Absolute Resonance

Chapter 33 The Egg Hits the Stone

Chapter 33 The Egg Hits the Stone

When Li Luo said these words, everyone knew that he did not admit defeat, and he chose to meet Song Yunfeng.

But in everyone's eyes, this kind of collision is like an egg hitting a stone, and there is no advantage at all.


On the side of the Second Academy, many students showed worried faces, and Zhao Kuo hammered his fist uncomfortably, and said angrily, "Song Yunfeng, that bastard is really shameless!"

The others nodded in sympathy. To force Li Luo not to admit defeat, Song Yunfeng was really unscrupulous and shameless.

In the crowd, he upholds the professionalism of acting and doing a full set, so Yu Lang, who is lying on a stretcher and wrapped in bandages, is also watching, and he mutters: "What is this Li Luo doing? Aren't you going up to seek abuse?"

Not far away, Lu Qing'er watched the changes in the field, and her eyebrows were also tightly frowned. She thought that Song Yunfeng might provoke Li Luo, but she never thought that he would be so bold to attack Li Luo's two feudal lords Obviously, Li Luo has a lot of affection for his parents, so he can ignore other people's ridicule of himself, but he can't tolerate Song Yunfeng's smearing of his parents.

Although Song Yunfeng had no right to slander the two strong Marquises, Li Luo didn't intend to endure this situation.

Lu Qing'er's eyes turned and stayed on Li Luo's body, because she faintly felt that Li Luo's move was really forced by Song Yunfeng?
On the stage, Song Yunfeng stared at Li Luo with cold eyes, and the latter's words about the son of the Song family made him a little angry.

But he didn't fight back with words, because it was meaningless, and when he did it later, when he stepped on the stage with Li Luo's face, it was naturally the most powerful counterattack.

After the spectators on the stage confirmed that neither side would admit defeat, they solemnly announced the start of the competition.

The moment his voice fell, a crimson phase force slowly rose up in Song Yunfeng's body, and in the floating phase force, there seemed to be a faintly visible sculpture.

That was Song Yunfeng's seventh-grade red eagle appearance, and his strength was fierce and violent.

Song Yunfeng didn't hold back the slightest bit, the power of the eight seals was fully displayed, and a sense of oppression emanated from it, oppressing people's minds.

On the other side, Li Luo also used his own phase power to the fullest, and the blue water phase power spread all over his body like water waves.

However, in terms of strength, the gap between him and Song Yunfeng could be seen with the naked eye.

So this makes people even more puzzled, how to fight this gap?
Under those gazes, Li Luo put his palms in a posture, and the blue force on the surface of his body rippled faintly. Everyone could see that he had activated the high-level physiognomy "Nine Layers of Blue Waves".

However, although the power of "Jiuzhong Ariel" will continue to increase once it is dragged down, under Song Yunfeng's absolute suppression, it may not have any effect.

Sure enough, when Song Yunfeng saw this scene, he let out a cold snort, and the next moment, the crimson force surged on his body, and his figure shot out suddenly.

A ray of red light swept across Taichung, the speed was like a cannonball, wrapped in a fiery gust of wind, and a leg shadow was like a hammer of fire, directly slashing fiercely at Li Luo's place.

Song Yunfeng didn't have the slightest intention of playing around, so he went up with all his strength, obviously intending to trample Li Luo down with the momentum of a thunderbolt.

Facing Song Yunfeng's fierce attack, Li Luo waved his palms, and the power of the water phase was like a curtain of fresh water, forming a defense.

However, under Song Yunfeng's crimson force, these defenses are as fragile as thin paper. Just a touch, they are all broken, and even the "nine layers of blue waves" have not yet begun to brew. Destroyed cleanly with absolute brutal force.

A deep voice resounded on the stage, and waves of air billowed, and at the moment of contact, Li Luo's figure shot backwards for more than ten meters, and was almost shaken to the edge of the battle stage, almost out of the game.

There was a series of uproars in the surrounding area. The first contact showed the difference in strength between the two sides. Song Yunfeng suppressed Li Luo in all aspects. Although Li Luo was proficient in many physiognomy techniques, he could reduce ten times with one force. In front of it, it doesn't seem to have much effect.

Lu Qing'er's pretty face was serious, even she didn't know how to turn this situation around.

"Brother Song, come on, beat him up!" In that direction, Bei Kun, Ti Faqing and other people who were close to Song Yunfeng stood together, and at this time, Bei Kun was shouting excitedly.

Tifaqing didn't make a sound, but she still shook her head lightly. The gap was too big to fight.

On the stage, Li Luo's fist was filled with crimson and cold blue. Suddenly, smoke rose from his fist. He felt the scorching pain from his fist, and understood how strong Song Yunfeng was.

"This intensity." His eyes flickered slightly.

But at this moment, there was another scorching sound of breaking wind in front of him, and Song Yunfeng obviously didn't intend to give Li Luo a chance to breathe, and he rushed towards him even more fiercely, like a vicious eagle attacking.

Li Luo raised his head. He looked at the red light that was rapidly expanding in his pupils. Right now, he was already on the edge of the battle arena. If he was not careful, he would be out of the game.

However, there was no look of panic on his face. Instead, he took a deep breath, and then the power of the water phase surged, the fingerprints changed, and a phase technique was cast accordingly.

A faint blue water curtain formed in front of him, vaguely, like a thin mirror.

And as soon as the water curtain appeared, it was immediately seen through by everyone: "Advanced physiognomy, water mirror?"

Lu Qing'er's eyes flickered lightly. The water mirror technique is a defensive technique in the water technique, but its defensive power is not too outstanding. Its characteristic is that it can rebound some attacking power and then counteract it.

But if only relying on a water mirror technique, it would be impossible to defuse Song Yunfeng's fierce attack.

While the crowd was exclaiming, Song Yunfeng had already rushed in front of Li Luo. He looked at the thin water curtain with a sneer in his eyes. Although Li Luo was proficient in many physiognomy techniques, if he thought that a water mirror technique could It would be too naive to guard against him.

With a flash of thought, Song Yunfeng strengthened his strength again, and the shadow of his fist roared out, like a red eagle screaming.

However, just as he was about to hit the thin water curtain, Song Yunfeng seemed to vaguely see a vague red light refracted in the mirror-like water curtain, which seemed to be a The figure also punched out, and finally hit the inside and outside of the water curtain at the same time as his fist.

At that moment, there was a low muffled sound.

The mutual force impact rolled up the dust and scattered it in all directions.

Li Luo's body was shocked, and he took two steps back again, with half of his feet hanging outside the battle platform, but no one paid attention to this, because everyone was shocked to see that Song Yunfeng's figure seemed to have been hurt at this moment. A counterattack of a mysterious force made his figure throw back dozens of steps in some embarrassment before he staggered back to his feet.

When he looked up, his face was full of shock.

He was actually repulsed? !

Why is the rebounding power of Li Luo's water mirror technique so strong?
The rebounding power from before almost reached nearly [-]% of Song Yunfeng's attacking power!

This is simply impossible to the extent that ordinary water mirror techniques can do!


When there were endless uproars and shocking sounds from all around, Song Yunfeng's complexion was cloudy, and he stared fiercely at Li Luo.

Li Luo's water mirror technique is fucking weird!
(End of this chapter)

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