Absolute Resonance

Chapter 496 Change of Token

Chapter 496 Change of Token

When the murmur in Lu Qing'er's heart sounded, the ice-blue curse pattern on Li Luo's palm suddenly burst into bright light, and wisps of ice-blue light suddenly swept out from his palm.

The icy blue light quickly covered Li Luo's body, gradually turning into an icy blue battle armor.

On the battle armor, there are strange dark red patterns outlined, and at the same time, there is an extreme coldness emanating. As soon as this kind of coldness appears, everyone feels that the manic temperature around them seems to be gradually suppressed. .

However, this kind of suppression was only short-lived, and soon the scorching heat swept over, and the ice-blue battle armor on Li Luo's body began to show signs of melting.

But everyone found that although the ice-blue battle armor was melting, the melting speed of the heavenly dew film covered under the battle armor slowed down at this time.

Qin Zhulu, Bai Doudou and others all stared wide-eyed.

Is it really useful?
Lu Qing'er, what kind of physiognomy is this?Can it withstand the erosion of the dragon's blood fire here?

How is this possible? !

But in their shocked eyes, the blood on Lu Qing'er's pretty face faded away at this moment, her delicate body shook slightly, and Bai Doudou hurriedly supported her.

"Li Luo, I can only do so much. This 'Ice Nightmare Armor' can help you alleviate the ablation of the dragon's blood fire on the dew film of the heavenly spirit. I think it can buy you some time, but as for whether it can I'm not sure about getting to Dragon Bone Island." Lu Qing'er's nice voice became much weaker at this time.

Li Luo stared blankly at the strange ice armor on his body, he really didn't expect Lu Qing'er to have such tricks.

He could feel that this so-called Ice Nightmare Armor was by no means an ordinary physiognomy.

He was stunned for a few breaths, then quickly came back to his senses, and smiled at Lu Qing'er in amazement: "Your move came too timely!"

His heart was indeed full of surprises, with Lu Qing'er's move, his hole card of the Three-tailed Sirius could continue to be hidden for use as a surprise move.

This is really a windfall.

Looking at the pleasantly surprised Li Luo, a smile appeared on the corner of Lu Qing'er's lips. This unique physiognomy was achieved after she had practiced for a long time, and Yu Hongxi was actually a little puzzled by her choice of this physiognomy before. Dissatisfied, because with Lu Qing'er's current strength, the practice of one bloodline physiognomy is already the limit, so she could have chosen other bloodline physiognomy that is more beneficial to her practice.

It's just that Lu Qing'er insisted, and in the end Yu Hongxi had no choice but to follow her.

But now, the physiognomy she prepared has achieved the result she wanted.

So at this time, Lu Qing'er was quite satisfied.

"However, with my current physiognomy, it is already the limit to use such a physiognomy, and I can no longer bless others." Lu Qing'er looked at the others apologetically.

Qin Zhulu and the others shook their heads, and said, "In this situation, being able to send Li Luo in is already the best result."

"Li Luo, hurry up, don't waste time."

Bai Doudou urged that this "Ice Nightmare Armor" obviously couldn't last too long, and could only provide a slight relief, so Li Luo had to hurry up as soon as possible, otherwise the success would be in vain. uncomfortable things.

Wang Hejiu's face was depressed. He thought that he could go to Keel Island to show off his skills after finally gathering Tianlinglu, but he was about to be eliminated halfway, so he could only watch Li Luo go to the final decisive battle alone. .

"Li Luo, come on, I hope you can defeat that Jing Taixu and give us some relief." Yilisha laughed.

Li Luo also understood that time was running out, so facing everyone's expectant eyes, he took a deep breath and nodded.

"I will."

As the voice fell, a phase force erupted from his body, and immediately his figure turned around and flew out. When the soles of his feet stepped on the water, the force of the water phase caused the wave, like a spring. His figure leaped out.

With one jump, it is hundreds of meters. Although this speed is not as fast as Jing Taixu's flying, it is still extremely fast.

The figure flitted away for a while, Li Luo turned his head and glanced at the distant rear, but saw Lu Qing'er, Qin Zhulu, Bai Doudou and their figures gradually covered by flames, and then streams of light shot up into the sky, that is Eliminated sign.

Li Luo stared at it for a few seconds, then turned his head. There was no wave on his handsome face, but there was a bit of evil spirit circulating in those eyes.

The scene is too empty.

No, there is also Luming.

Although Jing Taixu is the mastermind, but since Lu Ming helped out, no matter what her purpose is, it can be regarded as a bridge, and if they meet afterward, there is no need to say anything more, this place must be recovered here.

Otherwise, I really feel sorry for the few companions who were eliminated.

Li Luo's figure moved forward rapidly, and the layer of "Ice Nightmare Armor" on his body began to melt gradually with the passage of time, but before it completely melted, the dew film of the heavenly spirit in it was depleted at a speed of was reduced to a minimum.

"Judging from the melting speed of the ice nightmare armor, it should be able to last for four hours."

After four hours, the dew film of Tianling will continue to wear out.

Once he was unable to enter Dragon Bone Island before this, the dragon blood fire here would still eliminate him.

"Hopefully we can catch up."

Li Luo said to himself, and continued to speed up.

Along the way, they could also meet students from other schools, and when they saw Li Luo, who was in a hurry, they were all taken aback, and then they found the dew film of heavenly spirit in a dim state outside Li Luo's body, and immediately There is a look of gloating in the eyes.

This Li Luo didn't know how to damage the dew film of Tianling, no wonder he was in such a hurry, if this guy couldn't catch up by then, wouldn't he be the first to be eliminated?
People from other schools are happy to hear about this. After all, Li Luo is also considered to be the favorite to win the championship. If he is eliminated in the dragon's blood fire field, they will lose one more favorable competitor.

However, Li Luo ignored the sights along the way and just rushed on at full speed.

So until an hour later.

The ice nightmare armor melted a lot.

Li Luo's eyes narrowed slightly, but this was expected, so he didn't panic. The two Xianggong in his body flowed out like a torrent, and his speed was pushed to the extreme.

"Should be in time!"

"Li Luo, you can't give up!"

Li Luo's heart was beating like a drum, and he was highly concentrated. He didn't want to be eliminated so uselessly.

And just when he was concentrating on the full-speed impact, a wave of fire suddenly rushed out of the sea under his feet. Li Luo's figure flashed, and he avoided it flexibly, but he saw a dragon's blood fire facing his wrist. He rushed over, as if attracted by something.

Li Luo was startled, there was a space ball!

Don't damage this precious thing, or everything stored in it will fall out.

But it was too late to react at this time, he could only watch a stream of dragon blood fire hit the space ball worn on his wrist.

But when Li Luo was preparing to break the space ball, he was surprised to find that the space ball was intact, and the dragon's blood fire that hit the space ball disappeared strangely.

Li Luo didn't stop, but his face was full of astonishment.

Because he sensed that there was a slight vibration coming from the space ball.

Something absorbed the dragon blood fire.

Li Luo hesitated slightly, then reached out to wipe the space ball, and suddenly something appeared in his hand.

It was a black token.

On the token, the ancient "Li" character is shining with a mysterious luster.

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