Age of Mysticism

Chapter 545: death of an archangel

  Chapter 545 The Death of the Archangel

   The conversation with the Queen of the Clear Sky opened up an idea for King Sanye.

  The Moonlight Royal Court can have a relatively loose diplomatic space because they have a world tree and a queen with outstanding military strength. These are not available in the Emerald Royal Court, so they are always passive in the diplomatic game and worry about gains and losses in the face of big powers.

  If the Emerald King's Court can bring in the forces of the Dragon Kingdom, it will be equivalent to having the "World Tree" and the "Queen of Moonlight". Although it is a fox pretending to be a tiger, but the forest elves borrowed the power of the Dragon Kingdom, and faced the Golden Shield Empire and the Shuojin people, they could straighten their waists.

  Emerald Forest joins the "League of Nations" and the "Free Trade Organization" at the same time, giving face to both sides. Anyone who wants to make trouble for no reason must first consider the attitude of the Dragon Kingdom.

  As for introducing the Dragon Kingdom into the emerald forest garrison, will it attract opposition from the forest elves?

   There must be!

  But there is a ready-made target that can be used to divert internal conflicts, the angels in Sky City.

  Because of the appearance of hunting angels, it did cause a lot of sacrifices to the forest elves. The highly respected Dean Vidal was overdrawn by magic power due to the sneak attack of the angel Nirteye, and finally died of exhaustion on the eve of the decisive battle.

   Establishing an ancient civilization as an imaginary enemy, and approaching another ancient civilization has become a matter of course. Besides, the Dragon Kingdom and the Emerald Forest already had a relationship, so as long as the speed of it is properly grasped, the internal opposition of the forest elves will not cause major trouble.

   In this way, the dilemma of the Emerald Forest will be revived.

  The benefits brought to the Golden Shield Empire by joining the "Free Trade Organization" are definitely far greater than the benefits brought to the World Bank by joining the "League of Nations". It can not only soar on the train of human civilization, but also leave a way to retreat into the embrace of ancient civilization.

  This is a small country, a big country with wisdom!

  The effect is also immediate.

   After the Emerald Lake Palace sent out important information, the Gluttonous King of the Dragon Kingdom took the lead in expressing his attitude:

  The last time the headhunters appeared, the dragon and the forest elves worked together to destroy them. This time the headhunters appeared, and as a representative of the Dragon Kingdom, I had the honor to participate in the siege of the Queen Hunt. The Dragon Kingdom and the Emerald Forest used to be two pearls on the sea that complement each other. Although we have been separated for thousands of years, the bond that connects us still exists.

  Facing the remnants of hunters, Dragon Kingdom is willing to do our part. I also hope that through this incident, the friendship between the dragon and the forest elves can be recast.

  I believe that through exchanges, we will be able to find a bilateral relationship that meets the interests of both parties.

  After receiving the response from King Taotie, King Sanye immediately formally invited King Taotie of the Dragon Kingdom to visit the Emerald Forest.

   King Taotie said that the Dragon Kingdom will soon form a visiting group to the Emerald Forest and open a new chapter in the relationship between the two races with the forest elves.

  The Sanye King and the Taotie King expressed their attitudes in the Emerald King Court, and had an open air dialogue. The relationship between the Emerald King's Court and the Dragon Kingdom was made extremely ambiguous, as if newlyweds were flirting with each other like glue.

  The speed of heating up made Elder Shuo Jinlin anxious.

  The core mission of his coming to the Emerald King's Court was to prevent the Emerald Forest from getting closer to the Golden Shield Empire. As a result, King Sanye now publicly expressed his willingness to join the "Free Trade Organization". If King Sanye signed the agreement with Meteor, it would mean that the rope tied around the neck of the Golden Shield Empire would be cut open.

  As for King Sanye's willingness to join the "League of Nations", it is tantamount to giving the Shuojin people a fig leaf.

  Economic sanctions?

  Military threat?

   Holding hands with the Golden Shield Empire and the Emerald Forest of the Dragon Kingdom at the same time, it seems that they are not afraid.

  Elder Lin can only go to the Archangel Elzelie. If the Shuojin people and Sky City put pressure on the Dragon Kingdom at the same time, maybe the Dragon Kingdom can carefully handle the relationship with the Emerald Forest.

  Elzerie and the angels he brought lived in the Shining Gold Hotel, and outside the hotel were full of elf protesters holding banners condemning Sky City.

  The sounds of protest continued to come in from outside the window, making Archangel Elzerie extremely annoyed and annoyed.

After seeing Elder Lin who came to visit, Archangel Elzerie said: "The appearance of hunting angels is a serious blow to the prestige of Sky City, I need to return to Sky City as soon as possible to report what happened here to the Archangel Conference .

