“Can you really have this weapon?!”

[Yes, in the Treasure Pavilion, there is a prop: ‘Transformation God Box’! ] You can put different types of weapons you have equipped into the ‘Transformation God Box’, so that by using the ‘Transformation God Box’, you can instantly change the various weapons in it to fight with your mind! Extremely diverse combat styles! 】

“Strange, if it’s so powerful, why haven’t I heard of it?”

[That’s because you are the only one who has refreshed the entry for the enchantment of the God of Weapons, and you are the only one who can equip different types of weapons, so only if you equip so many weapons, and with the prop of the Transformation God Box, you can fully play the role of the Transformation God Box and the God of Weapons Enchantment entry! ] 】

So it was.

In this way, Su Bai understood.

Isn’t it equivalent to a thousand umbrellas?

During the battle, you can change weapons at will, use skills between different classes, and play different roles!

But suddenly, