Chapter 52

When Li Luo and the other three walked out of the gate of the main hall with gnarled trees, the scenery in front of them suddenly changed. It was a dark forest, with giant trees standing in the forest, and the dark black branches spread out, covering the sky. A gloomy feeling.

Li Luo and the others glanced at the dark forest, and then their eyes stopped on a crystal wall in front of them, which was obviously newly erected recently.

On the crystal wall, there are words flowing, emitting a faint light.

Li Luo and the others read the text carefully, and then their expressions became a little more serious.

"This level is to seize the "ghost face fruit"."

In this dark forest, there is a special plant called the ghost-faced magic vine tree, which is ferocious and likes to strangle any creature that gets close, and then bury its corpse in the root, nourishing and growing itself with its flesh and blood.

When the ghost-faced magic vine matures, it will produce a "ghost-mask fruit", and this second level of review is to obtain a "ghost-mask fruit" in order to obtain basic points.

"This ghost-faced magic vine is not easy to deal with. The magic vine is covered with poisonous thorns, and it attacks fiercely. To be honest, it is difficult for a person with the power of eight seals to snatch the "ghost-faced fruit" from it alone. "." Zhao Kuo frowned.

Yu Lang, who was planning to slip away just now, took his foot back and said, "I suggest that the three of us join forces to snatch the "ghost face fruit", how about it?"

"I think you seem to want to fly solo." Li Luo smiled.

Yu Lang said with some embarrassment: "How is it possible, we are life-and-death friends who have gone through hardships."

Li Luo shook his head, not bothering to pay attention to this guy's unreliable words, but he did not object to Yu Lang's proposal. Although he may not be able to obtain the "ghost face fruit" alone, since he has assistance, it will naturally be much easier.

But if you can relax, why bother to work hard by yourself.

"Let's go."

Li Luo said, and then took the lead and walked directly into the dark forest. Behind him, Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo quickly followed.

The three of them walked together and headed towards the depths of the forest. After traveling like this for more than ten minutes, they heard movement from a distance on the right.

The three of them looked at each other, stepped forward quietly, pushed aside the dense bushes, and then saw a big black tree standing in a muddy wetland in front of it, the big tree was covered with black vines, and above the vines There are black thorns, and they are like black pythons when they are shaken, and there is a piercing sound of breaking wind.

On the thick trunk of the big tree, there seems to be a somewhat ferocious face, which makes people shudder.

It is a ghost-faced magic vine tree.

However, around this ghost-faced magic vine tree, there are already six or seven figures. They are obviously joining forces to encircle and suppress this magic vine tree, and they are constantly attacking the magic vine tree with rays of light blooming together.

And the magic vine tree was also fighting back viciously, and the vines with poisonous thorns were pulled down fiercely, with astonishing force, directly whipping those six or seven people until they howled like ghosts and wolves.

"That's horrible."

Yu Lang couldn't bear to look directly at them. The strength of these six or seven people was average, and they were all around six seals. Even with the large number of people, they were still suppressed by the magic vine tree.

And every time he was struck by the vines, the crackling sound made his scalp tingle, as if he remembered the sticks wielded by his parents.

So in just a short while, the temporary team in front of them fled in a panic covered in blood. Thanks to the limited attack range of the magic vine tree, otherwise it would not be so easy for them to retreat.

The three of them witnessed a tragedy and couldn't help shaking their heads.

"This ghost-faced magic vine tree is a bit tricky." Zhao Kuo said with some worry. Although their strength is stronger than the team just now, they want to pass through the violent vine attack of the ghost-faced magic vine tree and win the blood on its branches. Ghost face fruit, I'm afraid it may not be a simple matter.

"Yu Lang, go and try first." Li Luo thought for a while and said.

When Yu Lang heard the words, he muttered in dissatisfaction, "Why did you ask me to go?"

"You are Fengxiang, the fastest speed, if you don't be the pioneer, who will do it?" Li Luo laughed.

Yu Lang couldn't refute, so he could only step forward cursing, and the green phase force permeated from his body, and immediately his figure rushed out like the wind, creating a wave of air.

"Tsk, he is indeed the fastest man in our Nanfeng Academy." Seeing this, Zhao Kuo quacked with a strange expression.

