Absolute Resonance

Chapter 30 Yu Lang

Chapter 30 Yu Lang
When Li Luo, who was sad and angry, came to the school, he found that the atmosphere today was much weaker than yesterday's excitement, and the faces of some students were obviously full of frustration.

Obviously, most of these were people who did not go well in yesterday's competition.

But there is no way, some people will be happy and others will be sad. This kind of elimination system will keep brushing off those who are not capable.

"Brother Luo, you are finally here."

And when Zhao Kuo saw Li Luo, he rushed up to greet him and said, "One of your two games today is not easy. It's Yu Lang from the first hospital, do you remember?"

"Yu Lang?" Li Luo thought for a while and nodded. This person is also quite famous in the first courtyard, and his strength has been hovering among the dozen or so in the first courtyard. famous.

"That guy has now entered the seventh seal, much better than Bei Kun." Zhao Kuo said with a serious expression.

"The seventh seal." Li Luo smacked his lips. This is indeed more difficult than yesterday's opponent, but it should still be within the range he can handle.

So he patted Zhao Kuo on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Don't worry, I'm sure."

When Zhao Kuo saw this, he didn't say any more. After all, he knew Li Luo's character well. If he really felt that he couldn't beat him, he wouldn't try to be brave.

But while the two were talking, a student from the Second Academy suddenly came over and said in a low voice, "Brother Luo, someone is looking for you outside."

Hearing this, Li Luo was a little puzzled, but he went out anyway, and under the shade of the tree, he saw a young man with shawl hair and an uninhibited appearance.

Li Luo recognized him at a glance. It was the opponent he would meet today, Yu Lang.

"You came to see me?" Li Luo smiled.

Yu Lang flicked the bangs hanging in front of him, looked at Li Luo deeply, and said, "Li Luo, I didn't expect to see you again after a long time. You are indeed the man who dominated Nanfeng Academy back then."

Li Luo let out a breath, and said angrily, "Don't say such stupid things."

Yu Lang said with some dissatisfaction: "Where are you stupid?"

But in the end he curled his lips and said: "You will meet me this afternoon, and then Song Yunfeng came to me and offered me a pretty good price. I'd better try my best to hurt you today."

Li Luo was startled, then smiled and said, "Are you here to inform me? Or are you planning to eat two fish?"

"Tch, even though I, Yu Lang, have a bottom line, I owe you a favor for teaching me physiognomy," Yu Lang said disdainfully.

"I'm just here to remind you that if you do something this afternoon and you're really not my opponent, then you should jump off the stage quickly. Of course, it doesn't rule out that you, a pervert, hide too deeply, and then I won't be your opponent. In that case , you just cooperate and let me play "seriously injured", so that I can still get a wave of Song Yunfeng's subsidy, after all, that guy is indeed a big fool, and the price he offered is not low."

"Of course, I added the last one just to be on the safe side, but I don't think it will be useful, Li Luo, you don't even know that now I am no longer the man who tripped over when his pants were too long. gone."

Li Luo's determination is not bad, but he was blinded by Yu Lang's operation, and finally he could only say helplessly: "You are really coquettish."

"So I plan to go to the teacher to report you."

Now Yu Lang was dumbfounded, and scolded: "Li Luo, are you a beast? Is it easy for me to make some money? Do you, a young master, understand our hardships?"

"roll roll roll."

Li Luo rubbed the center of his brows and waved away. This guy has been missing for a long time, but he turned out to be a weird guy.

Yu Lang snorted coldly, tossed his shawl hair, and turned around coolly.

Looking at his back, Li Luo still waved his hand and said, "Although the news is of little value, thanks anyway."

Yu Lang paused, and a cold snort came.

"Young man, take care of yourself."

As Yu Lang left, Li Luo just frowned, but Song Yunfeng's hostility towards him became more and more intense. Lu Qing'er should be the main cause, but part of it was the grievances between the Song family and Luo Lan's house .

"It's obviously very low-key."

"Why are you still messing with me?"

The match in the morning was too smooth, so naturally there was nothing to say, so soon in the afternoon, Li Luo met Yu Lang without any accident.

On the battle stage, Yu Lang's curly hair swayed in the wind. He looked at Li Luo in front of him indifferently, and said, "Li Luo, it's your misfortune to meet me."

There were quite a few spectators around the arena, and they seemed very interested in this competition, after all, this was the first strong enemy Li Luo had met.

Li Luo was obviously a little helpless for Yu Lang, a drama star. He didn't want to let himself get into the other party's drama, because it would make him appear mentally retarded.

Therefore, he could only operate the phase force silently, and the extremely pure blue phase force slowly rose from his body, causing the air nearby to become much moister.

And following the order of the spectators, the cyan phase power all over Yu Lang, who was still playing cool, suddenly burst out. To Li Luo.

That speed caused Li Luo's eyes to freeze, and there were constant exclamations around the battle platform. It was obvious that Yu Lang's speed was quite fast.

The wind of the fist engulfed in a faint blue light, like the momentum of a thunderbolt, it directly magnified rapidly in Li Luo's pupils.

Obviously, once he made a move, Yu Lang didn't hold back anything.

