Chapter 2: Infinite Resurrection Enchantment Entry! Magic Knife V Enchantment Entry!


Su Bai was stunned.

Look at the three options on the panel.


Infinite resurrection!

100% crit!

Universal gravitation!

Each of them is an extremely powerful enchantment entry!

Su Bai was excited.

Look at the three enchantment options.

Without hesitation.

Su Bai chose infinite resurrection!

Because for Su Bai.

Of the three options, the best is undoubtedly this infinite resurrection!

Although 100% crit and gravity are also strong,

But no matter how powerful it is, it cannot be compared to the resurrection!

Although this is a world after the game merges with reality,

But if a person is killed and dies unexpectedly, he is really dead, and there is no way to resurrect him.

Now with this option.

Su Bai naturally couldn’t let it go.

“Choose infinite resurrection!”

With a move in his heart, Su Bai chose the first enchantment entry!

[You have selected the Enchantment Entry: Infinite Resurrection!] 】

[You used an enchantment on yourself, and you obtained the enchantment entry: Infinite Resurrection! ] From now on, after you die, you will be directly resurrected in place and restored to perfection! 】

Su Bai sighed excitedly.

It’s so cool!

This mythical enchantment is also too cool!

From now on, you can be resurrected infinitely!

Su Bai is still silent in the cool point of having infinite resurrection!


There was an exclamation from all around.

“Groove! Zhao Yanran actually changed to a high-level profession: Ghost Swordsman! ”

“Nani? Advanced Careers! Me! This is a class where you can get 20 free attributes by leveling up one level! ”

“I’ll go, this year in our school, it seems that she alone changed to a high-level career!”

“Yes, so far, except for Zhao Yanran, everyone else is a basic profession.”



Classes are divided into: basic class, advanced class, legendary class, ultimate class.

Like warriors, assassins, enchanters, mages, etc., these are all basic classes.

Basic class, for each level, you can get 10 free attribute value allocation!

High-level classes, for each level, you can get 20 free attribute value distribution!

Legendary class, for each level, is 30 free attribute values!

Each level up has 10 more free attribute values than others.

This increases with the level.

This is naturally the gap is getting bigger and bigger!

That’s why everyone was so shocked that Zhao Yanran turned into a high-level professional ghost swordsman.

It’s just that.

What everyone doesn’t know is.

Su Bai’s profession is actually the ultimate profession!

Level up one level to get 40 free attribute values!

Much stronger than Zhao Yanran’s ghost swordsman!

Not for a while.

The transfer is over.

Luo Tie, the head teacher of Class Six, said: “Tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, gather at the school gate, and we will go to the Wilderness Plain to level up. ”

“The school is uniformly arranged, everyone remember not to be late.”

After the student has completed the transfer.

Of course, it’s time to level up.

As a public institution.

They have a responsibility to take the students to the leveling.

The crowd responded: “Got it! ”

Watch students leave.

Luo Tie shook his head, looked at Su Bai’s back in the distance, and sighed: “It’s a pity, Su Bai with such excellent grades actually turned to an enchanter…”

“This is fate.”

Su Bai theory, actual combat results, are very good.

The character is also good, and the person is handsome.

Luo Tie had a very good impression of Su Bai, and also made him the squad leader of the sixth class.

It’s just a pity that he actually turned into an enchanter.

There is no money at home, enchanters, it is too difficult to rise.

Su Bai did not go home immediately.

As an enchanter who does not require enchanted materials to enchant.

Now he’s going to do it.

It’s about buying equipment and enchanting!

Get ready for tomorrow’s trip to the wilderness plains!

Not for a while.

Su Bai came to the Yongzhou Chamber of Commerce.

It cost a hundred bucks.

A bronze grade Tang knife was purchased.

[Bronze Tang Dao (LV1)].

Quality: Bronze

Attribute: Attack +3

Enchantment entry: /

It cost another five hundred dollars.

Purchased a white skill book [Re-chop].

The reason for buying this weapon and skill.

It is because the enchanter does not have a fixed battle line.

Enchanters themselves have no means of combat.

So it’s all up to you.

Su Bai wanted to be an explosive fighter.

In the future, most attribute points will be added to strength and agility.

Anyway, he can be resurrected infinitely.

There’s no need to add a little physique.

After returning home.

Su Bai directly used the enchanter’s enchantment ability against the bronze Tang Dao!

[Please choose one of the following three enchantment entries]:

Enchanted Entry 1: Keen I: Speed Attribute +15!

Enchantment Entry 2: Burst: Attack with this knife has a chance of dealing explosive damage!

Enchantment Entry 3: Taunt I: With this knife, the surrounding creatures become hostile to you!


There is nothing to say, just refresh and you’re done!

Hundreds of times later.

Su Bai hit a hatcher.

None of them have some strong enchantment entries.

“I still don’t believe it, there is no good enchantment entry!”


[Please choose one of the following three enchantment entries]:

Enchantment Entry 1: Magic Knife V: +1000% attack damage dealt, 15% speed increase if critical hit!

Enchantment Entry 2: Final Blow: Use this knife, after one attack, the knife is shattered!

Enchanted Entry 3: Powerless: Use this knife, attack -50%!

Here it comes!

Finally a good enchantment entry has arrived!

Do you still need to think about it?

Directly select the Magic Knife V enchantment entry!

Attack damage increased by 10 times.

Can this be chosen?

As for the other two options, both are negative effects.

Who’s the choice!

“Select the Magic Knife V Enchantment entry!”

[You have selected the enchantment entry: Magic Knife V!] 】

[You used an enchantment on the Bronze Tang Dao, Bronze Tang Dao Enchantment Entry: Magic Knife V! ] +1000% damage dealt by attack, 15% increase in speed if critical hit! 】

[Bronze Tang Dao (LV1)].

Quality: Bronze

Attributes: +3 attack, +1000% attack damage, 15% increase in speed after generating critical hits

Enchanted entry: Magic Knife V

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