Absolute Resonance

Chapter 80 Beginning Preparations for the Second Acquired Phase

Chapter 80 Start to prepare for the second phase of the day after tomorrow
Bedroom loft.

Sunlight came in from the window and fell on Li Luo's body. At this moment, he was holding a jade slip in his hand, pasting it between his eyebrows, closing his eyes slightly, and flipping through the huge information in it.

What is recorded in this jade slip is the "Small Formless God Forging Technique" left to him by Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan.

After a long time, Li Luo opened his eyes, stretched out his fingers and rubbed the center of his brows, but although he was a little tired mentally, his eyes were full of excitement.

After all, Li Luo had been looking forward to planning the second acquired phase for a long time.

And with the real exposure to the "Small Formless God Forging Technique" this time, Li Luo just realized how troublesome it is to forge an acquired appearance.

The essence of the so-called "Small Formless God Forging Technique" is to extract the required energy or substance from countless materials containing various energies in the world. Plant the material of fire energy, refine and refine it in a specific way, and finally balance the energy in it, and then use your own soul and blood essence as a guide. Only the formed thing can be regarded as a qualified acquired product. Mutually.

And one of the most troublesome points is the need to constantly search for countless materials, and then try to adapt to each other until a certain balance is reached.

In a sense, this is a technical job, but also a coolie job.

So after watching the "Small Formless God Forging Technique", Li Luo knew that he would spend a lot of time on it in his future years.

But the only good news is that behind this jade slip, Li Luo saw some notes left by Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, which were some of their previous attempts. This is obviously a valuable experience, which can make Li Luo Save a lot of precious time.

And most importantly, he saw a hint left by Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan. That hint was a suggestion for his second acquired phase. They suggested that Li Luo, the acquired phase, can choose wood as the main attribute. Mutually.

The reason for the choice is actually because of the blood essence and life lost by Li Luo's previous refining of the first acquired phase. Although the strength of the water and light phase will gradually make up for these shortfalls, just to be on the safe side, the second acquired phase The main attribute, preferably wood aspect.

Because the power of the wood phase not only has the effect of recovery, but also has some special detoxification effects, which will enhance Li Luo's survival. Under the triple healing of the water phase, light phase, and wood phase, Li Luo's previous deficits should be eliminated. affect his foundation.

"Wood phase?"

Li Luo fell into deep thought. Originally, his idea of ​​the second acquired phase was more aggressive, but now that his father and mother recommended Mu Xiang, he had to make some changes in his thinking.

Li Luo thought about it for a while. In fact, with the blessing of his improved physiognomy, the attack power of the water-light phase is not weak, so if the main attribute of the second acquired phase is the wood phase, it is not impossible.

Moreover, wood physiognomy is mostly control-based, and in the future he can develop more on this. When the time comes, he will fight with others, first control him, and then shoot him into a hornet's nest with arrows.

It's just like this, it doesn't seem very handsome, but it will be considered a perverted tormentor
But it doesn't matter, my handsome appearance has reached its peak, and I don't really need blessings in this regard.

So, Li Luo made a decision, formed a handprint with one hand, urged it with strength, and then tapped on the jade slip.

I saw a ray of light emerge from the jade slip, it fell quickly, rose in the wind, and finally formed a six-pointed light wheel about a foot away.

On the light wheel, many holes can be seen. At a rough look, there are 120 holes in total, distributed on both sides of the wheel, 86 holes on one side and 42 holes on one side.

More is the main thing, less is the auxiliary.

In the center of the roulette, there is a pit outlined with mysterious lines.

This is the "Small Formless God Wheel".

It is the auxiliary thing needed to refine the acquired phase. It is quite troublesome to refine this thing. With Li Luo's current strength, it is impossible to do it, but fortunately, his parents are thoughtful and give him I kept one.

After that, if he wants to forge the second acquired phase, he needs to refine and purify various materials in a special way, and then fill the holes in this small phaseless wheel, so that the main and auxiliary elements on the left and right sides To achieve a perfect balance of a certain proportion, and finally inject one's own soul and blood essence to complete their fusion.

Li Luo stared at the six-pointed light wheel for a long time, then raised the jade slip and put it in again.

If the main attribute is wood, what about the secondary attribute?How to choose?

Li Luo sat in front of the coffee table, lost in thought.

The hot sunlight shining from the window gradually shifted, and finally turned into a dark red sunset.

Li Luo finally let out a breath, then casually took the pen from the coffee table, and wrote two words lightly on the white paper in front of him.



