Absolute Resonance

Chapter 502 The Siege of the Three-Star Academy

Chapter 502 The Siege of Samsung Academy
"Li Luo was pulled into Luming's phantom formation."

When Li Luo was in the fantasy formation of the sea of ​​flowers, in front of the tower, Qin Zhulu, Bai Doudou, Lu Qing'er and others were all looking up at the light curtain shot from the energy pool in front. Inside the light curtain, It was the scene where Li Luo was pulled into the phantom array.

"Lu Ming is really moving. This is her truly powerful method. The combination of phantom and thunder forms an attacking phantom array that can both confuse people's hearts and launch attacks." Bai Doudou said solemnly. .

Qin Zhulu, Lu Qing'er, Yu Lang and the others also showed a hint of worry on their faces. They had seen how difficult Luming's phantom formation was when they were in Dragon Blood Fire Field, and the phantom formation at that time was not really aggressive. But obviously the phantom formation that Lu Ming arranged is different now.

I don't know if Li Luo can stand it.

Before this tower, apart from Qin Zhulu and Lu Qinger, there were other people at the academy level, but appearing here at this time meant that they had all been eliminated.

At this time, they were looking at several light curtains projected from the energy pool. On the light curtains were not only the scene of Li Luo, but also the situation of the other three courtyards at this time.

No, strictly speaking, it should be two college levels.

Three-star hospital and four-star hospital.

Because the two-star academy has been eliminated.

Just 1 minute ago, the pale-faced Zhu Xuan and Ye Qiuding were thrown out by the energy pool.

The two-star academy competition has entered the final round, and both Zhu Xuan and Ye Qiuding met strong enemies. After a bloody battle, the two were unexpectedly defeated.

So far, all of them have been eliminated in the two-star college level competition of Shengxuanxing Academy.

All the Zihui students of the two-star academy are standing together at this time, their expressions are full of frustration and depression. After all, the eyes of the Zihui students of the other three colleges are also watching from time to time, although those eyes are not mocking. meaning, but it still made the Zihui students of the Erxing Academy feel quite embarrassed.

After all, there are still top performers in other colleges, and only their two-star colleges are eliminated the fastest.

Doesn't this mean that in the current class of Shengxuanxing Academy, they must be the most hippie in their two-star academy?
Although this point has been revealed from the previous ticket competition, there is no need to slap the face again and again, right?

Alas, other colleges have pillars to support their faces. Li Luo from the one-star college, Jiang Qing'e from the three-star college, and even more masters from the four-star college. Gong Shenjun and the eldest princess are all unfathomable. hospital.
The gazes of some Zihui students from the Two-star Institute swept past Zhu Xuan and Ye Qiuding who were pale in front of them.

It's not very useful at all, why don't you just consider repeating a grade?Otherwise, the remaining two years of school life seem to be a little bit awkward.

Although their gazes were relatively dark, Zhu Xuan and Ye Qiuding were at their most sensitive at this time, and they naturally noticed the somewhat strange gazes of the teammates who centered on them in the past, and they immediately felt ashamed and indignant. rise.

But they could only act as if they hadn't felt it, raised their heads, and couldn't help but look at the light curtain of the one-star academy competition.

In it, is the fight between Li Luo and that bipolar man Lu Ming?
If this guy also lost, then they wouldn't be so embarrassed, right?
Although such thoughts are a bit dark and selfish, but at this time, who cares about them.

And when they had such selfish thoughts in their hearts, suddenly there was a commotion in front of the tower, and then there was an exclamation: "Oops, Sister Jiang is in siege! These guys are too despicable, they want to Four against one!"

When everyone heard the words, they were all startled, and then their eyes hurriedly cast their eyes on the light curtain of the Samsung Courtyard.

Even Vice President Su Xin cast his eyes away, and then his eyes froze slightly.

In the three-star academy competition, somewhere in the forest of the finals.


Lu Jinci looked dignified. He looked at the beautiful figure leaning over as if washing his hands by the mountain stream. There was a flash of determination in his eyes. In the next moment, an extremely powerful force exploded in his body.

Xiangli rushed out of the mountains and forests like a torrent.

And at the same moment when Lu Jinci broke out, in the other three directions, there were also three powerful forces soaring into the sky, causing the void to vibrate.


Without any temptation, the four of Lu Jinci directly unleashed their strongest killing move at this moment, because they knew how powerful Jiang Qing'e they were besieging. People dared to stop, but it was precisely because Jiang Qing'e was too strong that in the end Lu Jinci found these powerful collaborators who were not inferior to him.

Their goal is to eliminate the strongest Jiang Qing'e.

Everyone understood that only when Jiang Qing'e was eliminated would they be eligible to compete for the title of strongest.

And for this attack and killing, they have endured it for a long time, and there were originally five people, but the fifth helping hand was being entangled by Du Ze Honglian from the Saint Xuanxing Academy at this time.

Each of these people is the best in their respective schools. In terms of strength, they will not be weaker than Zhao Huiyin in the previous ticket competition. Now the four of them are making a full shot, and the momentum is even more mighty, as if the mountains It was at this time that he trembled and whined.

Four monstrous rainbow lights pierced through the sky with murderous intent, and in that instant, they hit the slender figure by the stream.

The loud sound resounded, and the mountain trembled. With this blow, half of the mountain was forced to collapse.


There was ecstasy in Lu Jinci's eyes, their attack must have hit the target, and under this level of joint attack, presumably even Jiang Qing'e would pay a heavy price, right?

The figures of the four people flashed out from midair, their eyes fixed on the collapsed mountain.

The smoke and dust there gradually dissipated.

Lu Jinci's pupils shrank sharply.

All four are discolored.

Because they saw that in the smoke and dust, there was a pair of bright wings about several feet slowly stretched out. The light on the wings seemed to be able to penetrate the endless darkness and illuminate the world.

With every light flap of the bright wings, the energy between the heaven and the earth is rolling along with it.

Jiang Qing'e's beautiful figure slowly lifted into the sky, with bright wings flapping gently behind her, her slender jade hand was holding a golden epee, and her flawless and beautiful cheeks did not show any emotional fluctuations at this moment, calm and indifferent.

It's just that the golden light in those golden pupils became more dazzling than ever before.

At this time, she seemed to be an angel of light, exuding cleanliness and holiness, and at the same time possessed the infinite divine power that seemed to be able to judge the world.

The four of Lu Jinci looked at Jiang Qing'e in such a state that had never been seen before, and there was horror in their eyes, because at this moment, they felt a strong and extremely dangerous aura from Jiang Qing'e.

While the four people were horrified, Jiang Qing'e's indifferent golden eyes had already focused on them, and at the same time, there was a voice containing cold and murderous intent, resounding ethereally throughout the world.

"A group of mice, have they finally come out?"

(End of this chapter)

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