Absolute Resonance

Chapter 503 Li Luo's Defense

Chapter 503 Li Luo's Defense

When Jiang Qing'e fell into the siege, Li Luo also fell into the illusion of Luming, but compared to Jiang Qing'e's earth-shattering momentum, his side seemed much calmer.

In the gorgeous sea of ​​flowers, Li Luo frowned slightly as he looked at the dark clouds that were constantly gathering in the sky. He could feel that there seemed to be an extremely violent force gathering in it, which was the power of thunder.

Apparently, Lu Ming was planning a powerful ultimate move with the help of the phantom formation.

Li Luo didn't just sit still, he held the Xuan Xiang Dao, and slashed out. Dao lights appeared out of thin air, and wrapped in extremely fierce power, he charged straight up and slashed towards the gathered dark clouds.

call out!
The knife light passed through the dark clouds, but it directly penetrated the past without causing any impact.

"It's an illusion."

Li Luo frowned. The seemingly overwhelming dark clouds in the sky were actually mostly illusions. This was deliberately used by Lu Ming to confuse his vision, so that he couldn't tell where the real thunderclouds were.

"It's tricky."

Li Luo couldn't help sighing, this Lu Ming's phantom thunder double phase is really skillful in use, this phantom formation is enough to make many people helpless.

And when Li Luo stopped, the thunderclouds in the sky also became more and more manic, and the rumbling thunder resounded endlessly.

"It's coming." Li Luo's eyes flashed and he felt something.


And just as the thought in his mind fell, a thunder cloud in the sky shook violently, and the next moment, a thunder light descended from the sky, and directly struck Li Luo fiercely with incomparable precision.

The thunder streaked across the void, as if even the air had become scorched.

Li Luo didn't dare to underestimate him, the water force of his body was activated, and quickly turned into a layer of water clothes, covering him completely.

Heavy water gauze.

At the same time, he was holding a straight knife, and the water light was flowing at high speed on the knife body. The force in his body exploded, and a fierce knife light shot up into the sky, like a wave surging on the sea, directly colliding with the thunder.

However, at the moment of impact, the knife light penetrated again.

Li Luo's eyes froze, and it was an illusion again. Is Lu Ming trying to use this illusion to consume all of his strength?

Boom boom boom!
But at this time, three bolts of thunder shot out simultaneously, and rapidly enlarged in Li Luo's pupils.

Are these three thunderbolts also illusions?
It was difficult for Li Luo to distinguish, but he dared not ignore it. After all, as long as one of the three thunderbolts was real, it would be quite uncomfortable when it hit his body.

This Luming really vividly and vividly interprets the false and the real.

Li Luo flicked his fingers, and the octagonal golden shield flashed out, meeting three thunderbolts.


Three thunderbolts bombarded the golden shield. The first two did not cause any damage to the golden shield, but dissipated automatically at the moment of contact. Obviously, this was an illusion, but with the fall of the third thunderbolt , the energy radiance emanating from the golden shield was instantly defeated, and a large area of ​​scorched black appeared on the golden shield, and then black smoke billowed and fell to Li Luo's feet.

Li Luo quickly put away the exhausted octagonal golden shield. After all, it was just a white-eyed treasure and couldn't hold it for too long.

But he also fully understood Lu Ming's thoughts. In this illusion formation, all attacks are false and real, making you hard to guard against. Once you relax, you may receive a fatal blow.

But if you are tense all the time, it will be a great consumption to yourself. As time goes on, your state will decline rapidly. At that time, Lu Ming can relax and tidy himself up easily.

Li Luo looked at the thunderclouds puffing and puffing in the sky, thinking flashed across his eyes.

This game is really not easy to break.

Unless he breaks out of the formation with absolute strength, and Li Luo wants to do this, unless he uses the power of the three-tailed Sirius, but still the same sentence, if he has to use this power even here, What is the way forward?
Li Luo stared at the thunder clouds all over the sky, suddenly smiled, and said, "If you want to compare consumption, in fact, you may not be better than me."

Lu Ming is a dual phase of phantom and thunder, but don't forget that what Li Luoming reveals on his face are water and wood phases. Perhaps in terms of phase aggression, Mizuki II is inferior to thunder phases, but water The advantages of phase and wood phase are also not possessed by Lei Xiang.

That is the continuation of the water phase and the restoration of the wood phase.

Li Luo sat cross-legged directly in the sea of ​​flowers. He circulated the power of wood in his body, and then stretched his palms into the ground.

"The shelter of the ancient tree." He whispered to himself.

In the next moment, a sapling broke out from the ground.

With the infusion of the power of wood, the sapling grew rapidly, and in just a few breaths of time, it turned into a dense tree, and its growth rate has not stopped.

As for Li Luo's actions, Lu Ming in the phantom array was obviously aware of it, and immediately triggered a thunderstorm, trying to blow up the big tree that Li Luo gave birth to.

But at this time, the Xuanxiang Saber in Li Luo's hand came out, turning into a streamer and circling above, catching all the incoming thunders.

It's just that with the intensification of the thunder, the phase power covered by the Xuanxiang knife is also rapidly fading.

Li Luo's expression remained unchanged. The water, light, and wood and soil forces in his body all poured into this big tree. The water force accelerated the growth of the tree, and the water force also contained some The power of the light makes this big tree grow taller at an astonishing speed.

And trees need the blessing of the land to be more stable and not afraid of storms.

Therefore, the existence of those earth-phase forces made this big tree stronger and stronger.

In just a few minutes, a towering tree grew out of thin air. Li Luo sat cross-legged under the tree. The huge canopy spread out to shelter him under it, and the leaves of the big tree were all shining with energy. , if you look down from a high altitude, it seems to be a huge umbrella cover, protecting Li Luo.

In the phantom formation, when Lu Ming found out that Li Luo had directly spawned a big tree as a means of defense, she couldn't help but feel astonished. Immediately, her eyebrows frowned. This Li Luo is really difficult to deal with.

Originally, he was planning to drag him into the phantom array to consume, but now this guy actually responded to all changes without changing, and directly used the power of wood to spawn a big tree as a defense, clearly to resist all her lightning strikes. In this way, Her fictitious thunder offensive also had no effect.

But in this way, wouldn't it become a consumption of each other's efforts?
At the beginning, Lu Ming just wanted to consume Li Luo, but he didn't want to be consumed by the other party.

After all, Li Luo has a watery body, and staying power is what he is good at.

Lu Ming's eyes flickered, and then his pretty face turned cold.

That being the case, then give up the war of attrition, gather strength directly, and use a short and violent offensive to destroy Li Luo, the big tree that has been used as a barrier.

She is also a biphasic person, but she is still a double-seventh grade, and her phase power is one level higher than Li Luo. She doesn't believe it. No matter how long Li Luo lasts, can she still hold it?

Thinking this way in his heart, Lu Ming didn't hesitate anymore, and his slender hands formed a seal like lightning.


The thunderclouds in the sky changed rapidly. The thunderclouds began to shrink and became darker at the same time. Within the thunderclouds, one could clearly feel more and more violent power emanating out.

Li Luo also felt something. He raised his head, looked at the layers of thunderclouds, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Don't play tricks of falsehood?"

He smiled, but he was not afraid in the face of danger.

"Then come and try, you Thunderclap, can you split my big tree."

(End of this chapter)

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