Li Luo stared at Yu Lang's figure. This guy's speed is indeed very fast, and it can be seen that he has obviously put more energy into the practice of speed, which is actually a very smart choice.


And when Yu Lang quickly approached the ghost-faced magic vine tree, the latter also sensed it, and immediately the vine roared down like a giant python.

Yu Lang quickly dodged away, but as he approached, the magic vine tree seemed to sense the threat, and more and more vines roared towards him, constantly blocking his dodging space, so Gradually, Yu Lang's figure was no longer as chic as before, and he began to feel a little embarrassed.

In the end, he chose to retreat, his figure flashed, and he exited the attack range of the magic vine tree, and landed beside Li Luo and Zhao Kuo.

"No, I can't get close at all, let alone grab the ghost face fruit." Yu Lang said helplessly, wiping the sweat off his face.

"Actually, it's not too difficult."

Li Luo smiled. Yu Lang's speed earlier had already forced out the attack frequency of the ghost-faced magic vine tree, and said: "Next, we will attack together. Zhao Kuo will act as a meat shield in front of him. Against the frontal attack of the magic vine tree, you wait for the opportunity to attack from the side and take away the ghost face fruit."

"It's just that in this way, most of the pain will be eaten by Zhao Kuo."

Zhao Kuo laughed naively when he heard the words, and said, "Don't worry, I have rough skin and thick flesh."

Li Luo nodded, and didn't say too many pretentious words. Since they are working together now, everyone has to show their own role. He doesn't want to let Zhao Kuo enjoy the benefits just because he has a good relationship with Zhao Kuo. In that case, I'm afraid Zhao Kuo is not willing to accept it either.

"Okay." Yu Lang had no objection.

After deciding on a simple battle plan, the three of them stopped hesitating. Li Luo drew the two swords from his waist, and Zhao Kuo also took off the big ax from his back.


Accompanied by Li Luo's low shout, Zhao Kuo roared, his burly body rushed out like a wild bear, and rushed directly towards the magic vine tree in the most violent posture.

A faint silver light radiated from his body, and when the silver bear moved, Zhao Kuo's already strong body swelled up again.

The magic vine tree's response came quickly, and the python-like vines whizzed over like lightning, making a sharp sound of breaking the wind.

Zhao Kuo swung the big ax in his hand like a blade of a storm, severed the vines attacking from the front, and splashed the emerald green juice.

The mud under his feet suddenly burst at this moment, and vines drilled out from the ground, pointing directly at Zhao Kuo's lower body.

But at this moment, a flashing blue light of the knife passed by, cutting the vines apart.

Standing behind Zhao Kuo, Li Luo, whose body was rising with a blue force, cut off some vines attacking Zhao Kuo with blue light from time to time with his two knives.

The two were constantly approaching the magic vine tree.

But as it got closer and closer, the magic vine tree also began to run wild, and countless vines smashed like crazy, and even though Li Luo tried to help resist as much as possible, some vines still hit Zhao Kuo's body There were streaks of blood on his face, but he remained silent, gritted his teeth, and kept approaching step by step.

"Yu Lang, make a move!"

At this time, Li Luo knew that the time was almost up, and immediately shouted loudly.


Yu Lang, who had been preparing on the side for a long time, heard the call, and suddenly shot out, using the speed to the extreme, and when the magic vine tree was attracted by Li Luo and the two of them, he went straight to a tree hanging on the branch. A ghost fruit.

His speed was extremely fast, but in the blink of an eye, he was close to the ghost face fruit, but when he was about to reach out to snatch it, suddenly the soil below exploded, and a strange figure burst out, wanting to take a step ahead, grab it Take this ghost face fruit.


Such an accident made De Yulang's face turn pale, and he cursed loudly. No one expected that there would be someone hiding in the dark, waiting to be the oriole!

However, just as Yu Lang was watching the person who came one step faster than him, Li Luo who was not far away yelled violently, "Yu Lang, close your eyes!"

Immediately, he raised his hand indifferently, and a blue ball of light had already condensed on his fingertips and shot out violently.

The blue light ball exploded not far from Yu Lang and the attacking figure, and in the next moment, a dazzling glare burst out.

(End of this chapter)

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