“Dear Lord Brave, I’ll go back to the Treasure Pavilion first.”

“Remember to contact me when you enter the Treasure Pavilion with the help of the Treasure Pavilion Access Order.”

“My name is Green Green, and I am a bronze-level merchant in the Treasure Pavilion.”

Green Green said to Su Bai, and at the same time sent a friend to Su Bai to add.

Su Bai immediately agreed.

[You become friends with Midori].

“When I get to the Treasure Pavilion, I will definitely contact you.”



A dark swirling gate appeared behind Green Green.

Green turned backwards.

The figure disappeared into the whirlpool gate.

Su Bai took out the item he had just obtained.

Spiritual fruit and physical fruit.

These two things are worth a lot in the real world!

One is at least tens of millions.

And it’s also the kind of priceless and marketable.

After all, this kind of thing adds attributes as long as it is eaten.

Who wants to sell it?


Su Bai took a bite of fruit.

In a few strokes, all twenty fruits were eaten into the stomach.

【Spiritual attribute +50】

【Physical Attribute +50】

“Now there are still 80 free attribute values, and they are also distributed!”

“60 points are added to the strength attribute, 20 points are added to the agility attribute!”

[Strength attribute +60].

[Agility attribute +20].

[Su Bai].

Level: 10

Class: Enchanter (ultimate).

Talent: Mythical enchantment

Life: 6730 (+30).

Mana: 1340

Attack: 951 (+3).

Defense: 208 (+7).

Attributes: Strength 316, Spirit 67, Agility 76, Physique 67

Enchantment: Infinite Resurrection


“The attacks are almost over a thousand!”

“Even if it is a full-point power extreme stream, as long as it is not the ultimate profession, it is basically impossible for the power attribute to be higher than me at this time!”

“And even if it is the ultimate profession of the Extreme Dao Flow, can he break through ten thousand damage with one sword? Definitely not, but I can! ”

Su Bai is now attacking 951.

Then use a bronze Tang knife to flat A,

Triggered the Magic Knife V,

Then the damage is directly increased by 10 times!


It can be seen that the damage is really considerable!

Followed by.

Su Bai looked at the workbench in the inventory.

This was just given to him by Green Green.

This thing Su Bai knows.

It’s very against the sky.

It can improve the quality of equipment.

Combine various materials and equipment to improve the quality of equipment, and there is a high probability that you can create an exclusive equipment.

It can be said that the value of this workbench is difficult to estimate!

If the news is released, it will be a powerful transferor of the seventh or eighth order.

will want this thing.

Create your own weapon.

Who doesn’t like it!

Su Bai immediately planned to give it a try.

I want to upgrade the bronze Tang Dao!

But just when I took out the workbench, put the workbench on the ground, and opened the workbench.

Suddenly, I saw the number of uses of the latter one.

Only once.


A bold idea flashed in Su Bai’s mind.

“Oh, wait, can’t I be enchanted?”

“I enchant the workbench and come an unlimited number of times, then won’t I take off?!”

“In this way, I can also always improve the quality of the bronze Tang Dao, and then make the bronze Tang Dao become exclusive to me.”

“Oh yes!”



Su Bai unleashed his enchanter’s ability.

Enchanted the workbench!

[Please choose one of the following three enchantment entries]:

Enchantment Entry 1: TNT: After using this item once, this item explodes directly!

Enchantment Entry 2: Unlimited Use: Use this item, no matter how long it takes, it won’t be damaged, and you can use it all the time!

Enchanted Entry 3: Spirit I: This item is born with a psychic and has the IQ of a three-year-old child!


Su Bai didn’t expect that the first enchantment would come out with the enchantment entry he wanted!

Unlimited usage.

Really for Su Bai, it’s too useful!

“Select Enchanted Entry 2, unlimited use!”

[You have selected the Enchanted Entry: Unlimited Use!] 】

[You used an enchantment on the workbench (blue), and the workbench (blue) enchantment entry: unlimited use! ] Unlimited use of the workbench (blue)! 】

[Workbench (Blue): Can fuse or create equipment (Note: Platinum only) (unlimited number of uses)


All right.

Now the value of this workbench is incalculable.

If only this were taken out.

Most of the low-level equipment fusion divisions are going to lose their jobs.

Because the workbench can replace them!

As long as there is material.

You can build a workbench for weapons as you wish.

Who doesn’t like it!?

At that time, everyone will have a thousand machine umbrella from Ye Xiu.

The excitement of crafting your own weapon.

Who can understand!?

Su Bai opened the work page of the workbench.

The work page is neat.

A master bit.

Several secondary places.

The master position is where the equipment is placed.

The secondary position is a place to prevent materials, and of course equipment can also be placed, which is used to sacrifice equipment to the main position anyway.

Su Bai put his bronze-grade Tang Dao in the main position.

Then looked at his inventory.

The material that killed the Batgirl was taken out and placed in the second place.


A formula emerged.

[Bronze Tang Dao] + [Batwitch Broken Heart] = [Gold Level·??? 】

[Whether you choose to create a new weapon, the enchantment entry will remain!] 】

Su Bai looked at the weapon whose blade was full of cracks, and did not immediately create it.

Su Bai clicked on the gold level ·???。

Review the properties.

Because it can be named by itself,

So the weapon name is not shown here.

【Gold·??? (lv10)】

Quality: Gold

Attributes: +120 attack, +1000% attack damage, 15% increase in speed after generating critical hits

Feature: Thousand Blades: Due to the broken heart of the Batgirl, the blade is broken into a thousand parts. You can mentally manipulate each broken blade to fight.

Enchanted entry: Magic Knife V

Binding: /

Su Bai looked at the panel attributes of this weapon

I was immediately stunned.

“Isn’t this special meow a magic knife thousand blades?!”

“Okay, that’s it, that’s it!”

“My choice is, create this new weapon!”


With Su Bai chosen.

on the workbench page.

Items in the primary and secondary positions disappear.

A weapon appears on the interface of the final craft.

Su Bai removed it.

The blade is made up of thousands of pieces.

Black handle half cut blade.

The knife has blue stripes on its body.

What appears is the pattern of evil spirits.

It even faintly emits a purple-black glow.


“Magic Knife Thousand Blades!”

[You have obtained: Gold Magic Knife Thousand Blades].

【Gold Magic Blade Thousand Blades (LV10)】

Quality: Gold

Attributes: +120 attack, +1000% attack damage, 15% increase in speed after generating critical hits

Features: Thousand blades

Enchanted entry: Magic Knife V

Binding: Su Bai

PS: Ask for data! Flowers, evaluations, reminders, monthly passes are all 100 million points!!!

Big brothers, we are already exploding, ask for some data to expose the book!!!

I’m writing it seriously, give me a chance!!!!!!!

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