Chop the moon!

A white full moon crossed.


The graceful figure is constantly dealing with the chicken head and cow body monster.

Zhao Yanran was fast.

Dodge the attacks of the Cockhead Monster every time.

Just dodge the attack.

It will be said that Zhao Yanran continued to attack.

“Fury Sword!”

The ice sword in his hand instantly turned from ice blue to red.

It’s like I’m full of anger.

Burst out instantly.

The chicken-headed cow monster stabbing ahead.


The-headed cow monster is pierced through the body.

It turned into experience and entered Zhao Yanran’s body.

Eye Cause——

Another chicken-headed cow monster appeared.

Crashed towards Zhao Yanran!

Zhao Yanran snorted coldly.

Unleashed the exclusive ability of the Ghost Swordsman!



Zhao Yanran’s body became transparent.

A ghost shadow appeared in the Cold Ice Sword in his hand.

A powerful momentum burst out on Zhao Yanran’s body!

Ghost Swordsman.

Every time a big realm is reached.

can get a ghost.

Can be fused in the body.

Can be integrated into weapons.

With the help of the power of ghosts.

Burst out with great strength!

Swing the Ice Sword.

Zhao Yanran said coldly:

“Chop Moon!”

This time the moon is cut.

The bursting full moon is much bigger than just now!

Tear and pull –

Instantly cut into the body of the chicken-headed cow monster!

Critical Strike -700

Followed by.

Zhao Yanran was the same as before.

Dodge the attacks of the Cockhead Monster.

Then wait for the opportunity to move and fight back!


This-headed monster has once again turned into experience.

Entered Zhao Yanran’s body!

You have upgraded: lv2

[Full attribute +1].

[You get free attribute: 20 points].

Several directors and Principal Lin around watched Zhao Yan defeat a level 2 chicken-headed bull monster without injury.

nodded to Zhao Yanran repeatedly.

“It’s worthy of being a ghost swordsman, he can actually defeat two chicken-headed cow monsters alone.”

“Not bad, not bad, give her a little time, enough to get a good rank in the Yongcheng exam at the end of this month!”

“Powerful, it’s really worthy of a high-level profession, normal job changers face chicken-headed cow monsters, do not cooperate, it is still difficult to fight, and Yanran can fight two and kill two, it’s really strong.”

“This kind of strength can be regarded as top in those private aristocratic schools.”

Everyone clapped their hands and praised Zhao Yanran.

“Classmate Zhao, come on, continue to push forward, not far ahead, there is a gluttonous imp camp, as long as you get there, we will cooperate with you, add some buffs to you, you slaughtered that camp, enough for you to upgrade to level 10 today!”

Principal Lin said.

When Zhao Yanran heard Principal Lin’s words, she felt a little proud and triumphant.

Zhao Yanran nodded: “I will continue to work hard!” ”

“Heavy chop!”

Su Bai swung out the Tang Dao vigorously.

A twenty-meter-long sword glow instantly gushed out.

The more than 20 chicken-headed cow monsters that rushed towards them were killed in seconds!

Majestic experience instantly poured into Su Bai’s body.

[You have upgraded: lv6].

[Full attribute +4].

[You get free attribute: 160 points].

【You get equipment: Bronze cowhide robe (LV3)】

[Bronze cowhide robe (LV3)].

Quality: Bronze

Attributes: Defense +7, Health +30

Enchantment entry: /

“Good, a piece of equipment has been exposed.”

“Wait and enchant.”

“Now add attribute points first!”

“130 free attributes are added to the strength attribute, and 30 free attributes are added to the agility attribute!”

[Strength attribute +130].

[Agility attribute +30].

[Su Bai].

Level: 6

Class: Enchanter (ultimate).

Talent: Mythical enchantment

Life: 1300

Mana: 260

Attack: 519 (+3).

Attributes: Strength 172, Spirit 13, Agility 52, Physique 13

Enchantment: Infinite Resurrection

At this time, Su Bai’s power attribute had already broken through a hundred!

The attack attribute has reached more than 500!

Goes with the effect of the Magic Knife V enchanted entry.

Hitting 5000+ damage easily is not a problem!

It’s so cool!

Su Bai was excited.

“Hold on, hold on, don’t get excited.”

“Now, enchant the equipment you just got!”

“Then continue to shoot forward and kill monsters to upgrade!”

“Enchant me!”

With Su Bai’s mind moving.

Immediately used the enchanter’s abilities!

He used the enchantment ability on the bronze cowhide robe in his hand!

[Please choose one of the following three enchantment entries]:

Enchantment Entry 1: Vine Armor Protection I: Reduces damage taken by 15%, increases damage by 150% if it takes Flame damage!

Enchantment Entry 2: Magnetism I: Attracts iron objects to the body!

Enchantment Entry 3: Hate II: Charisma-20!

“Huh? What kind of rotten stuff are they? ”

“Mythical enchantment!”

“Let me see your good stuff!”

Refresh !!!

[Please choose one of the following three enchantment entries]:

Enchantment Entry 1: Moral I: You look very moral, and most boys have an increased affection for you!

Enchantment Entry 2: Nobles in the Black I: Your whole body will turn black and some abilities will be enhanced!

Enchantment Entry 3: Spirit Immunity III: Immunity to Spirit Level 7 and Below Attack/Confuse/Control, etc.!

PS: Ask for flowers and evaluate yay!!!!y

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