Li Luo made a wrong step, turned his fist into a palm, and opened it in front of him without haste. The surging blue force seemed to form an airtight water curtain.

The cyan wind hit the water curtain, causing ripples.


A strange cry sounded, and Yu Lang's figure seemed to form afterimages. Those afterimages appeared around Li Luo. Li Luo's body was covered up.

The offensive was extremely ferocious.

Facing Yu Lang's berserk attack, Li Luo was completely on the defensive, with layers of water curtains constantly protecting his vitals along with the changes in his fists and palms.

Around the viewing platform, as soon as everyone saw this scene, they knew that Li Luo was planning to prolong the battle, but this was not surprising, because Li Luo is the water phase, and the power of the water phase is characterized by long distances, and the time of the battle is long. The longer it is, the better it is for itself.

"Li Luo is performing his high-level physiognomy again, Nine Layers of Ariel." Another student with sharp eyesight said aloud.

The Nine Layers of Ariel, Li Luo and Bei Kun had also used it in the fight before, it is very suitable for delaying the battle, as its power is stacked, the counterattack at that time will become even more amazing.

However, Yu Lang was stronger than Bei Kun, so it might not be so easy to defend against his stormy attack.


Sure enough, with Yu Lang's strange cry, he curled his fingers together and thrust out suddenly, the fingertips were condensed with blue light, as if they had turned into green lights, hesitating indefinitely.

"Wind Finger!"

The fingertips that seemed to be wrapped in a strong wind directly pierced through the water curtain defense around Li Luo's body, and then fell to his chest as fast as lightning.

Sensing the strength and speed contained in the opponent's fingertips, Li Luo knew that there was no way to dodge, and immediately took a deep breath of moist air.

"Water soft palm."

Li Luo slapped out a palm, and the blue phase force surged on his palm, and at the moment when he was about to touch, his five fingers suddenly opened, and his fingertips flicked, stirring the force of the water phase, as if forming a layer of water phase force. swirl.

And the sharp blue light contained in Yu Lang's fingertips was quickly eroded and peeled off by the heavy entanglement of the water whirlpool.

When the wind finger passed through many swirls and finally collided with Li Luo's palm, some of the force had been subtly dispelled.

The fists collided with each other hard, and there was a wave of air billowing and spreading, and the figures of Li Luo and Yu Lang were also shocked, and they slid out of each other.

There was an uproar around the battle platform, and startled eyes turned to Li Luo.

He actually neutralized Yu Lang's strongest attack head-on? !

Yu Lang is the strength of Qiyin!
Moreover, it is also the power of the wind element, which is stronger than the force of the water element in terms of attack power.

"It's because Li Luo's physiognomy is so superb. He used the Shuirou Quan just right to defuse Yu Lang's attack. It's amazing. The Shuirou Palm is obviously only a mid-level physiognomy, but it made Yu Lang reach a high level." Physiognomy's wind refers to returning without success." The person with outstanding strength explained and praised.

"Li Luo's strength should be in the six-seal realm. From all aspects, he should be considered weaker than Yu Lang, but he was able to drag Yu Lang for so long."

"Nanfeng Academy's Physiognomy No. 1, well-deserved reputation."


Amidst all the exclamations, Yu Lang on the stage also grinned, and the eyes staring at Li Luo became much more serious. In the previous fight, he did not gain any advantage, which is different from him Imagined, obviously completely different.

"This guy is really a pervert."

Yu Lang originally wanted to release some water, but after fighting, he realized that he was not qualified to release water at all.

But that's okay, Li Luo like this is more interesting!
Excitement burst out of Yu Lang's eyes, and the next moment, the cyan phase force surged, and his figure shot out like the wind, and the speed exploded to the extreme at this moment.

But at the moment when his speed exploded, he suddenly felt that his body lost his sense of balance, and his whole body rose into the air inexplicably.

Yu Lang lowered his head as his complexion changed drastically, and then he saw, at some point, a faint blue force wrapped around his feet.

The blue force, like a water snake, entangled his feet together, and because of this, when his speed exploded, his body lost his balance.

"This is."

Yu Lang's pupils constricted.

Li Luo, who was in front of him, looked at Yu Lang who lost his balance and flew over, and smiled: "Low-level physiognomy, water snake."

"Yu Lang, you are careless."

While speaking, Li Luo took a step forward and pushed out his palms horizontally. When the power of the water phase surged, it seemed to bring the sound of waves.

"Although you will no longer be tripped by pants that are too long, you will be tripped by my water snake."

In Li Luo's voice, those palms landed directly on Yu Lang's chest.

"Fuck me, Li Luo, you're cheating!" Yu Lang cursed.

While cursing, his body flew upside down, and finally fell heavily to the sidelines.

And at the moment of the fall, a mouthful of blood spurted three feet high from Yu Lang's mouth, and a large amount of blood gushed out from under his clothes, turning him into a blood man in an instant, causing panic around him.

And Li Luo on the stage was also stunned, and then the corner of his mouth twitched, the amount of bleeding must be too much, is this weird guy trying to blackmail Song Yunfeng for a large sum of money, and then drop out of school?

(End of this chapter)

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