Absolute Resonance

Chapter 40 Sniper at Matsukoya

Chapter 40 Sniper at Matsukoya

The spacious living room is brightly lit.

The chubby President Lu sat on top with a smile on his face, and on the left side, there was a figure sitting on it. It was a tall and strong middle-aged man with a rather impressive aura.

It was the head of the Song family, Song Shan.

They were obviously talking about something, and when Lu Qing'er brought Li Luo and Cai Wei walked in, they interrupted the conversation, and Song Shan looked a little stunned.

And when he saw Li Luo and Cai Wei, the smile on his face could not help but restrained, and his expression became indifferent.

President Lu was also stunned, but before he could open his mouth, Lu Qing'er said in a soft voice: "Second Uncle, the people from Luo Lan's residence have arrived."

President Lu looked at his niece's eyes, and then the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, but he still responded quickly and nodded with a smile: "Since you're here, take your seat quickly."

Song Shan put down the teacup in his hand, frowned and looked at President Lu: "President Lu, what's going on?"

President Lu laughed and said, "Patriarch Song doesn't need to think too much, we at Jinlong Baohang believe in harmony and wealth, but at the same time we have another creed, that is, the things that Jinlong Baohang sells must be good things."

"Although the level of the first-grade Lingshui Qiguang is relatively low, since it has entered my Golden Dragon Treasure Bank, it must be top-grade, otherwise it will damage the reputation of the Golden Dragon Treasure Bank, so of course we will choose the best."

Li Luo and Cai Wei took their seats, nodded in agreement and said, "President Lu is right."

Song Shan's face was sinking like water, he glanced at Li Luo and Cai Wei lightly, and gradually restrained his emotions, holding a teacup and said indifferently: "President Lu, why waste time on such things, Xiyangwu The Qingbi Lingshui has been defeated by my Sunshine Qiguang from the Songzi House recently, and the difference in tempering power, I think President Lu should have investigated it in advance."

"I can bluntly say that in this Tianshu County, it is impossible to find a first-grade spiritual water with a higher tempering power than my Song family's Songziwu."

"If President Lu really thinks that Xiyang House is a good choice, he can just say that we, Songzi House, will quit."

It has to be said that the Patriarch of the Song family is also a bit courageous, his words are neither soft nor hard, full of momentum.

President Lu said with a smile: "Patriarch Song, don't be angry. I also know that Songziwu's "Rizhao Qiguang" is of excellent quality, but it is still an opportunity to show it to other families. If it is really Songziwu's best Alright, I will apologize to Patriarch Song."

Hearing this, Song Shan's complexion also became much more relaxed, and then he talked with President Lu again with a smile, but there was a little sneer in Cai Wei's eyes that occasionally glanced at Li Luo opposite.

He knows the situation of Xiyang House very clearly. Now that the position of president is vacant, Yan Lingqing and Zhuang Yi are fighting fiercely, so now the inside of Xiyang House doesn't understand it. As a result, Li Luo still wants to come to Jinlongbao Competing with their Songzi House is really a little ignorant. Do you really think that the status of the young master of Luolan Mansion will be of much use?

Song Yunfeng also sat down beside Song Shan, preparing to watch the show with a blank expression.

Lu Qing'er was standing next to Chairman Lu, with a slender body and a pure and sweet appearance, but she had a completely different style from Cai Wei.

It's just that there was a trace of doubt and worry in her eyes, because she knew that if Li Luo couldn't produce the real first-grade spiritual water, her second uncle would definitely not choose Xiyangwu today.

And Song Shan, Song Yunfeng would undoubtedly see their jokes.

At this moment, after President Lu appeased Song Shan, he turned his attention to Li Luo and Cai Wei, and said with a smile: "The two of you should also know the requirements of our Golden Dragon Bank, right?"

"Although the level of first-grade Lingshui Qiguang is low, but the tempering power is lower than [-]%, we at Jinlong Baohang will not consider it at all."

Cai Wei smiled and said: "President Lu, the sunlight in the Pine House is so strange, the tempering power has only reached [-]%, right?"


Song Shan raised his eyelids, and said with a faint smile, "Butler Cai is really serious. The Qingbi Lingshui in Xiyangwu seemed to be "as high as" [-]% before?"

