Chapter 44

In a hall of the old house, Li Luo walked excitedly and quickly, and at first sight, he saw Cai Wei, who was tall and plump, with an oval face that was more delicate than a flower, and her smile was infinite.

However, Li Luo has been watching for a long time, and has long been immune to Cai Wei's charm, so when he turned his eyes, he saw an iron box on the table.

He rushed up in two or three steps, opened the iron box directly, and a cold light came out, only two short knives with cold light were lying in it.

The short knife is about a foot long, one handle is blue, with faint water patterns flowing on it, and the other handle is pale white. It is said that it is made of a metal called Riling Iron, and it will bloom dazzlingly in the sun. Light.

The two short knives are both mixed with metals that contain water energy and light energy. When Li Luo uses this as a weapon, he can maximize the power of his own water and light.

The hilts of the double knives are shaped like animal mouths, with fangs sticking out.

In addition, looking at the double knives as a whole, the arc of the knife is deeper, the blade is slightly curved, the cold light flows, and it is extremely sharp.

Li Luo held the two knives and waved them lightly. Suddenly there was a slight sound of breaking wind, and then he put the two knives on his waist with his backhand, looking extraordinarily handsome.

"That's right." Li Luo nodded in satisfaction, and then he casually named the two knives: "The blue one will be called the Water Pattern Knife, and the other one will be called the Sun Pattern Knife."

"It's just a set of qualified phase tools, and it's not up to the level of a treasure." Cai Wei's eyes were quite high, and Li Luo's two short knives, except for their slightly special shape, were actually nothing special. precious.

There are also grades of phase tools, which are generally ordinary phase tools, and those above ordinary phase tools are called treasures.

It's just that compared with ordinary phase tools, treasures are much more powerful and rare, and the price of each treasure is extremely expensive, far exceeding ordinary phase tools.

But the treasure Phantasm needs to be stronger to drive it. Li Luo is only at the Seven Seal Realm now, so even if he is given a treasure Phantasm, it may be difficult to display its true power.

"This is enough. I will try to make a set of real treasures when I get promoted to the state of a phase master." Li Luo laughed. These two short knives were prepared by him for the next college entrance examination. Just a transition.

"Thank you, Miss Cai Wei." Li Luo thanked her.

Cai Wei waved her little hand, and said, "Your college exams should be coming soon, right? Nanfeng College has become much more lively these days. The colleges in every city of Tianshu County have sent elite teams."

The annual university exams are considered a grand event for all counties, and the battle for the exams will attract countless people to flock to it, making it very lively.

Li Luo nodded and said, "There are still three days."

With a little worry in Cai Wei's beautiful eyes, she said, "Are you sure?"

Although Li Luo has awakened the water phase now, it is a little later than other students, and Cai Wei doesn't know if he can catch up.

Cai Wei also knows the importance of being admitted to Shengxuanxing Academy. If Li Luo can enter, it will greatly improve his own prestige. At least, some people in Luo Lan's house will not dare Neglecting him, the Young Palace Master, can also relieve some of the pressure for Jiang Qing'e.

Li Luo had two knives on his waist, his palms stroking the handles, and a smile appeared on his face.

"Don't worry, sister Cai Wei, I have a reason why I can't lose."

Because if you can't even reach this step, you can only forget about "retiring the engagement" in this life!
The vacation finally ended on schedule.

Li Luo went back to the school, and then he and Zhao Kuo were called out by Xu Shanyue alone, and went to the dean's place.

"Have you reached the Seven Seals?" During the boring conversation, Li Luo was a little surprised to know that Zhao Kuo had improved again during this holiday, and also stepped into the Seven Seals.

Zhao Kuo is only a fifth-grade phase, this grade is neither high nor low, and his ability to reach the Seven Seals before the big exam is enough to show how much hard work he has put in on weekdays.

The tall and burly Zhao Kuo scratched his head like a bear, and said with a smile, "I didn't go home this time. I have been practicing in the academy. Thanks to the academy's special training, I managed to make a breakthrough."

"Zhao Kuo has been cultivating desperately for the past ten days." Xu Shanyue, who was leading the way, heard the conversation between the two and turned around to say something. In his words, he clearly recognized Zhao Kuo's hard work and diligence.

Li Luo also gave him a thumbs up and said, "Excellent."

"How can I compare with you, you are handsome, have a high understanding of physiognomy, and now you have awakened the phase of water, in the future you will be another legend of Nanfeng Academy after Senior Jiang Qing'e." Zhao Kuo said honestly.

"The main reason why I choose to be your friend is because you are honest and never lie." Li Luo nodded, sighing.

"That's a must, please ask Brother Luo to cover me during the final exam."

"It's a small matter, I will take the first place when the time comes, and I will take you directly to the Saint Xuanxing Academy."

"Brother Luo is domineering."


Xu Shanyue, who was walking in front, could not help but turn black when he heard the shameless business bragging between the two, and turned around and reprimanded: "Shut up, it's time."

