Inside the Tianyun Mountain copy.

The people who were fighting the wind monkeys in the forest froze.


Right in front of their eyes.

A curtain of light emerged.

It’s a regional announcement!


The sound of an announcement also sounded.

The turnover ‘Su Bai’ has killed the boss ‘Lava Behemoth’!


On their wrists.

A mysterious symbol appeared.

This is the epoch mark.

They were shocked and incredulous.

“This, how is it possible? Su Bai, actually defeated the boss alone?! ”

“Impossible, how did you do this?!”

“Mainly, how long has it been since then? Even if Su Bai can fight, won’t it be so fast? That’s too fast! I just questioned Su Bai in less than half an hour, he gave the boss a second?! Isn’t that outrageous!!! ”

“How did Su Bai do it?”

“I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I shouldn’t question Su Bai, I didn’t expect him to be really so powerful, he can actually be bossed so quickly, this is too bullish!!”

“This is Su Bai, this is Su Bai, it’s too fierce, I didn’t expect that Yongcheng No. 3 Middle School actually produced such a genius, it’s really worthy of a twin profession, it’s really too fierce!!!”



The crowd was shocked.

Because it’s outrageous!

They had just talked about Su Bai not long ago.

It is impossible for Su Bai to succeed.

It didn’t take long for them to be slapped in the face.

Su Bai alone passed the boss!

It’s amazing!!

Zhang Hangkong was already stunned.

Zhang Hangkong’s eyes widened, his pupils dilated, and his eyes stared at the personal data panel in front of him, as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

His mouth was slightly open, he could even show his teeth, his breathing was rapid, and his expression was very terrifying.

His body was tense, his muscles tense, his fingers or palms clenched or clasped, as if he needed to grasp something to stabilize himself.

Suddenly, he leaned back slightly.

A magnificent dagger stabbed a monster disguised as a tree.

Just one trick.

Just kill this monster in seconds.


Kill this monster.

It’s like crushing to death!

Zhang Hangkong didn’t care.

Just talking to himself:

“How is that possible? How is that possible?! ”

“He’s just a garbage from a poor school, but he’s lucky enough to be able to switch to a twin class, but he’s also just lucky, his first profession is just an enchanter, why can he kill the boss so quickly?!”

“My profession is a legendary shadow assassin! This honor, glory, should be mine, and the person who kills the boss should be me! Su Bai, how can he compare to me! ”

“My family is rich and powerful, my parents are both seventh-order job changers, my grandfather is an eighth-order job changer, even in the imperial capital, I am a prominent family!” All of the equipment I am wearing is Starshine-level equipment, all fully equipped, and all have enchantments! But why can’t I compare to Su Bai’s poor boy!? ”

“Why did he kill the boss?! I’m not convinced, I’m not convinced!!! ”

Zhang suspended his body trembling.

He was really not convinced.

He really disobeyed Su Bai!

On family circumstances.

Su Bai couldn’t compare to him at all!

On careers.

He’s a legendary class, Shadow Assassin!

He doesn’t know where he is worse than him ?!

People outside the replica are also subject to regional announcements.


The whole scene exploded.

“Groove, groove, groove!!!”

“Su Bai did it! I just said that Su Bai can!!! ”

“Cow, how did you do this! I lean on, the era mark has appeared on my wrist! Thank you Su Bai, thank you Su Bai!!! ”

“Su Bai is awesome! I apologize, I didn’t believe Su Bai before, and now it seems that I am blind! Su Bai is really awesome!!! ”

“It’s so fierce, how did you do this? How long has it been, Su Bai gave the boss a second? Against the heavens!!! ”



Zhao Yanran, I know you can do it.

Still, she was shocked.

Although she believed in Su Bai very much, when Su Bai really killed the boss, Zhao Yanran felt a little unrealistic.

Because it’s really outrageous!

How long has it been!!!

“It’s worthy of you, it’s worthy of you, Su Bai !!!”

At this moment, Zhao Yanran completely knew that he could not catch up with Su Bai at all.

Since the one in my heart can’t surpass you,

Then your idea is more certain.

At this time, several people from the third noble middle school came to Zhao Yanran’s side.

“I’m sorry, we apologize, I didn’t expect Su Bai to really do it!”

“Su Bai is really powerful, we apologize to you and Su Bai for our previous words.”

“Su Bai is awesome!”

District Chief Liu looked at the era mark on his wrist.

He immediately smiled, “Good, good, really powerful, this Su Bai classmate!” ”

“Old Lin, your school really has a real dragon! A person but after the boss, still in such a short time, it is really a hidden dragon, shocking!!! ”

“I think ah, the resources distributed to your school in the district before are less, and in the future, I will add 50% to your school.”

Hearing District Chief Liu praise Su Bai so much

It also intends to increase the resources given to the school in the future

In an instant, Principal Lin was overjoyed.

Su Bai, Su Bai, I love you to death!!!!

“Thank you district chief, thank you district chief!”

And Principal Yun was sour.

“Cut, it’s Su Bai who is excellent, and it’s not your school that is excellent.”

“If Su Bai came to our school, it would definitely be better than in your school…”

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