Age of Empires From Scratch

Chapter 318: new flying vehicle

  Chapter 318 new flying vehicle

  David let the intelligence agencies continue to interrogate Raines, and at the same time continue to screen everyone who has come into contact with Raines.

In addition, according to the newly obtained information, I searched for some "enchanted" accessories that are not many in Winter City. These things flowed into Winter City with caravans and some individual traders. Did not attract attention.

  But the lesson of King Tilan's capital lies there, and it is impossible for David not to pay attention to these things. He doesn't want to come suddenly one day, and Winter City will disappear in a blue and white light.

  In addition to Rains, who was clearly from the Temple, David also had to conduct a thorough investigation of the alchemy workshop in Winter City.

  He didn't suspect that Pierre Newton was also an undercover agent sent by the Temple, but he suspected that alchemy itself was designed with some kind of back door? Was it used by people in the temple?

   It involves mysterious power. He is going to call back Medivh, who is wandering outside, and join Jaina and Steve Rogers, the current supreme mage, to conduct a thorough sorting and inspection.

  If you simply check a mysticism system and knowledge in this way, it is difficult to determine some things.

  However, David was able to obtain the enchanted equipment of the Tiran Knights, some of the enchanted accessories collected, and knowing what kind of scenes might be triggered, combined with each other, he should be able to make a relatively accurate judgment.

   After arranging these things, David remembered to make an announcement, and told everyone that he had become the Grand Duke of Winter and Winter City had become the Duke of Winter.

   "You are already the Grand Duke? Congratulations!"

Tony Stark has been living a very comfortable life recently. If he wants to tinker with new energy, waste water and garbage treatment technology, he is staying at Marvel. He wants to study mystical knowledge, various exotic materials in the continent of Brennia, or beat to make new ones. Weapons come to Winterfell.

   As for appointments, he has never delayed, and from time to time he will bring Pepper to Stark Manor in Winter City to rest and relax.

   "I guess it won't be long before I can become His Majesty the King."

  David shrugged his shoulders, he thought it wouldn't take long.

   "By the way, I heard that you are planning to build an industrial zone?"


  According to the original scale, the industrial area of ​​Winter City will be built on the west bank of the Winter River, and the two banks will be connected by a bridge.

  At the beginning, David even considered building a Golden Gate Bridge, but that was just a random thought, and he was not going to give his own bridge such an inauspicious name.

   I really want to give my bridge such a name, what should I do if Magneto came here just after it was built? Directly expel Magneto? It seems that it is not impossible.

  Tony Stark didn't know that Dave's mind was full of bridges, and he was still asking David what plans he had for the industrial zone?

   "In addition to building a steel plant and establishing a basic clothing and bedding factory, I'm a little uncertain about how to lay out the follow-up."

  Under normal circumstances, all kinds of heavy industries must be developed, especially those related to the military industry. Only in this way can they truly participate in the hegemony.

  But David’s situation here is abnormal. The addition of Tony Stark and the Cybertronians has made the technology tree of Cold Winter City a bit confusing, and he doesn’t know how to plan the basic military industry system.

   "I knew you would have a headache about this problem, so I thought about several solutions in my spare time."


  David knew that Tony would not mention this matter for no reason. It seems that he had thought about this problem a long time ago, and even thought of a solution.

As for why he is so passionate about these things, because while helping David solve these problems, he is also satisfying his own spiritual needs: trying out various ideas that he kept coming up in Winter City, and transforming some of them into kind.

  Compared to the various stalking and restrictions in the Marvel universe, he is much freer here in Winter City, which is why Tony especially likes staying here now.

   "My personal suggestion is to establish an industrial chain with Blizzard Power Armor Manufacturing Factory as the core."

  Tony suggested that David take Blizzard power armor as the core, and then extend it outward, and build various factories according to its needs.

  For example, armor alloys, various parts for internal needs, missile launchers, display devices, etc. After the establishment of various corresponding factories, what do these factories need? Then go down level by level.

   When the entire industrial chain is established, the basic military industry system of Winter City can be considered to have established a prototype. At this time, it can start to expand new businesses and produce other weapons and equipment other than power armor.

  Hearing this, David suddenly guessed what Tony wanted to do after talking so much.

   "Do you have any new plans, but it's not convenient to make them in your hometown?"

   "I am also thinking about you, you will set foot in this field sooner or later."

   "What project do you want to do?" David didn't care about what Tony said, but was curious about what Tony wanted to do?