This is the attribute of the second postnatal phase that he thought of, with wood as the main body and soil as the supplement.

Wood and soil phase!
Since the strength of wood phase is the control system, then let it go to the extreme in this aspect, and the best support for wood phase is undoubtedly the earth phase.

The power of the wood phase and the power of the earth phase strengthen each other, so the control effect obtained should be stronger.

And speaking of it, water and light are also compatible with wood.

And the power of earth is good at defense, which can also enhance Li Luo's survivability
For these reasons, Li Luo decided the attributes of the second acquired phase.

After making a decision, Li Luo didn't hesitate anymore, got up and left the room, found Cai Wei in the old house, and raised his request.

"Young Palace Master needs all kinds of materials with wood and earth energy?" Although Cai Wei felt a little strange about Li Luo's request, she agreed after thinking about it.

"There is some stock in the warehouse of the old house. I will bring it out for you. If it is not enough, I will arrange someone to go to the market to help you purchase it."

Although these materials are also valuable, but now that the income of Xiyang House is rising steadily, it has been able to share a lot of pressure for Cai Wei, and there is no need to wait for a sky-high gold to be split in half as in the beginning. use.

"Thank you, Miss Cai Wei."

Li Luo smiled and waved, turned and left without disturbing Cai Wei's work.

Cai Wei looked at Li Luo's leaving back beautifully, and also smiled slightly, because she felt that Li Luo seemed to be in a good mood today.

Immediately, she put away the account book carefully, and went to do what Li Luo ordered by herself.

With Cai Wei's astonishing work efficiency, two hours later, the first batch of materials was delivered directly to Li Luo's room.

on the attic.

Li Luo took out a cyan plant from a jade box. On the branches and leaves of the plant were green flowers that looked like wind chimes.

This is the wood bell flower, a strange flower that contains the energy of the wood attribute.

Li Luo silently recited the mantra of the little Wuxiangshen forging technique in his heart, and at the same time made seals with his fingers, urging his own strength.

Chi Chi!

After a while, a thumb-thick flame formed on the palm of his hand. The flame was so special that it was a transparent color, as if it didn't contain any energy attributes.

"Is this Little Wuxianghuo?"

Li Luo's eyes were a little curious. This flame was actually the core of the Xiaowuxiangshen forging technique. Only the materials refined by this fire could be used to forge the acquired appearance.

It's just that Li Luo's own phase power is too weak, so the little Wu phase fire that is activated is only a wisp of it.

"Oh, let's make do with it."

Li Luo shook his head helplessly, then picked a wood bell flower, lit it with a small non-phase fire, and calcined it.

But for the first time, Li Luo failed to master the heat, so he directly burned it to ashes.

It's okay, failure is the mother of success.

The second, third, fourth, and a campanula were all burned to ashes.

"Isn't it? It's so difficult?" Li Luo was a little dumbfounded, but he couldn't help it. He could only take it as an experience, and continued to take another batch of materials to start refining.

After burning several materials one after another, Li Luo finally got a feeling. Finally, he successfully refined a strange herb that contained the energy of earth attribute.

It was a mass of brown liquid. Li Luo placed it in the first hole on one side of the "six-pointed light wheel". Immediately, that hole was lit up, and a tiny ray of light spread, and the link was established. next to a hole.

Seeing this, Li Luo was overjoyed, and refined another material, and finally placed the refined product in the hole linked by light.

But this time, just as the second energy liquid was put in, the six-pointed light wheel vibrated slightly, as if it wanted to push it out.

This is a rejection reaction.

Li Luo quickly took it out, which shows that this material is not suitable for forging the acquired phase.

Next, Li Luo tried several materials one after another, and finally found one that was not repelled, and filled the holes connected by light.

As the second hole was filled, another ray of light spread out, connecting to the third hole.
Obviously, when Li Luo filled all the holes in the "six-pointed light wheel" and made the main and auxiliary sides reach a balance, the forging of the second postnatal phase was considered complete.

But after one night, until Li Luo exhausted his strength, he only filled four holes in the "six-pointed light wheel".

This is obviously a rather time consuming affair.

However, Li Luo was not in a hurry, after all, he still had some time before he was in the phase of the Physician. Before that, he had plenty of time to slowly try various materials to fill the "six-pointed light wheel" perfectly.

And when that time comes, it will be the day when his second acquired form, the wood-earth form, is born.

In this regard, Li Luo expressed great expectations.

(End of this chapter)

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