   There is also the matter that the Dragon Kingdom will enter the Emerald Forest, which also requires the Archangel Council to discuss the correct countermeasures. "

Elder Lin said: "I have a hunch that someone is manipulating the situation here in the Emerald Forest. This person is most likely the chief assistant of the Golden Shield Empire, Meteor. He took advantage of the Dragon Kingdom's greed for the Emerald Forest and pushed the Emerald Forest to the dragon. country, while exchanging benefits from both parties.

  However, the Dragon Kingdom has not yet elected a co-lord, and the attitude of the Taotie King may not be the attitude of the entire Dragon Kingdom.

  I hope you can visit Dragon Kingdom with me before returning to Sky City. Let's talk to those dragon kings and let them stop the gluttonous king. "

   Archangel Elzerie considered.

Through the window, you can see that the Kirov airship of the Golden Shield Empire has entered the city from the port. The airship is surrounded by elves riding pegasus and griffins. They enthusiastically throw corollas they weave into the cabin to express Thanks to the Golden Shield Empire.

   The contrast is the continuous protests outside the hotel.

   After a while, the Archangel Elzerie said: "Do you think the Dragon Council will give up entering the Emerald Forest?"

Elder Lin also noticed the Kirov airship outside the window, he turned his eyes back and said to the Archangel Elzerie: "You can try it! We know very little about the Dragon Kingdom, but the Gluttonous King is obviously a very A scheming and ambitious ancient dragon, if he helps the Dragon Kingdom regain the Emerald Forest, it will definitely bring him very high prestige and influence.

  I think there must be ancient dragons in the Dragon Kingdom who don't want him to be the co-lord. "

  Archangel Elzerie thought of what King Glutton had said.

   "If the Emerald Forest can be brought back, the dragon kings of the Dragon Kingdom will definitely choose me as the co-lord of the dragons."

  A unified Dragon Kingdom is not what Sky City wants to see.

   "Okay, I will go to Dragon Kingdom with you..."

  When the Archangel Erzerie promised Elder Lin to go to the Dragon Kingdom together, an angel broke into the room: "Archangel Erzerie, we have found the holy sapphire Siphus."

  Hearing Sifus's name, Erzelie couldn't help but feel angry.

"In the eyes of these holy angels, there is no Archangel Council at all, and they only obey the sword of oath!" Erzelie realized that the Shuojin people were still here, so he said to Elder Lin: "I have some important things to deal with now. The elders can go back and prepare to go to the Dragon Kingdom."

  Elder Lin knew that it was not suitable for him to listen to the internal affairs of the angels here, so he bid farewell to Archangel Elzerie and left.

  The golden man left, and the holy angel Siphus was escorted by two angels to Erzelie.

  One of the Angel Reports reported: "Archangel Elzerie, we found him in the forest on the south side of the Emerald King's Court, and beside him were the corpses of two hunting angels.

  We have examined Sifus, he suffered multiple minor physical injuries, but he is mentally intact. Not polluted, not controlled. "

  The Archangel Elzerie sat there, looking at the Holy Judgment Angel Siphus seriously. He had many scars on his body, and it was obvious that he had just experienced a big battle.

   "Sifus, where have you been all this time?"

  Sacred Archangel Siphus replied stubbornly: "Archangel Erzelie, please call me Azure Sapphire."

   "Azure sapphire!" Elzelie knew the temper of the holy angel, and asked again: "Answer my question!"

   "I'm at the Emerald Magic Academy. They caught me and locked me up. I escaped this morning when the guards weren't paying attention."

  Erzelie asked again: "Since you escaped, why didn't you come to me?"

  Sifus replied: "The existence of hunting angels is the fault of me and the red rhinoceros Horn Nierteye. Now that the red rhinoceros horns are dead, I have an obligation to kill all the remaining hunting angels."

"Hmph!" Elzelle said angrily, "You know that you have committed a felony! The sword of the oath sent holy angels to the chaotic source of divine power without the approval of the Archangel Council, which eventually caused the angels to be polluted. Also created the Angel Hunter, a monster that blasphemed angels.

  Listen to what the elves are shouting outside! Your Holy Tribunal has completely lost Sky City's majesty in the secular world! "

Sifus did not evade because of the power exerted by Elzelie. He looked directly at the aloof archangel and said vigorously: "The sword of the oath did this because the efficiency of the Archangel meeting is too low. It is a very simple matter. can be discussed by you for a long time.

  The appearance of hunting angels this time was caused by my mistake with the red rhino horn, and has nothing to do with the sword of the oath or the Holy Tribunal. "

   "It doesn't matter, it's not up to you! I will take you back to Sky City, and the Archangel Council will decide who should be responsible for this incident of hunting angels."

   Archangel Elzelie waved his hand, and the two angels were about to step forward to take Siphos down.

