“Would you like to go?”

Luo Tie asked.

It’s a boss after all.

Even the lowest level,

You can challenge it only if you are below the first order.

But there is always a danger.

It is also not mandatory for students to attend.

Just say send someone to participate.

But not go,

That’s whether you want to do it or not.

Su Bai listened.

Know it’s your own reasons.

Let bosses appear all over the world, as long as the boss is killed, the people in this area can enter the era world.

Now there is a boss in the northern part of Yongcheng.

So naturally there are many people to conquer.

And because there are hard requirements.

Must be below the first order.

So of course, let them go and conquer the boss!

Su Bai thought.

Anyway, I don’t have anything to do now.

The time to enter the Anno world today has also run out.

Might as well go and fight the boss,

Upgrade by the way.

Anyway, I always have to upgrade!

So, Su Bai replied: “Okay, you can try it and upgrade by the way.” ”

Heard Su Bai confirm.

Luo Tie said, “Okay, then I’ll talk to Principal Lin.” By the way, at seven o’clock in the morning, gather at Tianyun Mountain! ”

“Also, many big leaders will watch your demeanor when you attack the boss today, and they will also video it and send it to the Internet, you have to behave well!”

“You are so handsome, if you perform well at that time, you may be able to become a big star!!”

Su Bai snorted, “Got it.” ”

Yongcheng Noble Third Middle School.

Same as Yongcheng No. 3 Middle School,

The Third Middle School of the Yongcheng Noble Noble is also in Beicheng District.

It’s just that one is a public high school.

One is private, and only rich people with high status can go to aristocratic high schools!

At this time.

Inside their senior chat skirt.

Principal Yun of Noble Third Middle School sent a message.

Let them be at seven

Have the ability to come and attack the boss.

And there will be live video recordings throughout the process.

At that time, it will be posted on the Internet.


People in the group spoke one after another.

“Hehe, this still needs to be said, the last killer of this boss must be Zhang Suan, Zhang Dashao!”

“That’s it, who doesn’t know that our Zhang Dashao has changed to a legendary profession, and now he is level 20, and he is about to be a first-order!” Fight a boss, not hand-to-hand? ”

“But I heard that the public third high school in our school next door seems to have two good job transfers, a high-level professional ghost swordsman, a suspected twin class, an enchanter, and a strong combat class!” It is said that the twin professional took a bronze-level Tang knife and slashed to death a chicken-headed cow monster with a higher rank than him! It’s terrifying!!! ”

“I’ve heard of it too, but can this be compared to Zhang Dashao? Zhang Dashao is a legendary professional shadow assassin! Now it’s level 20! How do the two of them compare? ”

“That’s it, that twin profession, it’s a pity that his first profession is an enchanter, even if it is wasted, it is equivalent to only one profession, besides, even if he is also a legendary profession, he can’t reach level 20 now, Zhang Dashao was transferred a month earlier than them!!”

“To be honest, except for the nobles of the Noble Noble No. 1 Middle School, No. 2 Middle School, and No. 4 Middle School, Lin Qiye, Chen Beixuan, and Lu Changsheng, these three can be compared with Zhang Hangkong, and the rest of the schools, including the military region, cannot be compared!!”

“It’s also said, it seems that today, if we can break the boss, then it must be the people from our four noble high schools, it seems that we are going to be on the news!!”



The senior students of Noble Noble Noble Third High School are full of confidence.

They believe in Zhang Hangkong very much!

After all, Zhang Hangkong has changed to a legendary-level profession!

And now he has reached level twenty!

As for the rest.

Yongcheng No. 3 Middle School includes some people from the military region.

Of course, they are not as good as Zhang Suan.

Zhang Hangkong’s family was rich and powerful, and before he was born, his family had already prepared the legendary career book Shadow Assassin for his child.

As long as you reach the age of eighteen, you do not need to participate in the awakening consciousness, and you can directly use the legendary class book to designate the transfer to the Shadow Assassin!!!

Coupled with the fact that the family is rich and powerful, in less than a month, it has reached level twenty.

Even at the Noble High School.

All absolute ceilings!

Those who have no money and no power, can only go to ordinary public high schools or go to the army

And where will it be comparable to Zhang Sudang!

Originally, everyone was right.

It’s a pity

Everyone didn’t know that Su Bai was born as a player with a plug-in.

Zhang hangs in the air

Destined to disappoint them!!!

Seven o’clock in the morning.

Su Bai had already arrived at Tianyun Mountain.

Beicheng District, where the regional boss landed, is Tianyun Mountain.


The entire Tianyun Mountain was shrouded in gray mist.

As a result, the entire Tianyun Mountain has formed a large copy!

Only with the quest constantly raided

to reach the final destination

Challenge the boss!

Why is it seven o’clock to come here?

Because all the regional bosses formed by Su Bai killing the White Emperor’s doppelganger, the opening time of this large copy is half past seven!

So at this moment.

All over the world.

are already converging in their respective areas.

Prepare a challenge quest

Raid the boss!

Look at the people all around.

A sea of people.

There are drones, cameras, all kinds of media.

Killing bosses is not unusual

Surprisingly, killing the boss allows the entire region to enter the era world!

So the first one kills the boss so that a whole area of people can enter the era world, this first is very valuable!!

That’s what attracts so much media.

Su Bai could expect it.

In the coming days, these media outlets will definitely make a leaderboard come out.

Defeat the boss the fastest and lead an entire region into the Anno World list.

Below the first order, Tianjiao ranking, who is the strongest under the first order!!

That’s probably it.

[Five seconds later, your shoulder will be oiled by a ‘pig’s trotter.] 】

Su Bai: “??? ”

Look for sudden prompts.

Su Bai was stunned.

Then the shoulder was patted.

“Hi, Su Bai.”

The sound is familiar and nice.

When Su Bai saw it, he saw Zhao Yanran standing next to him.

“It turned out to be you, Zhao Yanran.”


In other words, the Eye of the Avenue prompted me to say yes… Trotters?

Is it so skinny?

“After entering the copy, do you want to go together?”

Zhao Yanran looked at Su Bai’s eyes, then her face turned red and asked in a low voice.

She had already made up her mind when she was in the wilderness plains.

Since you can’t surpass him, then him!!

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