Absolute Resonance

Chapter 491 Entering the Dragon Blood Fire Domain

Chapter 491 Entering the Dragon Blood Fire Domain
After the birth of the four spirit-gathering altars, the bustling area began to disperse, and the teams from various colleges left the venue one after another. They are still anxious to continue searching for other spirit-gathering altars to see if they can make it at the end. During a period of time, more heavenly dew was collected, so that more team members could be escorted into Dragon Bone Island.

Therefore, in less than half a day, the hot and boiling lake became much more empty.

After Li Luo and the others finished harvesting the Tianlinglu, they didn't stop and left directly.

They headed in the direction of the Dragon Blood Fire Field, which is located at the deepest part of the court-level competition field. It is the only way.

However, Li Luo and the others were not in a hurry to rush directly to the dragon's blood fire domain, because they were still a little short of completing the amount of Tianlinglu.

So for the next two days, they wandered in the depths, looking around.

After experiencing the sudden wealth of the Juling Altar group and the rapid harvest, the sudden arduous search made it difficult for everyone to adapt, but fortunately they didn't need much Tianlinglu, so in After two days of vigorous searching, the sixth spirit gourd was finally filled.

Afterwards, the team didn't stop and went straight to the direction of Dragon Blood Fire Field.

Along the way, they could also meet some teams from other universities. After the other party recognized Li Luo, their expressions became cautious and polite, and then hurried away with the team.

Li Luo didn't care about these things, but just led the team on the road at full speed.

After spending about half a day in this way, Li Luo suddenly felt that the temperature in the air began to rise rapidly, and the inexplicable hotness filled the world.

A group of people climbed over a mountain, and the vision in front of them suddenly changed. The raging red color filled the eyeballs endlessly. It seemed to be a fiery red sea area, and the red flames rose continuously from the sea water, scorching the void. Inducing the void is violently distorted.

Moreover, there is an inexplicable coercion in the sea of ​​fire, that coercion is so ancient and vast, and it is accompanied by the faint sound of dragon chant.

"Is this the dragon's blood fire domain? It's a terrifying feeling." Yu Lang said with a pale face.

Li Luo also nodded with an extremely dignified expression. He could feel the terrifying power contained in the sea of ​​flames, which was definitely not something they could withstand. He felt that if they walked in so defenselessly, I'm afraid If you persist for less than half a minute, you will be burned without even ashes.

"Can Linglu really protect us this day?" Wang Hejiu swallowed, his eyes a little frightened, he was really afraid that this thing would not have enough protection, and they would be buried in the sea of ​​fire.

"What are you afraid of? Even if Tianlinglu loses its protection, as long as you are seriously injured, the spirit gourd will naturally send you away. Now the vice presidents of so many schools outside are watching, and the envoys of the school alliance are also there , how could there be a mass death of students?" Bai Doudou said disdainfully.

"Even if you can save half your life, I'm afraid you will have to suffer a lot." Wang Hejiu said.

"Then don't go." Bai Doudou said.

Wang Hejiu pouted.

"Everyone, the issue of candidates has been determined before, so I won't say more."

Li Luo clapped his hands and interrupted their quarrel. He looked at everyone solemnly, and said, "Going forward, we will be in the second half of the college competition, and we must be close to the final stage. Come on! I’ve said enough, I’m just here to say something to everyone.”

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Li Luo. After this period of joint action, even Wang Hejiu and Du Ze Beixuan, who were at odds with Li Luo's ability, gradually recognized Li Luo's ability even though they didn't say it. .

"In Saint Xuanxing Academy, everyone is waiting for our triumphant return."

"And as members of the Saint Xuanxing Academy, we also have the obligation to fight for this honor with all our strength for our academy, so no matter how many difficulties and obstacles we will encounter in the future, no one can stop my footsteps .”

Li Luo met everyone's eyes, a faint smile appeared on his face, the young man was calm and confident, which made him have a particularly strong charm at this time, which made the eyes of the girls present all tremble. I couldn't help staying on his face for a while longer.

Qin Zhulu and the others nodded silently.

"Okay, take the gourds, check the heavenly dew, and prepare to enter the dragon's blood and fire domain." Li Luo said after a simple morale boost.

Qin Zhulu, Bai Doudou, Wang Hejiu, Yi Lisha, and Lu Qing'er all took out the spirit gourd and did a final inspection.

After a while, after everyone finished checking, Li Luo smiled at Yu Lang, Bai Mengmeng, Xin Fu and the others: "We may have to part ways here first, thank you for your efforts in the first half."

Yu Lang breathed a sigh of relief, and said, "I will leave the rest to you. We are waiting for your good news in the tower."

Bai Mengmeng's cheeks bloomed with a pure and charming smile like a flower bone, she clenched her small fists at Li Luo, and said softly: "Captain, come on, I believe you will be able to win the title of the strongest student of One Star Academy! "

Li Luo also nodded at her with a smile, then said no more, turned around directly, and walked quickly towards the dragon's blood fire field in the distance.

Behind him, Qin Zhulu, Bai Doudou, Lu Qing'er and others all followed.

And as they gradually walked away, when they looked back again, they could only see rays of light emanating from Yu Lang, Bai Mengmeng and the others. These rays of light engulfed their figures and gradually rose into the sky.

In other places, there are also these beams of light appearing.

Those were all students from other schools who couldn't enter the dragon's blood fire field. After the team separated, they crushed the spirit gourd directly, and then chose to leave.

Because the next game belongs to the stage for those who entered the Dragon Blood Fire Domain.

Li Luo withdrew his gaze and turned to look at the crimson sea area in front of him. The surging crimson flames on the sea surface were so frighteningly violent that even though he hadn't stepped into it yet, the roar of the flames had already begun Come.

Li Luo stared at the blood-red sea water, and a faint golden light could be seen in it.

Dragon Blood Fire Domain.

Could it be that this fire domain was transformed with real dragon blood?

Thinking of this in his heart, Li Luo took out the spirit gourd from his hand, and poured all the heavenly spirit dew on his body.

Tianlinglu is flowing slowly, as if it has turned into a light water film, which covers every part of the body, and suddenly an indescribable coolness rushes to my heart, that is because the dragon The dryness and heat brought by the blood fire domain disappeared instantly.

Li Luo looked down at the water film covering his palm curiously. This water film did not affect the flow of forces in the body, but it completely isolated the influence from the dragon's blood fire domain.

He felt it carefully, and said: "Although the water film formed by this layer of heavenly dew can isolate the influence of the dragon's blood fire domain, it itself is also being melted by the sea of ​​fire. Keel Island."

"Moreover, the protective ability of the water film itself is quite weak. Once it is attacked by an external force, it is likely to shatter. Therefore, after we enter the dragon's blood fire field, try to avoid confrontation with others."

Lu Qing'er said: "Should no one be willing to fight in the Dragon Blood Fire Field?"

Li Luo pondered: "It's always good to be careful. In order to win, any conspiracy is not surprising."

Everyone nodded.

Li Luo waved his hand, and with a movement of his figure, he rushed out first, and rushed into the dragon's blood fire domain rising with blood-red flames.

(End of this chapter)

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