  At this time Sifus said: "I can go back to Sky City with you, but I just found another trace of hunting angels, let me kill it."

  Elzelie said impatiently: "You can't go anywhere now! Tell me where the hunting angel is, and I will send the angel to solve it."

   "Okay..." Sifus let the angels around him get out of the way, and took a step forward to release the magic in front of the Archangel Elzerie.

   A magical map of the forest surrounding the Emerald King's Court unfolds.

  Outside the city is a large area of ​​open fire, and then outside is the endless forest. Sifus continuously adjusted the angle of the map, seeming to confirm the position.

   "It's here!"

  Sifus pointed to a point on the map, and the Archangel Elzerie looked closer.

  The distance drew closer, and Sifus suddenly shouted: "The flare in the mountain and river album!"

  In the forest on the magic map, more than a dozen faint lights shone continuously, and then a beam of strong light shot out from the map.

  The Archangel Elzerie dodged backwards, but Sifus ran into the strong light. In an instant, Sifus' body was smashed into embers in the strong light, leaving behind angelic light traces made of pure light elements.

  Under the action of the secret technique, the light element exploded with energy like a solar flare, and a halo spread horizontally, cutting through layers of walls and cutting off the Shuojin Hotel in the middle.

  At this time, Elder Shuo Jinlin had just walked out of the hotel gate, and was about to take a car back to the Emerald King Court Branch of the World Bank. Before the attendant opened the car door for him, he heard a bang above his head, and large pieces of gravel and bricks fell down, and the whole car was smashed into a pile of scrap iron in an instant.

  The Shuojin people immediately put on their battle armor and set up a shield to protect Elder Lin in the middle, and then rushed out braving the pouring debris.

  The elves protesting outside the hotel were also stunned by the sudden explosion. They ran away from the Shuojin Hotel screaming in terror, and were unlucky enough to be crushed to death by falling objects.

  The scene is out of control, and there are scattered elves everywhere.

  Elder Lin flew up under the protection of his entourage, turned around after reaching the safe airspace, and saw the 46-story Shuojin Hotel collapsed in billowing smoke.

How can this be!

  Elder Lin knew the quality of Shuojin Hotel very well. Not only was it poured with reinforced concrete, but it was also sealed with permanent solidified alchemy columns on the main support structure. It can be said that an earthquake turned the ground of the Emerald King's Court upside down, and the Shuojin Hotel also fell straight down.

   And now the Shuojin Hotel collapsed like a building block.

  Who used such a powerful spell in the Shuojin Hotel? The target of such a powerful spell is...

  Thinking of this, Elder Lin panicked and almost fell from the sky.

   "Quick, quick, quick...don't worry about me! Hurry up and save Archangel Elzerie!"

  Elder Lin shook off the attendants who were supporting him, and shouted in the direction of Shuojin Hotel. The Shuojin people left behind a pair of twins, and the rest all flew in the direction of the smoke and dust.

   After a while, two Shuojin men flew over carrying a seriously injured angel.

  Elder Lin immediately stepped forward and asked, "What happened? Who launched the attack?"

  The angel replied dying: "Yes, it was the holy angel Siphos...he, he killed the archangel Elzelie..."

  Elder Lin stepped forward and grabbed the angel's shoulder, shouting: "What nonsense are you talking about! Where is the Archangel Elzerie?"

   "He's dead!" the angel endured the pain and replied: "The Archangel Elzerie suffered a full blow from Siphus at close range, and I saw him turn into ashes in that light with my own eyes.

  Please **** me back to Sky City, I must report what happened here to the Archangel as soon as possible. "

  Elder Lin let go of the angel and stayed in the air.

   In the direction of the Shuojin Hotel, the sky was full of dust. The royal court patrols who were still in a state of war had already arrived at the scene. They used magic to suppress the spread of dust and smoke, and evacuated the fleeing elves to a safe area. Regardless of the danger, several patrols rushed into the collapsed area to rescue the survivors.

  In the air, there are elf mages riding Pegasus and griffins flying close. They use magic to collect dust in the air, and then crush it into bricks and throw them into no-man's land.

  The entire rescue process was swift and orderly.

  A huge shadow pressed past the airspace where the Shuojin people were, it was the Kirov steam airship. The mages on the airship jointly cast a large-scale wind magic to collect and compress the smoke and dust in the air to prevent secondary disasters and facilitate the rescue team's entry into the disaster area.

  The Steam Titans of the Golden Shield Empire arrived and joined in the rescue.

  Elder Lin looked at the steam airship Kirov nearby, and through the large glass window, he could see the first and auxiliary meteorite of the Golden Shield Empire.

  He was standing by the window, holding a coffee cup and looking at the completely ruined Shuojin Hotel.

  (end of this chapter)

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