"Don't you think the Quinjet is already a bit small?" Tony didn't answer directly, but brought up the Quinjet: "Maybe we can build a bigger one that can carry more soldiers wearing Blizzard power armor." Aircraft..."

  Before Tony finished speaking, David understood what Tony was thinking: "It's better to be able to fly higher, and have a spaceship that can land freely and leave the planet, right?"

   "You really understand me." Tony pointed at David, not minding his words being interrupted: "How is it? Isn't it very funny?"

  David certainly thinks there is something wrong. In fact, he also thinks that the Quin-jet fighter is a bit unable to meet the needs, and it is not particularly suitable for carrying knights wearing snowstorm power armor.

  The Kun-type fighter can only be regarded as a small and medium-sized transport aircraft, and the efficiency of being used for battlefield deployment is still too low. At least one large-scale transport aircraft must be obtained to meet future needs.

Moreover, a sufficiently large transport vehicle can also allow the Autobots to better join the battle. At present, there is no flying vehicle suitable for the Autobots in Winter City, which limits the range of activities of the Autobots. This is huge. waste.

   "So, what do you think of this?"

  Tony directly used the holographic projection device he carried with him to release a holographic image on his palm.

  David looked at the holographic image in Tony's hand, and looked at the guy in front of him speechlessly: "This thing is an aircraft carrier, right?"

"That's why we can carry enough soldiers wearing blizzard power armor, as well as Cybertronian fighters." Tony made a zoom-in gesture with his hand, allowing David to see more details: "In addition, the ships on this battleship are not What you thought was a weather deck."

   Although the top looks smooth, it is not a runway for planes to take off.

While listening to Tony's introduction, David looked at the various details that kept showing up in front of him. At first, he thought that this was the new type of space carrier that Tony used the space carrier of S.H.I.E.L.D., but now it seems that this thing is more Get close to a real spaceship.

   And the more he looked at it, the more he felt that the shape of this spaceship was very similar to the Retribution.

   "Did you use a lot of Cybertronian technology in the design of your battleship?"

"Of course, otherwise, how could it be possible to build such a large spaceship?" When he said this, Tony was very proud. He felt that ordinary people would not be able to digest Cybertron's advanced technology so quickly like him: "In addition, this warship can fly freely in the atmosphere. After it is actually built, it can be used as the flagship and mobile headquarters of the Winter Legion."

   It sounds really attractive. David originally only had some expectations, but now he hopes that the ship can be built as soon as possible.

   At that time, the Winter Army will fly directly to the Holy Gunter Kingdom on a battleship. He really wants to see what other methods those gods will use?

   "It is indeed a good design, but if such a large battleship is built from scratch, how long will it take to build?"

   "The Cybertronians are responsible for building it, so it shouldn't take too long."

Cybertronians are the perfect workforce, both Autobots and Decepticons are surprisingly efficient, and a small group of Cybertronians can build in a fraction of the time when they put their minds to work Build a large high-tech device—such as a space teleportation device.

  However, it will take a while for this battleship to actually start construction. Tony has been in Winter City for too long recently, and he has to go back to the Marvel Universe for a while to deal with some things.

   "By the way, things on your side are almost handled, right? Do you want to go to my side for a vacation or something?"

   "Good suggestion." David thinks this proposal is good. The Marvel universe is a very lively world, and it doesn't have to be limited to the earth, and you can even go to an alien planet.

  The more he thought about it, the more tempted he became. Before saying goodbye to Tony and leaving Stark Manor, he had already decided to play in the Marvel universe for a while.

  However, before setting off, you must first handle the matter at hand properly, at least eliminate possible hidden dangers first, and confirm the safety of Princess Lana and Earl Sutton Stewart before going out.

   I have to ask who wants to go with me? This time I should bring Eva.

  Because he was thinking about something in his head, David didn't release his sports car or plane and go straight back to Fort Glamorgan, but walked back along the road.

   As a result, not long after he walked out of the forest, he saw a handsome muscular man who kept turning his neck to look around, and at the same time walked towards him with a puzzled face.

  He is too familiar with this state of the other party. The newcomers who have just arrived in Winter City are basically in this state.

   Coupled with the face that was once nicknamed the God of War in the toilet, David has already confirmed that the other party is a new visitor from another world, but he doesn't know who it is?

  Standing in place, waiting for the other party to come to the front, David greeted the other party in English: "Is there anything I can do for you?"

  (end of this chapter)

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