Chapter 32

On the second day, when Cai Wei saw Li Luo who got up early, he found that his eyes were a little dark, his spirit was a little listless, and he looked like he didn't sleep well last night.

"What's wrong? Didn't sleep well?" Cai Wei asked with concern.

Li Luo shook his head and said with a smile: "Recently, there are internal pre-examinations in the school, so the pressure is a bit heavy."

He didn't say anything about the contest with Song Yunfeng today, it's not worth it.

Cai Wei nodded slightly, and an encouraging smile appeared on her smooth and beautiful oval cheeks: "Come on, you will definitely be able to."

"By the way, Yan Lingqing asked about you yesterday, saying that you didn't go to Xiyang House."

Li Luo quickly took a few mouthfuls of porridge, and said, "After the preliminaries are over, I will temporarily put my energy on Xiyang House. If Sister Lingqing misses me, I will spend more time with her then."

Cai Wei smiled slightly and said, "Why don't you say this in front of her?"

"Of course I'm afraid of being beaten to death by her."

Li Luo said sincerely, then wolfed it down, greeted Cai Wei, then got up quickly and ran out.

Cai Wei looked helplessly at Li Luo's hurried back, shook her head slightly, and then continued to eat and finish her breakfast while maintaining her elegance.

"Li Luo."

When Li Luo first arrived at Nanfeng Academy, he heard a crisp voice coming from the side, and then he saw Lu Qing'er standing under a big green tree on the right.

Today's Lu Qing'er is wearing a black skirt and school uniform, her snow-like skin looks even more dazzling against the black background, her slender waist and long white and straight legs under the skirt directly attract the attention of many teenagers in the vicinity. Tsukuru and his companion were talking, but they couldn't help but look at them.

Hearing Lu Qing'er's greeting, Li Luo walked over and smiled at her.

"I heard you bumped into Song Yunfeng today?" Lu Qing'er asked with a slight frown.

Li Luo nodded with a smile.

"Then what are you going to do?" Lu Qing'er said.

Li Luo thought for a while, and said frankly: "There is a high probability that he will admit defeat directly."

Lu Qing'er laughed lightly when she heard the words, but she didn't show any sarcasm, but nodded seriously: "This is a very sensible choice, you don't need to compete with him at this time, with your physiognomy Talent, the gap between you and him will gradually narrow."

Li Luo nodded: "I think so too."

Lu Qing'er was silent for a while, and said: "This incident may have something to do with me, I'm really sorry."

Li Luo smiled and said: "Actually, you are just a little inducing factor, more of a dispute between the Song family and Luo Lan's house. Of course, I think there is another very important thing that Song Yunfeng is afraid of."

"Afraid?" Lu Qing'er blinked her almond eyes.

Li Luo smiled lightly: "He's afraid that I will become the same as before, and he can only exist in my shadow. In that case, his hard work these years will become a joke."

If other people heard this, they would probably laugh at Li Luo's brashness. After all, Song Yunfeng's reputation in Nanfeng Academy is much stronger than Li Luo's.

But Lu Qing'er was thoughtful, because she knew very well that what Li Luo was like in Nanfeng Academy back then, even now, it was hard for her to match, let alone Song Yunfeng.

"So, he wants to take the opportunity to step on you when you haven't fully risen, and then use it to strengthen his heart?"

Li Luo nodded: "Probably so."

Lu Qing'er had a pretty face and said solemnly, "If that's the case, then he probably won't let you admit defeat easily today."

Li Luo said: "I hope it won't be the case, if it is the case."

He waved his hand at Lu Qing'er, and then walked towards the direction of the Second Courtyard, there was a faint voice.

"Then there is no way."

Lu Qing'er looked at his back, a little surprised, because Li Luo's performance didn't look like he was really helpless, did he have other ways to avoid the competition with Song Yunfeng?

Li Luo's first competition ended without any surprises, but the second competition was scheduled to be the last one of the preliminaries.

It's like a final battle.

In the square, there was an uproar of people's voices, and dark crowds of people moved.

On that high platform, old Dean Wei Sha led Xu Shanyue, Lin Feng and other mentors from Nanfeng Academy to watch the battle.

"Hehe, I didn't expect that Li Luo and Song Yunfeng would bump into each other. Do you think we can fight this time?" the old dean asked with a smile.

Lin Feng smiled lightly and said, "Principal, what's the point of this competition?"

Xu Shanyue sighed secretly, and said: "It should be impossible to fight, this kind of completely unequal competition, just admit defeat, there is no need to fight, it is not shameful."

Although Li Luo was from the Second Academy, Xu Shanyue couldn't bite the bullet and say that he is good to Li Luo, because this is a situation that cannot be reversed.

The gap between the two sides is too big to fight at all.

The old dean nodded and sighed: "Li Luo has already rushed into the top [-]. This speed is very fast. If he is given some more time, it will not be a big problem to catch up with Song Yunfeng, but at this time, there is still a lack of time." Some heat."

Lin Feng was noncommittal. In his opinion, the only thing Li Luo could surpass Song Yunfeng was his talent in physiognomy, but Song Yunfeng also had a seventh-grade appearance, which was an advantage that Li Luo could not match. Therefore, if Li Luo wanted to catch up with Song Yunfeng, I am afraid It's not that easy.

When they were talking, the time for the competition came quietly amidst a lot of waiting.

Song Yunfeng's figure rose from the ground and landed on the battle platform gracefully. His tall and straight body and handsome face seemed to be dignified.

Following Song Yunfeng's appearance, there was an uproar in the arena, which showed the prestige and fame he now possesses in Nanfeng Academy.

On the other side of the stage, Li Luo also stepped onto the stage under the eyes of everyone.

"So handsome, even more handsome than Song Yunfeng!"

Although Li Luo didn't have any fancy ways of appearing on the stage, when he stood on the stage, many girls couldn't help but exclaim. After all, Li Luo, who inherited the excellent genes of his parents, is indeed It can be called the top, properly crushing Song Yunfeng.

However, regarding the various factors outside the court, the two people on the stage had a good psychological quality, so they all chose to ignore them.

Li Luo stared at Song Yunfeng, then raised a hand.

But before he could speak, Song Yunfeng said indifferently: "Are you planning to admit defeat directly?"

Li Luo smiled and said, "Next, are you planning to humiliate me with words to provoke the general?"

Song Yunfeng raised his eyelids, and said flatly, "I can't talk about humiliating you, I just think that with a son like you, your parents are a bit of a fame-seeker."

As soon as these words came out, the outside of the arena suddenly became much quieter, because no one expected that Song Yunfeng's words this time would be so sharp.

Li Luo was also stunned, and then he gave Song Yunfeng a thumbs up: "It's powerful, one blow is fatal."

"It's all about that."

Li Luo twisted his neck and smiled at Song Yunfeng, but his white teeth looked a little cold.

"Come on, son of the Song family, I'll give you a chance, but whether you can bite the meat depends on whether you have the ability."

(End of this chapter)

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