Absolute Resonance

Chapter 484 Activating the Fourth Tower

Chapter 484 Activating the Fourth Seat
When Li Luo's figure landed on the first ladder, a resounding roar resounded from the end of the ladder as expected, followed by a torrent of energy pouring down, like an angry python running along the ladder shock down.

The air along the way was squeezed by the torrent of energy and made a low sonic boom.

Li Luo stood on the ladder, staring sharply at the roaring energy torrent. Only when he stood here in person could he clearly feel how violent the energy torrent was.

The terrifying pressure surged like mountains and seas, making people have goosebumps on their skin.

And on the Huze Islands, countless eyes were also staring at Li Luo's figure closely at this time.

Everyone wants to know, is this so-called fourth favorite to win the championship, who has just sprung up recently, really that powerful, or is it just a vain name?

And Lu Qing'er, Bai Mengmeng and the others held their breath at this moment, clenched their hands tightly, and their cheeks were full of tension.


The brilliant torrent of energy was reflected in Li Luo's eyes. He grasped the palm of his hand, and the Golden Jade Black Elephant Knife flashed out of his hand. The moment the mottled and simple straight knife appeared, it caused a slight tremor in the void, and a force poured in out of thin air. Li Luo's arm is the divine special effect of the Jinyu Xuanxiang Saber.

Li Luo's face was solemn, and the two phase palaces in his body roared at this moment, and the rolling phase force roared out without reservation.

Then the two forces formed a fusion.

A powerful and brilliant mutual force erupted in Li Luo's body, rising into the sky like wolf smoke, and the mutual strength of the two colors of blue and green blended with each other, appearing extremely harmonious.

On the blade, a halo of blue and green mutual strength slowly emerged.

As soon as this halo of mutual strength appeared, it caused exclamations in the archipelago.

Even Lu Ming narrowed his long and narrow eyes at this time, because she was too familiar with this aura of phase force, which is a sign that only the power of dual phases in the state of unity can be condensed. It seems that this Li Luo does have some real skills.

But it's normal to think about it. If he didn't master the dual-phase power of the unity state, he might not be able to defeat the three captains of the same level by himself.

But for some reason, Lu Ming felt that Li Luo's strength was a little strange.

It seems that his power flow is faster.

And when she felt a little strange, Li Luo had already made a move.

I could only see the mighty phase force flowing out, covering the blade body, the phase force was sparkling, and above the blade, there was a water glow flowing at a high speed, making a buzzing sound, cutting the air.

"Thousand Flowing Water Knife Technique."

Li Luo slashed out, only to see an unusually dazzling light of the knife bursting out of the air. The light of the knife seemed to be a ray of water roaring across the sea, and everything it passed was wiped out.

The water knife light exudes an astonishing sharpness and penetrating power, directly colliding with the brilliant energy torrent.


The two collided, and the two streams of energy eroded fiercely, making a piercing and sharp sound.

The gorgeous torrent of energy was continuously cut, but the torrent seemed endless. With the continuous advancement of the water knife light, the light of the knife became increasingly dimmer. Finally, with a swoop of the energy torrent, it turned into The light spots shattered.

And the remaining torrent of energy roared in, directly engulfing Li Luo.

But Li Luo didn't panic about this, because the three of them, Qianjing Taixu, failed to break through the energy torrent in one shot. The previous attack was just to weaken the momentum of the energy torrent, and to do something for the next hard resistance Just a buffer.

Vigorous phase force gushes out from his body, forming layers of phase force barriers in front of him. At the same time, the water on the surface of his body flows, as if forming a layer of watery gauze.

"Chongshui Shayi."

When Li Luo completed these defenses, a torrent of energy rushed in, and the layers of mutual force barriers were broken almost instantly. After a few breaths, the torrent collided with his body. At that moment, Li Luo felt himself It was like being hit head-on by an ancient giant beast.

The heavy water gauze on the surface of the body rippled extremely violently, obviously dissolving the terrible impact.

But it was obviously impossible for Chongshui Shayi to dissolve all of them, and still had a huge force to penetrate Chongshui Shayi and bombarded Li Luo's body.

His body shook violently, and then his steps were shaken back again and again.

Apparently, Li Luo's second transformation of phase transformation stage is not as good as Jing Taixu's third transformation stage in this kind of confrontation with phase force.

Especially Jing Taixu, when he resisted with force, he only took a step back, which shows the purity and strength of his own force.

Li Luo stepped back step by step, and at the last step of the ladder, his figure finally stabilized, completely resisting the impact of the torrent of energy.

But he was never happy, instead his eyes were thoughtful.

On the islands, there was some commotion. Although Li Luo was a little thrilled when he resisted at the end, he still stood firm on the ladder and was not washed down. This shows that he was also considered a success. The altar group has been activated by him.

This made many people amazed, this Li Luoguo really has some skills, he was able to activate the Juling Altar group with the strength of the second transformation of the stage.

Amidst all the uproar, Li Luo turned around and got off the ladder, and landed back on the island where the Shengxuanxing Academy was located. Immediately afterwards, many teams on the islands also sent people to follow them. Since Li Luo can activate this gathering spirit Altar group, then naturally also need the assistance of the personnel of the three universities.

For a moment, the small island, which was originally quite deserted, suddenly became lively and chaotic.

Jing Taixu looked at the commotion here from a distance, but smiled lightly.

"Brother Jing, it's no wonder that Li Luo didn't even accept your kindness. So he really wanted to eat one by himself, but his strength is indeed very strong. He is obviously only the strength of the second stage of transformation, but he can withstand that kind of level of energy torrent." Behind Jing Taixu, a young man with gray eyebrows said with a smile.

"It's not surprising that the dual-phase power of the Unity Realm can block it." Jing Taixu laughed.

"Although he is only the second transformation of the phase transformation stage, in terms of the strength of his phase, in fact, the third transformation of the general phase transformation stage cannot compare to him."

The young man with gray eyebrows nodded enviously, and said: "After all, Duoxiang possesses two Xianggong Palaces, which is a natural advantage. Coupled with the blessing of Duoxiang's power, I am afraid that only you, Brother Jing, have a ninth-grade phase. to suppress it.”

Jing Taixu smiled slightly, but he didn't pretend to be modest: "So what I'm talking about is the third transformation of the stage of transformation, but obviously, Lu Ming, Sun Dasheng and I are not included in this list."

"Where is the Holy Star Academy? Brother Jing, you deliberately threw an olive branch before, but Li Luo didn't accept it. It seems that he has a grudge against you, and now he has shown impressive strength."

Jing Taixu waved his hand.

"It's okay."

"Although he blocked the first wave of energy torrent, it was also a bit of a thrill, and when he climbed the ladder, the energy torrent will be even stronger. At that time, he may not be able to survive in this college level competition. Someone who can make me really afraid."

A smile formed on the corner of his lips.

"Actually not."

The gray-browed young man also nodded with a smile when he heard the words.

As time went on, the turmoil in the archipelago finally calmed down, because the schools that activated the four Spirit Gathering Altars all selected their own partners. After all, there are so many schools here, and the most indispensable thing is this vassal type collaborators.

Li Luo and the others also quickly made a selection, but their selection was very random. They just let the schools that came to compete draw lots, and finally selected three schools with good luck.

The other colleges that have not been selected can only be full of regret, but they have not left, because with the opening of the Juling Altar, there will still be energy from heaven and earth pouring into this lake, and they will also There will be some benefits, although it can only be said to be leftovers, but it is better than nothing.

Therefore, in the eyes of countless envious eyes, the opening of the Gathering Spirit Altar Group is finally the real beginning.

(End of this chapter)

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