“Groove, groove, groove!!!”

“Is my special meow eyes spent?!”

“Shhh, slash a level 4 monster? That’s 1,000 blood! ”

“The squad leader is actually pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?”


“No, how can there be a knife? Is that a green skill? ”



Su Bai held the Tang knife in his hand and said to Luo Tie: “Teacher, I will go to the level training first, don’t pay attention to my safety, pay more attention to the safety of other students.” ”

Finish speaking.

Su Bai turned around and walked towards the front.

“No wonder the squad leader didn’t team up with us, it turned out to be because we would drag him down.”

“Yes, the team will divide experience, the squad leader is so strong, he definitely doesn’t want to take us, which will make his upgrade slower.”

“Wait, isn’t the squad leader an enchanter? Why is it so strong? ”

“But that’s not right, because Su Bai uses a bronze weapon, the attribute blessing is very low, and Su Bai’s skill is very similar to the heavy slash of the rotten street, but it has a knife, can play special effects, it may be a green skill, but…. Even so, there is no reason to kill in one sword and hit more than 1,000 damage! ”

Luo Tie’s body trembled next to him

My heart was already pleasantly surprised.

The irrepressible joy on his face, looking at Su Bai’s back, revealed a foolish smile.

He answered the crowd’s question in a voice that was shocked to the point of trembling slightly: “Because…”

“Su Bai is a twin profession!”

“What? Twin Career ?!!! ”

The surrounding classmates were shocked.

Twin careers mean one more profession and talent than others!

Invincible in the absolute sense of the same level, you can easily cross the challenge!

Those who can have two professions will become high-level job changers without exception and stand at the top!

Originally, everyone thought that Su Bai was an enchanter.

Well, now, it turns out that Su Bai still has a profession!

No wonder Su Bai didn’t panic at all!!!

Everyone suddenly realized!

Luo Tie took a deep breath, and he continued: “And Su Bai’s other profession is definitely an extremely strong combat class, even, I guess it can be compared with Zhao Yanran’s high-level professional ghost swordsman, no, it should be said that it can be stronger than Zhao Yanran’s ghost swordsman profession!” ”

Because even Zhao Yanran.

It can’t hit more than 1,000 blood damage in one level!

Even counting Zhao Yanran’s use of the Cold Ice Sword and other means.

Can win, but definitely not as easy as Su Bai, just swing a knife!!

Such a powerful Su Bai.

Future achievements are bound to be high.

And he is the teacher of Su Bai’s third year of high school.

No surprises in the future.

will also be known with the rise of Su Bai.

“Shhh! Stronger than a ghost swordsman? ”

“Lying groove, isn’t it, my white brother is such a cowhide!”

“It’s worthy of being the squad leader.”

“Woo-hoo, originally he was an enchanter and I had a chance to catch up, but now he has two professions, and he is out of reach.”



Su Bai intends to add strength and agility.

Needless to say, the power is to increase the attack power.

Agility is special.

The agility attribute determines speed, and whether the eyes and senses can pick up the movements of others.

When the agility attribute is much lower than others.

Your movements can be easily captured by others.

In the eyes of others, your movements are slow motion and can easily play with you.

In your eyes, you can’t capture the enemy’s movements at all, and you can’t fight at all.

So the agile attribute is really important!

It is a property that must be added!

“Add 30 stats to strength and 10 stats to agility.”

[Strength attribute +30].

[Agility attribute +10].

[Su Bai].

Level: 2

Class: Enchanter (ultimate).

Talent: Mythical enchantment

Life: 900

Mana: 180

Attack: 117 (+3).

Attributes: Strength 38, Spirit 9, Agility 18, Physique 9

Enchantment: Infinite Resurrection

At this time, Su Bai’s power attribute had reached 38 points.

The attack power has reached 117

Now Su Bai uses heavy chopping.

Attack the-headed monster with 0 defense again.

Then it can deal 2340 damage!

If you’re lucky and trigger a critical hit, you can reach a staggering 4,000!

It can be seen that it is recognized as the ultimate profession.

Leveling up one level plus 40 free attribute values is really too strong!

It’s some assassin class.

Or have a high-level assassin class.

At this time.

The damage is impossible to compare to Su Bai!

Eye Cause——

A chicken-headed cow monster that was waiting for the opportunity to move and wanted to kill Su Bai was crawling on the ground, and when he saw that the time was ripe, he immediately rushed out!

Su Bai looked at it coldly.

Easily capture its movements.

Hold the Tang knife in your hand.

Wave and chop!

Heavy chop!

A blade several meters long instantly gushed out.

It slashed the head of the chicken-headed cow monster.

Split its head!


Still a defenseless-headed monster!

was slashed to death by Su Bai!

The body dispersed.

Turned into experience and entered Su Bai’s body.

“Hmph, relax!”

Eye Cause——


There were cries all around.

One by one, chicken-headed cow-bodied monsters came together.

Look at this amount.

At least twenty or so!

They have red eyes.

Stared at Su Bai deadly.

“Oh? Let’s send death together!? ”

“It’s okay, I’ll look for them one by one!!”

After all.

For Su Bai.

The extreme slash is twenty meters!

A knife twenty meters long,

It’s enough to kill this group of chicken-headed cow monsters!

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