Chapter 509
Brown water droplets kept falling on Jing Taixu's body and the blue wind wings behind him, and at this moment, Jing Taixu's complexion also became a little suspicious, because he found that his body had become so pale at this moment. It's getting heavier.

Misty as the wind's movement was immediately affected.

"This is heavy water technique?" Jing Taixu is also very experienced, and soon realized that heavy water technique is the highly condensed power of water phase, which has a rather strange weight. This kind of physiognomy is generally used for Increase the strength of the attack, but what he didn't expect was that Li Luo actually found another way, using this technique to restrain his body speed.

However, although the heavy water technique has a different kind of weight, it can be easily dispelled by the shock.

So Jing Taixu activated the phase force in his body almost instantly, trying to shake off all the heavy water that fell on his body.

But soon a scene that stunned him appeared. With the vibration and dispersal of his force, he found that the brown water droplets were still firmly attached to his body, and the effect of his force to disperse was beyond imagination so good.

"how come?!"

Jing Taixu was extremely astonished.

This heavy water technique seems a little unusual!Is it so hard to dispel? !
But when Jing Taixu tried to dissolve the brown water droplets on his body as soon as possible, Li Luo didn't give him this chance, his figure rushed out, and finally took advantage of the moment when Jing Taixu's body speed was restricted by him, close to the past.

His eyes were piercing, and he held the Xuanxiang Saber tightly in his palm.

A halo of mutual strength emerged from the blade.

The first elephant divine power!

"Tiger general technique, thousand flowing water knife technique!"

It's a pity that the phase force stored in the phase force bubble in the body was exhausted during the fight with Luming before, and it couldn't be replenished in this short time, otherwise Li Luo's offensive should be even stronger now.

But it doesn't matter anymore, now that he has stepped into the third phase transformation stage, coupled with the increase of the scarlet dragon ball, his phase power is not weaker than Jing Taixu's fourth phase transformation phase.

This knife is dazzling.

With a single cut, the water light seemed to split the void.

There is a faint roar of the tiger resounding, which is the symbol of the tiger general technique, but this is not a real tiger roar, but because this physiognomy drives the collision of heaven and earth energy, the sound of collision and friction.

This sound is a bit like the sound of a tiger roaring, so this kind of physiognomy has just been dubbed the name of tiger general technique.

The shimmering knife light seemed to be rolling in waves, rapidly enlarged in Jing Taixu's pupils, and he knew that he could not avoid Li Luo's attack this time.

However, Jing Taixu didn't show panic, his handsome face was still calm.

Previously, he evaded Li Luo's attack with body skills, but he just wanted to consume the latter's strength and force the latter to show up.

He was not afraid of Li Luo in a head-on collision.


Jing Taixu took a deep breath, holding the blue banana fan tightly in his palm, there were faint light lines on the fan surface, and the wind energy between the heaven and the earth was also attracted at this time, and gathered rapidly.

The mysterious light and shadow transformed by the wind spirit envoy is also like a wind spirit, entrenched on the plantain fan, swallowing huge wind energy.

Obviously, Jing Taixu didn't dare to underestimate Li Luo's astonishing strike, so he sacrificed all his means.

"Tiger general technique, gale palm print!"

Accompanied by Jing Taixu's banana fan, there was a sudden loud wind, mixed with the indistinct roar of a tiger, and the next moment, a huge blue light palm print burst out, and that blue light palm print seemed to envelop a storm , any substance that is sucked into it will be shredded vigorously.

The blue light palm print collided with Li Luo's wave-like waterline knife light.


An extremely astonishing energy storm exploded on the top of the mountain. At this moment, even the clouds beyond the top of the mountain were affected and receded.

The huge boulders on the top of the mountain turned into gravel one after another and shot away.

When the energy shock wave erupted, Li Luo's body had the power of water flowing, as if it had turned into a layer of gauze.

Tiger general technique, heavy water gauze clothes.