"Patriarch Song also knew that was before." Cai Wei smiled slightly.

Li Luo on the side had already placed the box in his hand on the table, and then opened it, revealing forty bottles of Qingbi Lingshui.

"President Lu, let me introduce to you, this is a brand new product of our Xiyang House, an enhanced version of Qingbi Lingshui, its tempering power is [-]%." Cai Wei's soft voice spread in the room.

"Sixty percent?"

The faces of President Lu and Song Shan both changed at this time, the former was dubious, while the latter sneered.

President Lu waved his hand, and immediately a maid stepped forward, holding a quenching needle in his hand, and inserted it into a bottle of green spirit water. Then, under the watchful eyes of President Lu, Song Shan and others, Stable at the [-]% mark.

"It's really [-]%?" Chairman Lu asked in surprise.

Song Shan said indifferently: "Xiyangwu's handwriting is indeed not small, but I don't know whether these blue and green spirits are from the hands of the third-rank tempering masters, or your two fourth-rank tempering masters in Xiyangwu?"

President Lu was thoughtful. After all, the level of first-grade spirit water is not high. If some third-grade or even fourth-grade phase tempering masters were to refine it, it would not be difficult for its quality to reach [-]%. It is a great loss for the master to refine a piece of spiritual water and strange light.

If you have the time to refine third-grade spiritual water and strange light, the value and benefits will be far more than first-grade.

The meaning of Song Shan's words is nothing more than suspicion that Xiyangwu asked some of his third-grade phase tempering masters to refine a batch of first-grade Lingshui Qiguang in order to achieve his goal.

President Lu looked at Li Luo and said, "Young Mansion Master, what we need at Jinlong Baohang is not just this batch, we need a long-term order, if Xiyang House cannot supply this quality green Bi Lingshui, it will be a bit unbeautiful by then."

Song Shan took two sips of the teacup indifferently. Of course, he didn't believe that Xiyang House had the ability to stably produce Qingbi Lingshui with a tempering power of [-]%. Could they still sacrifice the time of the third-rank phase tempering masters all the time? Refining a piece of spiritual water?In that case, I'm afraid it won't take long for Xiyang House to close down.

Facing President Lu's questioning eyes, Li Luo looked rather calm, and just said: "President Lu, don't worry, my Luolan Manor is a big family, and I won't do stupid things for such a small profit. As for asking third-rank or even fourth-rank phase tempering masters from Xiyangwu to refine first-rank Lingshui Qiguang, I, Luo Lan Manor, will not do such a stupid thing."

"If President Lu chooses Qingbi Lingshui, I guarantee that Xiyangwu will have a stable long-term supply in the future, and the refining power will not be lower than [-]%. Moreover, the Qingbilingshui launched by Xiyangwu in the future will be guaranteed. It will be an enhanced version, the first-grade spiritual water in the entire Tianshu County will definitely be the best in the future."

Looking at Li Luo's calm expression, President Lu's heart trembled slightly. Li Luo can give this kind of guarantee. Could it be that the Qingbi Lingshui in Xiyangwu can be steadily improved to this level instead of relying on the third-grade tempering phase? Did the teacher come to do it?

And it wasn't just him who was shocked, even Song Shan and Song Yunfeng froze slightly at this moment. Li Luo's aura was too strong at this moment, and it didn't look like he was bluffing at all.

This made Song Shan have to doubt, could the Qingbi Lingshui in Xiyangwu really be raised to this level?
But how is it possible!
Just half a month ago, the Qingbi Lingshui in Xiyang House was only at [-]% level, how could it be raised to [-]% in just half a month? !
But if this is not the case, where does Li Luo have the confidence to supply Qingbi Lingshui with a tempering power of [-]% for a long time?
The room fell into a brief silence, and Lu Qing'er looked at the box of Qingbi Lingshui with great interest. Although she was also particularly surprised by this, she had a certain intuition that this might be related to Does Li Luo have something to do with it?
Huichang Lu held a bottle of green spirit water in his fat hand, and was silent for a few breaths, and then a smile appeared on Yuan Yuan's face. He turned his eyes to Song Shan, and said apologetically, "Patriarch Song, it seems that this time is temporarily There is no way to cooperate."

