Absolute Resonance

Chapter 56 Seduction

Chapter 56 Seduction
After Yu Lang made an agreement with Lian Zhong, he took out a bamboo whistle from his bosom, and put it near his mouth. Suddenly, there was a small and sharp sound, which spread in the mist.

When Zhao Kuo heard the voice, his body immediately struggled crazily, and the four students from Dongyuan Academy next to him quickly pressed him tightly.

Zhao Kuo struggled, his face flushed red, his eyes were full of water, and he looked at Yu Lang with gritted teeth, as if he wanted to swallow him alive.

Seeing Zhao Kuo's reaction, Lian Zhong, who was still a little skeptical about Yu Lang, felt relieved just now, and immediately became more contemptuous of Yu Lang in his heart.

This guy really has no bones.

But that's okay, right now he needs this soft bone.

"Go, move forward slowly."

After Lian Zhong gave an order, Yu Lang started to walk forward.

Somewhere in the fog, Li Luo, who was waiting for the fog to dissipate, suddenly opened his slightly closed eyes.

He heard some whistles.

Li Luo frowned slightly, and immediately pressed his fingers on the tree trunk next to him, and moved gently according to the rhythm of the whistle.

After a while, he said to himself: "Five people? They should be the people led by Lian Zhong, right? Why are these two guys so unlucky."

When they were fishing together before, Li Luo, Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang made some preparations, one of which was to use this whistle to convey some simple information.

According to the agreement, if this happens, those who are not caught will have to find a way to rescue them. If the other party is too strong, they will try their best to find some students from Nanfeng Academy for help.


Li Luo pursed his lips lightly, touched the handles of the two knives at his waist with both palms, and there was a little coldness in his eyes.

"I let you run away before, do you really think that you can't be dealt with?"

Li Luo turned around and walked in the direction of the whistle without hesitation. Soon, his figure disappeared into the mist.

In the mist, several figures moved forward slowly.

Lian Zhong held Yu Lang in front, and the four students from Dongyuan Academy behind him held Zhao Kuo.

The whistle sounded continuously.

Lian Zhong frowned and said, "Why haven't you responded yet?"

Yu Lang said helplessly: "The fog is so thick, maybe Li Luo ran away just now?"

Lian Zhong said impatiently: "Hurry up, don't waste our time."

Yu Lang responded quickly, and then blew his whistle vigorously.

What no one noticed was that in the back, the mist fluctuated faintly, and the faint water light was rippling. Then, when everyone was focusing on the front, there was a palm stretched out strangely in the mist. , grabbed the mouth of the last person with one fist, and the wind roared, hitting his head, and he passed out with one punch.

However, the other three people from Dongyuan Academy also reacted suddenly, and immediately shouted: "There is a surprise attack!"

Lian Zhong's complexion in front of him changed, and he turned his head suddenly to look backward, and at this very moment, several blue light balls could be seen bursting out of the mist.

The ball of light exploded, and a dazzling glare exploded.

The eyes of several people present were stinging, and they couldn't help closing their eyes.

At this time, Zhao Kuo, who had closed his eyes for the first time, drove the three of them away, and then fell into the mist.

"Damn it, I got caught!"

At this moment, Lian Zhong didn't understand that he was being bullied, and immediately got angry, and chopped down Yu Lang with the chopping knife in his hand.

But when the latter kicked the sole of his foot, the power of the wind burst out, and the figure swept away like the wind, just avoiding the range of the blade.

"Haha, the donkey still wants to catch the young master?"

With a sneer, Yu Lang rushed into the mist and disappeared quickly.

Lian Zhong's complexion was ashen, and the yellow force exploded on his body, and immediately shot out, the chopping knife in his hand turned into a fierce knife light, and threw it in the direction where Yu Lang disappeared like lightning.

However, in the mist, a pair of sabers emerged with their saber lights, and a blue light suddenly appeared on them, which directly collided with Lian Zhong's saber light, and then the sabers shot back backwards.

Lian Zhong grabbed the handle of the knife, waved the blade, and stared there with gloomy eyes.

In the faint fog there, Li Luo held two knives and stared at him with a smile on his face. Behind him were Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang.

"Okay, you dare to play me." Lian Zhong stared at Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo fiercely. At this time, he still didn't understand what happened. Although Yu Lang's whistle earlier attracted Li Luo , but obviously some information was revealed in it, so that the latter did not rush into their encirclement in a daze, but was fully prepared to plot against them.

Yu Lang sighed softly, and said, "Big brother, I didn't lie to you, but he actually gave you more money!"

As he said that, he blinked at Lian Zhong, the meaning of that hint was very clear. Do you want more money?
Lian Zhong's face was flushed with anger, his breathing was heavy, and his eyes were fierce.

"Hey, this guy is as angry as a cow, let's retreat first? The fog here seems to be clearing up." Seeing this, Yu Lang said quickly.

Li Luo didn't move, but smiled and said, "Why do you want to withdraw? It's such a big fish, I finally caught it, and I can't bear to put it back."

Yu Lang was startled, and hurriedly said, "Are you blindfolded with lard? That guy has the strength of eight seals, and he has three helpers."

"Is it okay for the three of you to leave it to the two of you?" Li Luo asked.

"Are you serious?" Yu Lang's face became more serious.

Li Luo stared at Lian Zhong, nodded slightly, and said, "My patience has been exhausted by him, so I think he should pay a price."

Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo looked at each other, pondered for a few breaths, and finally nodded.

"Alright, I want to deal with these bastards too." Excitement welled up in Zhao Kuo's eyes, he grabbed the big axe, and slashed twice.

On the other side, when Lian Zhong saw this scene, his originally angry face suddenly burst into laughter.

"You didn't run away?" He smiled incredulously.

Li Luo tried his best to save Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang. At this time, it would be the most sensible to run away before the fog completely dissipated. But what Lian Zhong didn't expect was that Li Luo seemed to be It seems that you are still planning to trouble him?

This man is handsome, did he absorb all his brains?

Lian Zhong held the chopping knife in his hand and waved it lightly. The light of the knife cut the air with a swishing sound. Then he stared at Li Luo, and the smile on the corner of his mouth gradually became ferocious.

"Li Luo, don't think that you are the young master of the palace, I dare not touch you, if you fail here, it will only be you and Luo Lan's mansion who will be ashamed."

Li Luo smiled and said: "Don't jump to conclusions, otherwise the car will overturn at that time, wouldn't it be embarrassing and lose points?"

"Oh? You deserve it too?"

Lian Zhong sneered, then waved his hand, and said to the three people from Dongyuan Academy behind him: "Then Yu Lang, Zhao Kuo, I will leave it to you, and I will clean up Li Luo first."

All three of them responded, they were all of the strength of the Seven Seals, three against two, and they were not afraid of each other.

"Let's go first. Be careful yourself. If you find that you can't handle it, send a signal. We have to find a chance to withdraw." Yu Lang reminded in a low voice, and then ran to another direction with Zhao Kuo.

The other three followed immediately.

With them gone, only Li Luo and Lian Zhong were left to confront each other.

Lian Zhong held the chopping knife in his hand, and stared at Li Luo fiercely and contemptuously, but this time, he didn't talk nonsense, the yellow phase power broke out suddenly, and the eight seal phase powers were fully displayed.

The sense of oppression swept away.

"Li Luo, it's too late for you to regret it now!"

"Look at how I trampled your face to pieces!"

While laughing loudly, Lian Zhong's figure shot out violently, the sword light howled, rolled up the yellow light, and slashed heavily at Li Luo.

(End of this chapter)

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