Li Luo and Zhao Kuo stopped talking immediately, and looked towards a courtyard ahead, where there were already a dozen figures waiting here, and they were the top [-] of Nanfeng Academy this time.

Among the crowd, Li Luo also saw familiar figures like Lu Qing'er, Song Yunfeng, and Ti Faqing.

At this time, everyone was staring at the two of them with joking smiles on their faces. Obviously, they had heard their business bragging just now.

However, facing everyone's mocking gazes, Li Luo's expression was very calm, without showing any embarrassment. At this time, as long as he is not embarrassed, the embarrassment is someone else.

On the other hand, Zhao Kuo showed a simple and honest smile, operating a straightforward and straightforward appearance.

Everyone looked at the two of them, and finally shook their heads and looked away.

It's too thick-skinned.

This Li Luo is also a bit bloated. He used the competition mechanism to tie Song Yunfeng before, but now he dares to boast that he is the first in the final exam, without asking Lu Qinger if he agrees.

In front of the crowd, there was the figure of the old dean. He glanced at Li Luo and Zhao Kuo with a smile in his eyes, and then smiled at the crowd: "It seems that everyone is here."

"Then let me tell you about the big exam."

Hearing this, everyone froze, and waited intently for the old dean's next words.

"The school exam will start in three days, and the 20 of you will represent our Nanfeng Academy to participate in the battle. I only have one request for you, and that is to keep the signboard of my Nanfeng Academy's No. [-] Academy in Tianshu County."

"This time, there are a total of [-] admission quotas issued by Shengxuanxing Academy to Tianshu County."

As soon as these words came out, everyone's ears were pricked up. The [-] places are obviously a few fewer than in previous years, and in this way, the competition will be more intense then.

"According to the rules of previous years, the top ten in the college entrance examination will all get a place for admission to the Saint Xuanxing Academy, and the remaining forty will be allocated to each institution according to the ranking of the top ten."

"The colleges represented by the eighth, ninth, and tenth places in the big exam will be allocated an additional admission quota, and the universities represented by the fifth, sixth, and seventh places will be allocated two additional admission quotas."

"No.3 and No.4 both get five places."

"No.2 gets six admission places."

"No. 1. Fifteen admission places."

The last sentence fell into the ears of everyone, and it immediately caused an uproar. No one expected that this time, the proportion of No. 1 in the college entrance examination was so large.

Although in the previous big exams, the institution represented by No.1 in the big exam got more extra places than other rankings, but it was obviously not as exaggerated this time.

In front of everyone, Lin Feng, the instructor of the first academy, looked at Lu Qing'er with a gentle and encouraging smile, and said, "Qing'er, if Nanfeng Academy wants to stabilize its brand this time, I'm afraid it will have to rely on you to take the first place." gone."

The old dean also nodded with a very kind face.

Obviously, they all have high hopes for Lu Qing'er, but it's normal, after all, she is the pillar of Nanfeng Academy today.

Facing their eager gazes, Lu Qing'er's pretty face was quite calm, and she just said softly: "I will do my best to fight for it."

The old dean nodded, and immediately instructed: "But you have to be careful of Shi Hong of Dongyuan Academy, this person is extremely powerful, and he may be your formidable enemy."

Hearing this name, Lu Qing'er's beautiful eyes also flashed a trace of solemnity, and she nodded her head seriously.

"Starting tomorrow, you don't have to come to the school, but you will stay in the "Bai Ling Garden", where teams from various schools in Tianshu County gather. After three days, you will enter the "Bai Ling Mountain" from here. This is the venue for this big exam.”

The old dean made some instructions again, and finally made a conclusion.

"Nanfeng Academy has been in my hands for decades, and its honor is more important than my life, so here I ask everyone to work hard on the exam and maintain this most important thing for me."

With a serious face, the old dean bowed slightly to the crowd.

The twenty students were taken aback by his move, and quickly bent over to return the salute.

In the end, the old dean waved his hand, and everyone started to retreat with different emotions.

Li Luo walked out of the courtyard, looking at the cloudless blue sky, his heart was also slightly surging.

The college entrance examination is finally coming.

It's a pity that my father and mother were not here.
But if they were really there, would they shake their heads in disgust while watching: "This son is so stupid, he can't be compared with a good boy.

It is said that in Jiang Qing'e's class, the other schools in Tianshu County were so suppressed that they had no temper at all, and they didn't dare to have the courage to provoke Nanfeng School.

After learning that she had been admitted in advance by Shengxuanxing Academy, all the universities in Tianshu County almost celebrated each other with tears in their eyes.

Compared with Jiang Qing'e's resume, which is so glamorous that it can blind people, Li Luo is obviously too ups and downs.

Even a month ago, most people thought that he might not even be qualified to take the big exam.

Thinking of this, Li Luo's throbbing heart cooled a little, and then he sighed.

"How interesting."

(End of this chapter)

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