Song Shan didn't get angry when he heard the words, instead he put down his teacup and smiled: "Where is President Lu, there will always be opportunities in the future."

"Since President Lu has made his choice, I won't stay any longer. Hehe, if there is any problem with the supply of Xiyang House, President Lu can come to Songzi House again at any time."

This Song Shan showed the demeanor of some patriarchs, and he didn't change his color just because he was sniped by Li Luo once. On the contrary, he smiled at Li Luo: "Young mansion master is really young and promising. , and even competed with Yunfeng to a draw, it seems that Luolan Mansion will still have a bright future in the hands of the Young Palace Master in the future."

Li Luo also smiled and said, "It's just a fluke."

Song Shan smiled, didn't say any more, turned around and left with Song Yunfeng, whose face was sinking like water.

And when Song Shan and the others left, President Lu also smiled at Li Luo: "I heard Qing'er said before that the Young Palace Master has solved the problem of empty appearance. I'm really happy to congratulate you."

"In addition to the matter of Qingbi Lingshui, let's sign a contract first."

Cai Wei greeted her right now, and finalized some terms of the contract with Chairman Lu.

Li Luo stretched his waist when they were busy, and Lu Qing'er came over and said with a smile, "Congratulations."

"Thanks to you, otherwise things might be more troublesome." Li Luo thanked, if Lu Qing'er hadn't brought them here directly, once Jinlong Baohang signed a contract with the Song family, it might not be possible to accomplish today's matter .

Lu Qing'er waved her hand and reminded: "However, you still have to put more energy into the next college entrance examination, you know, if you don't get the admission quota of Shengxuanxing Academy, that is the biggest loss. "

Hearing this, Li Luo also nodded with a smile.

Lu Qing'er suddenly said: "Do you have time recently? No one competes with me during the holidays. If you have time, we can compete and prove each other."

Li Luo said speechlessly: "Shall I be a sandbag? No, no."

Hearing this, Lu Qing'er stared at Li Luo with a slight smile for a few seconds, then turned and left.

Outside Jinlongbao, the Song family's chariot.

When there was no one around, Song Shan's face became much gloomy. During this time, Xiyang House was severely suppressed by their Songzi House, but he didn't expect that he suddenly rose up and gave him a slap in the face.

Although the cooperation with Golden Dragon Treasure Bank, these first-grade Lingshui Qiguang is not too valuable, but the key is that this will enhance their reputation in Rizhao Qiguang, which will help them dominate the first-grade Lingshui Qiguang market in Tianshu County in the future.

But right now, it was destroyed by Li Luo.

"Father, can the Xiyang House really produce Qingbi Lingshui with a tempering power of [-]%?" Song Yunfeng asked incredulously.

Song Shan said lightly: "Just wait and see."

"It's really hateful. We paid such a high price to ask a quenching phase master to improve the formula of "Rizhao Qiguang" through the relationship of my sister. As a result..." Song Yunfeng said a little annoyed.

"It's just a first-grade spiritual water and strange light."

Song Shan shook his head and said, "Even if Xiyangwu wins this time, they can't beat our Songziwu."

"Your sister has already sent a letter. She will return to Nanfeng City soon. When she comes to take over the Songzi House, she will surely destroy the Xiyang House."

Song Yunfeng immediately beamed with joy when he heard the words. His sister Song Qingyu also practiced in the Quenxiang Institute of Shengxuanxing Academy before, and she achieved outstanding results. If she can come back, they will be confident in Songziwu.

"The most important thing for you right now is the university entrance exam. I hope you can get back all the shame you lost on it." Song Shan said calmly.

"In the other two days, I will go to the governor's mansion. The governor's son, Shi Hong is the No.1 student of Dongyuan Academy, and is exactly the same age as you. Maybe you can communicate more."

"Governor's Palace?"

Song Yunfeng was taken aback, that Shi Kong was said to be the person most feared by Nanfeng Academy in the university exam, and his status as the son of the governor also made him the most powerful child in Tianshu County, and the only one who could In terms of status, only Li Luo, the Young Master of the Luolan Mansion, had the upper hand over him.

Of course, this refers to the Luo Lan Mansion in its heyday.

The current Li Luo, compared with that one, is just a notch behind in terms of status and fame.

(End of this chapter)

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