Absolute Resonance

Chapter 88 Ready to leave

Chapter 88 Ready to leave
The big sacrifice is over, and they are on the chariot returning home.

Li Luo, Cai Wei, and Yan Lingqing were riding together, and at this time, the two girls were all staring at Li Luo who was opposite with their beautiful eyes wide open.

"Although I know how dazzling my appearance is, you will inevitably have other thoughts after we get along so day and night, but in order not to make you and Sister Qing'e's girlfriends turn against each other, so I still hope that you can restrain yourself a little bit, If you really can't restrain yourself, I suggest you discuss it with Sister Qing'e first." Li Luo was watched by the two women for a long time, so he could only warn seriously.

"whispering sound."

Both Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing snorted lightly, feeling that this guy's skin is really getting thicker day by day.

"Young Palace Master, you really have hidden a lot of secrets, but you have to talk about it now, how can we maintain the quality of Xiyang House at [-]% in the future?" Cai Wei said with a smile.

Li Luo said with a smile: "It's not that simple. I upgraded the source water of the secret method, and the purity has become higher, so the quality of the refined source water has naturally improved."

Both Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing were speechless. In fact, the latter guessed it. After all, those are the only factors that improve the quality of spiritual water, and it seems that the only thing Li Luo can affect is the source water of the secret method.

However, the purity of the source water of the secret method that Li Luo took out before was so high that even Yan Lingqing was amazed, but now, Li Luo has improved the purity of the source water of the secret method?

"The Song family has worked so hard to find foreign aid. I don't know how many negotiations and games they have gone through. But in the end, it can't be worth your understatement to upgrade the source of water. Now, I feel a little sympathetic to Song Qiuyu. " Cai Wei shook her head helplessly, but there was a cheerful smile in those narrow and charming eyes.

Li Luo smiled. At any rate, Xiyangwu has not launched the third-grade spiritual water with upgraded quality. That is because he is only at the level of Jiuyin after all, and his strength is not strong enough. The amount of source water squeezed out in a certain period of time is limited, otherwise he Even the third-grade spirit water has been upgraded a long time ago, and the Song family will really be overwhelmed by then.

"By the way, you should be going to Shengxuanxing Academy soon, right? What about the source water of the secret method?" Yan Lingqing asked suddenly.

The quality of the spiritual water in Xiyangwu in Tianshu County can reach the current level. It can be said bluntly that it is entirely because of the existence of Li Luo, a cheater. But when Li Luo leaves, how can this quality be guaranteed? ?

Li Luoke had said before that he would guarantee that the quality of Xiyang House in Tianshu County would reach [-]%, otherwise he would refund unconditionally.

Li Luo had thought about this for a long time, and said: "After I go to Wangcheng, every month, I will send a batch of secret source water to Tianshu County to ensure the quality of Xiyangwu's products."

With the improvement of Li Luo's strength, the amount of secret source water he can condense is also increasing. If we gather more, it can meet the needs of Tianshu County.

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing also nodded when they heard the words, agreeing with this method.

"But Young Palace Master, if you go to Wangcheng, Lingqing and I should be with you."

Cai Wei smiled sweetly and said: "After all, I came to Tianshu County mainly to take care of the Young Palace Master and stabilize the property of Tianshu County. After these two months, these tasks have been completed, so I have to go back Great Xia City."

Yan Lingqing also nodded slightly, and said: "Xiyangwu has stabilized. The headquarters sent another fourth-grade tempering phase master to serve as the vice president. This is Qing'e. It is trustworthy. I also You can rest assured that the matter here will be handed over to him."

Immediately she smiled lightly, and said: "Besides, I'm still practicing at Shengxuanxing Academy. When you enter Shengxuanxing Academy, you still have to call me Senior Sister."

Li Luo said with a smile: "If you have the ability to stay in Tianshu County, you are already a talent."

Cai Wei was originally the chief steward of the entire Luolan Mansion, because Pei Hao was involved in something before, and Jiang Qing'e wanted him to be more stable in Tianshu County, so she sent Cai Wei over to take care of him and stabilize the situation in Tianshu County. Yan Lingqing is also a top student at the Tempering Physiognomy Academy of Shengxuanxing Academy. She will agree to Jiang Qing'e's coming to Tianshu County, and she is still seeking her own training to improve her tempering skills.

And after he left Tianshu County, the two of them would naturally not stay here for long.

Cai Wei asked, "When do you plan to leave for Great Xia City?"

"It should take more than half a month."

Li Luo estimated that there is still more than a month left for the holiday, and he needs to fill up the "Little Wuxiang Shenlun" as much as possible in Tianshu County, and it is best to forge the second acquired phase.

"That's about the same. We have made arrangements, and it should be that time, so we will be together at that time." Cai Wei said with a smile.

"It's been a long time since I saw my baby Qing'e, I really miss it." Yan Lingqing also showed anticipation.

Li Luo nodded sympathetically, and echoed: "I also miss baby Qing'e very much, and I really want to give her a hug full of love."

However, when Yan Lingqing heard the words, she said to him seriously: "If you are in Shengxuanxing Academy, I advise you to be more cautious, if you really do such a thing, I feel that you will be beaten to death with a sap. "

Li Luo was startled, and immediately said indignantly: "Is it illegal for me to hug my fiancée? Why are the people in Shengxuanxing Academy so barbaric?"

Yan Lingqing gave him a blank look, and didn't want to pay attention to this guy who was pretending to be stupid.

The days after the grand ceremony began to become dull, and the hustle and bustle in Nanfeng City also receded, returning to the calm of the past.

The performance of Xiyang House is rising steadily, and almost without any suspense, it occupies the vast majority of Tianshu County's Lingshui Qiguang market, which directly makes Tianshu County's income this year reach the highest in history.

And when the name of Xiyang House became more and more famous in Tianshu County, the holidays also passed quickly day by day.

When the last half month of the holiday was left, Li Luo's Xiangli finally ushered in the long-lost promotion, and he stepped into the Ten Seal Realm as he wished.

At this level, it is necessary to start preparing for the impact of the phase master realm and breed phase seeds, but it still takes some time to prepare, and the light aperture on the "Little Phaseless God Wheel" is also under the efforts of Li Luo. Gradually tending towards perfection, only the last two are left.

But it was these two light apertures that made Li Luo try all kinds of materials, but he was always rejected by the little Wuxiang chakra. In the end, after his guess, it should be the wind contained in these materials. The reason for the lack of thunder energy.

In other words, the last two light apertures probably need some rather rare wind and thunder materials to fill them up.

For this reason, he went to Jinlong Baohang in Tianshu County, but the wind and thunder materials he found there could not meet his needs. In the end, President Lu told him that if he wanted better wind and thunder materials, he might have to Go to the headquarters of Jinlong Baohang in Daxia City.

There, he should be able to find satisfactory materials.

After hearing the news, Li Luo understood that it was time for him to leave Tianshu County and go to Daxia City.

(End of this chapter)

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