Absolute Resonance

Chapter 87 The next upgrade of Xiyang House

Chapter 87 The next upgrade of Xiyang House
The boiling in the venue continued. After all, the Song family’s move this time was really not small. No one expected that they would reach a cooperation with the ink house, and the ink house is quite famous in the whole summer. The light house, in terms of strength and scale, there is no Lingshui strange light house in Tianshu County that can compare with it.

Now that the Ink House broke into Tianshu County, it was undoubtedly a tiger infiltrating the flock.

It is conceivable that most of the Lingshui Qiguang market in Tianshu County will fall into the hands of the Song family in the future, and the Xiyang House, which rose suddenly before, may suffer heavy losses.

Amid all the boiling noises, Song Qiuyu gradually recovered from her ugly expression before, she stared at Yan Lingqing coldly, and said, "Although you won the competition, it's a pity that my Song family won the Xiyangwu. "

But at this moment, there was a light laugh, Song Qiuyu looked at Li Luo who was laughing, and said lightly, "Is it funny?"

Li Luo nodded, but he didn't talk nonsense to her, but turned his eyes to the boiling field, and said: "Everyone, I also have a big announcement at Xiyangwu. Bi Lingshui and Erpinhong Pulp Lingshui will be upgraded again, according to my estimation, the refining power of the two new versions of Lingshui will reach [-]% quality."

As soon as this remark came out, countless people were stunned, and even some phase masters looked at Li Luo in astonishment.

A first-grade spirit water with a tempering power of [-]%, and a second-grade spirit water?

If it can be produced on a large scale, this quality, not to mention in Tianshu County, even if you look at the entire Great Xia, it will definitely be ranked in the top ten.

And those products in the top ten are all stable products that have been honed countless times by the major forces.

But now, this Xiyang House can reach this level?

"This kid is pure farting!" Mo Ling cursed angrily in the stands of the Song family. This Li Luo is too good at boasting. He even dared to say that the green and red spiritual water in Xiyang House can reach [-]% Si's tempering power, this quality, even their ink house is difficult to achieve.

Song Shan's face was also a little gloomy, but even though he also felt that Li Luo's words were not credible, for some reason, some uneasiness still flashed in his heart. After all, this Li Luo is indeed a bit wicked sometimes.

On the side of the Golden Dragon Chamber of Commerce, President Lu was also a little surprised, and said to Lu Qing'er, "The spiritual water in Xiyangwu has been upgraded again? Is it so fast?"

Lu Qinger blinked her eyes innocently, expressing that she didn't know why Xiyangwu's product upgrade speed was so unique.

In that meeting place, Song Qiuyu was also taken aback when he heard this, and then sneered: "What are you talking about? Even your Xiyangwu headquarters can't reach the quality of spiritual water, and your branch , dare to say such big words?!"

This kid, what do you think Lingshui Qiguang is?You said it was an upgrade?You must know that among the other major forces, the strange light of spiritual water has to go through countless trials, adjust the formula, improve the experience, and finally be able to improve the quality a little bit.

But the strange light of the spiritual water in Xiyang House barely reached more than [-]% of its tempering power two months ago. In terms of quality, it is not to be compared with Songzi House, even the rest of Tianshu County. Some Lingshui Qiguang houses are better than them in quality.

And although I don't know how the quality of Xiyang House has been greatly improved before, but this kind of thing, can it happen again in a short period of time?
Yan Lingqing on the side didn't speak, but there was some doubt in her eyes, because even she didn't know about the so-called major upgrade in quality.

However, after experiencing the previous incidents, she had a lot more confidence in Li Luo. Since he dared to speak nonsense here, he must be prepared.

Li Luo waved his hand to the back, and immediately an attendant from Luo Lan's mansion came quickly with a black box in his hand. The box was opened, and it was filled with dozens of strange lights of spiritual water. It was Qingbi produced by Xiyangwu. Spiritual water and red pulp spiritual water.

Li Luo took a quenching needle casually, and then tested both the green and red spiritual water in it in front of countless eyes, and then everyone was shocked to see that the quality of these spiritual waters The tempering power has actually reached [-]%.

So the audience was in an uproar.

Li Luo smiled gently, and said: "Everyone, from now on, the Qingbi Lingshui and Red Pulp Lingshui produced by Xiyang House in Tianshu County will reach [-]% of the quality. If there is anything lower than this quality, Xiyang Unconditional refund."

As soon as these words came out, everyone understood that the Young Palace Master was serious.

Song Qiuyu's complexion instantly became extremely ugly. She wanted to accuse Li Luo that these spiritual waters must be refined by some high-level tempering masters, but he even said this kind of unconditional refund, which shows that he has Absolute confidence to ship for a long time and maintain this quality.

So for a moment, Song Qiuyu couldn't help but tremble a little, which was caused by anger and unwillingness.

For today, she tried her best to promote the cooperation between the Song family and the Ink House. What she did was to completely destroy Yan Lingqing and Xiyang House today, but all of these have been completely destroyed now.

She lost to Yan Lingqing in the first place in the competition, and even the new products she launched now have been beaten by Xiyang House's upgrade.

Everything today has become a joke.

"Impossible, impossible!" At this time, in the stands of the Song family, Mo Ling stood up abruptly and shouted sharply.

He also didn't believe that Xiyang House could maintain this quality of spiritual water for a long time.

"Li Luo must be lying!"

However, Song Shan on the side stood up blankly, and he ignored the roaring Mo Ling, and turned and left directly.

Because in this situation, the result is irreversible. The Song family's carefully planned attack was not only easily resolved by the other party, but also gave an extremely fierce counterattack.

The spiritual water with a tempering power of [-]% will become a mountain, pressing down on the top of the Song family forever, making it almost impossible for them to turn over.

Today's Song family was once again defeated by Luo Lan's mansion.

And he remembered that it didn't seem to be like this before. At that time, their Song family kept encroaching on Luolan Mansion's property in Tianshu County.
Li Luo's face flashed in Song Shan's mind.

It seems that everyone only knows that Jiang Qing'e from the Luolan Mansion is to be feared, but will they all underestimate this young man who does not look like a mountain, but can suddenly come out like a poisonous snake, directly killing people? host?
"Let's go, the show is over."

President Lu also got up, smiled at Lu Qing'er, and said, "Although I don't have any evidence, but based on my intuition from so many years of business, I feel that this young palace master is a bit unusual."

"He doesn't have the sharpness of his parents and Jiang Qing'e, but he knows the so-called keeping a low profile, which shouldn't even be a trait he should have at his age. In the future, I don't think he may not be as good as Jiang Qing'e. "

After speaking, he turned around and left.

Lu Qing'er tilted her head and looked at Li Luo in the venue, she also smiled slightly, and said softly: "Actually, I think so too."

She remembered that they would go to Shengxuanxing Academy to start a new chapter in their lives, so inexplicably, some anticipation surged in her heart.

(End of this chapter)

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