't tell what the other party was doing, Li Luo finally shook his head, didn't bother to pay any attention to this guy, turned around and left directly.

And Song Yunfeng on the wooden platform stared at Li Luo's leaving figure, his eyes narrowed for a moment, his eyes darkened.

Are you ignoring me so much?Too arrogant.

The look in Li Luo's eyes earlier reminded him of the time when Li Luo was the most beautiful in Nanfeng Academy. At that time, Li Luo was so radiant.

Song Yunfeng couldn't help but clenched the wooden pole tightly, making cracks.

What are you pretending to be? Do you really think that a fifth grade appearance can bring you back to the past?

(End of this chapter)

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