Absolute Resonance

Chapter 514 The Most Beautiful Boy in 1 Star Academy

Chapter 514 The Most Beautiful Boy in One Star Academy

When the final victory of One Star Academy appeared, in the Holy Grail space, the faces of countless people watching the battle couldn't help but become weird.

No one expected that the vigorous decisive battle would end in such a funny way.

That Jing Taixu was so frightened by Li Luo that he chose to give up.

Of course, they all understood that the reason why Jing Taixu chose to give up was not entirely because of Li Luo's unique methods, but because he could no longer see the hope of winning.

Both sides have already exhausted their efforts, and they are considered to be at the end of their battles.

But at this time, Li Luo's water and wood dual phase has highlighted a great advantage. Under the double recovery effect of this dual phase, his speed will be faster than Jing Tai's, whether it is physical injuries or physical recovery. One step faster.

Perhaps Jing Taixu also clearly understood this point.

Don't look at Li Luo just shooting two arrows casually now, but after waiting for a few more minutes, Li Luo, who has recovered a little strength, will definitely launch a decisive blow directly.

If this attack was in normal times, it might not hurt him at all, but in the current situation, it is enough to tell the winner.

Jing Taixu didn't want to lose like that.

So he simply chose to take the initiative to eliminate.

In the Holy Grail space, laughter kept ringing from the towers.

"In the end, Li Luo actually won."

Lu Ming was also looking at the light curtain on the other side of the One Star Academy, his pretty face was full of astonishment, this result, I am afraid that no one could have expected this result before.

After all, Jing Taixu is the veritable favorite to win the championship, while Li Luo is a dark horse who suddenly emerged after entering the academy competition.

But in the end, this dark horse overturned Jing Taixu.

Around Lu Ming, the other students also looked like hell. Before they thought that Li Luo could defeat Lu Ming, it was only because of trickery and poisoning, but now that even Jing Taixu lost, then if they still think that Li Luo can defeat Lu Ming If Luo didn't have the ability to be lucky, he would be really stupid.

Lu Ming's eyes were also a bit complicated. She looked at the boy in the light curtain who finally sat on the keel chair. This guy hid really deeply.

"Jing Taixu's intuition is really sharper than women's."

Lu Ming wanted to laugh inexplicably, because she remembered that Jing Taixu asked her to cooperate with him to eliminate Li Luo first. At that time, she didn't understand why he would be so interested in a Li Luo. Xu Xu's intuition turned out to be quite accurate.

However, even with such intuition to prepare, he still lost to Li Luo in the end.

Visible light has intuition and no effect.

And this guy Li Luo is really wicked, because she feels that Li Luo finally shot an arrow to force Jing Taixu away, and she just wanted to humiliate him. condition is even worse.
Lu Ming shook her head secretly, but this was a grievance between the two, and she was not interested in paying attention to it.

When Lu Ming lamented the result, Sun Dasheng was also full of astonishment. In fact, he was the first of the three to fight against Li Luo. This is it.

But who would have thought that even Jing Taixu lost to him in the end.

"It seems that among my peers in Shenzhou in the Eastern Territory, there is really a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger. This time, I underestimated the enemy too much. If I can work hard and step into the fourth transformation of the stage of transformation, no matter whether it is Jing Taixu or Li Luo, I have my own strengths." Great chance of winning."

"Don't worry, although we lost the academy competition, the Holy Grail War is not yet completely over."

"In the following mixed-level competition, I still have a chance to perform."

There was some pride and confidence in Sun Dasheng's eyes, he did not become depressed because of his failure in the fight with Jing Taixu, he was still full of fighting spirit.

If it is said that in other areas, everyone is watching a lively mentality, then the atmosphere at Shengmingwang Academy has become extraordinarily depressing and silent at this time.

Everyone looked incredible.

After all, looking at the four colleges of Shengmingwang Academy, the one-star college and the four-star college are all regarded as seed students. Jing Taixu is given high hopes by the whole school, and everyone thinks that he has a great possibility of winning the first prize. Star Academy's strongest title.

But now that hope was dashed.

Jing Taixu fell in front of the keel throne.

And the winner was Li Luo, who was not well-known before!
At this moment, the hearts of the students of Shengmingwang Academy turned cold.

Even Vice President Guo Jiufeng, who has always been calm, turned extremely ugly at this moment. He stared fixedly at the light curtain of Yixingyuan. On the throne of the strongest keel.

"How could Jing Taixu lose?" Beside Guo Jiufeng, the mentor Zihui was also incredulous.

"The Knife in Li Luo's Hand"

Guo Jiufeng took a deep breath, and said with a gloomy expression: "If I'm not mistaken, it's Pang Qianyuan's saber. Although the Golden Jade Xuanxiang Saber is just a golden-eyed treasure, it has divine power, but it takes a lot of power to activate it. There are extremely high requirements on the physical body, and the strength of that Li Luo's physical body should not be able to bear it."

Instructor Zihui sighed, it is useless to say these things now, after all, the decisive battle is over.

But when the atmosphere here was oppressive, a beam of light shot out from the energy vortex, and Jing Taixu's figure appeared in everyone's sight.

Jing Taixu's complexion was still a little pale, and when he appeared, he felt that the atmosphere was not right, and the complex gazes around him made him extremely uncomfortable.

This is the first time he has suffered such a setback in these years.

However, Jing Tai's humility is not bad after all. Under these complex gazes, he did not escape, but took the initiative to walk towards Guo Jiufeng, and said in a hoarse voice: "Vice President, I have failed the trust of the school."

Guo Jiufeng looked at Jing Taixu in front of him, his face was a little stiff, but in the end he took a deep breath, and said in a slow tone: "You have done your best, don't blame yourself, the Holy Grail War is not over yet, I hope that the chaos behind you We can perform better in class competitions.”

Although the result of the One Star Institute was disappointing, as the vice president, Guo Jiufeng could not be so stupid as to directly accuse Jing Taixu here, because it would only chill everyone, so even if he was in a bad mood, he still had to be patient. Soothe people with emotions.

Jing Taixu nodded, didn't say anything more, but turned directly into the tower, obviously he didn't want to stay in this atmosphere for a long time.

Guo Jiufeng's face sank like water, and he cast his eyes on the light curtain on the other side of the Four Star Academy.

Among the four colleges today, Lan Lan is the only one left in their Shengmingwang Academy.

Compared with their pre-competition ambitions of Sheng Ming Wang Academy, it can be described as a world of difference.

Because in the initial expectation, they wanted to get three golden emblems of the sacred tree here in the college level competition. Of course, this is the most perfect situation. If it is really not possible, they will get the one-star and four-star colleges The two strongest titles.

In this way, it can also demonstrate the strength of their last champion.

And this ambition is now completely shattered.

On the contrary, the Shengxuanxing Academy, which was inconspicuous before the game, suddenly won the title of the strongest in the one-star academy and the three-star academy, and directly became the most beautiful boy in the audience, gaining the limelight.

Guo Jiufeng's eyes changed, but he finally calmed down.

Although the start was a bit disadvantageous, the Holy Grail War is not over, and they still have hope.

And at the very least, he still has enough confidence in the Golden Emblem of the Divine Tree at the Four Star Academy.

(End of this chapter)

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