The gauze of heavy water flowed, absorbing all the impacts of the bursting force, while Li Luo was holding the Xuanxiang knife, and his figure swept out again, directly deceiving Jing Taixu, the light of the knife brought a sense of coldness And extremely domineering power, chopping off continuously.

But Jing Taixu, whose body speed was disturbed by the heavy water technique, couldn't avoid it, so he held the blue plantain fan and whipped up a fierce wind like a blade, and slashed against Li Luo without flinching.

In just a few breaths of time, the two sides attacked each other for dozens of rounds.

The tricks are vicious and vicious.

The heavy water gauze on the surface of Li Luo's body was gradually torn.

And the blue wind wings behind Jing Taixu were cut to pieces.

The eyes of both sides showed ferocity, and they didn't flinch in the slightest. They just fought against each other. The forces in each other's bodies were stimulated to the extreme at this time.

But outside the arena, in front of the various towers, countless eyes were staring at the confrontation between the two.

Although the two one-star academy students, Li Luo and Jing Taixu, are far inferior to the other three in terms of strength, the danger and fierceness among them are not inferior.

Being able to carry out the final decisive battle on this occasion is enough to show the excellence of Li Luo and Jing Taixu.

It is not an exaggeration to say that they are the most outstanding young people in Eastern China.

Therefore, the battle between them is absolutely wonderful.

It's just that the outcome between these two people is still unknown.

In front of the tower of Shengmingwang Academy.

Guo Jiufeng, who was dressed in a white robe and fluttering white hair, stood with his hands behind his back. His abyss-like eyes looked at the light curtain of Yixingyuan, and he said in surprise: "Li Luo from the Saint Xuanxing Academy is a bit unexpected. It can push Jing Taixu to this point."

Beside Guo Jiufeng, there are other Zihui mentors from Shengmingwang Academy. As the host, they are obviously more able to enter the Holy Grail space than other institutions.

At this time, a Zihui instructor said: "This Li Luo is also biphasic, it is not surprising that he can get here, but he can do this step is considered the limit, he wants to defeat Jing Taixu, the possibility is not high .”

"After all. Jing Taixu's hand, I am afraid that in the fourth transformation of the transformation stage, few people can take it."

Guo Jiufeng nodded, he was also aware of Jing Taixu's killer move, so he didn't worry too much about Jing Taixu's side.

His gaze could not help turning to the light curtain of the Samsung Academy, he sighed helplessly, and said, "This Jiang Qing'e is so strong, we all underestimated her."

Mentor Zihui on the side also gave a wry smile when he heard the words, and turned his gaze to the light curtain over there. Compared with Li Luo, Jing Taixu's side is much stronger than Li Luo's, and the majestic forces are surging Sweeping, one mountain after another continued to collapse under the impact of that energy.

The whole land is devastated.

And the source of the terrifying shock wave came from that four-on-one siege.

But even if it is four against one, the current situation is that the four of Lu Jinci have not gained the slightest advantage at all.

Facing the siege of the four people with all their strength, the beautiful figure swayed the holy light, and the holy flames swept across the sky and covered the sky. Whenever the heavy sword was swung down, the sky seemed to be split.

Countless lines of sight looked at the dazzling angel figure with a deep sense of astonishment.

This was one of the few most memorable scenes in the entire academy competition.

Everyone was horrified by Jiang Qing'e's astonishing strength, and even some of the best in the four-star academy had dignified faces and deep fear in their eyes.

At the same time, more eyes were cast behind Jiang Qing'e. There was a light and shadow there, but the light and shadow were extremely clear. The light and shadow had four wings on their backs, holy and clean. Its appearance was completely similar to Jiang Qing'e's. It seemed illusory, but it was so clear and lifelike.

The energy between the heaven and the earth was stirred, and finally absorbed by the four-winged light and shadow, and then turned into a billowing force of light, pouring into Jiang Qing'e's body continuously.

It was the existence of this four-winged light and shadow that Jiang Qing'e was able to suppress the four of them, Lu Jinci, with no temper.

Because that is
A true Ninth Rank Light Envoy.

(End of this chapter)

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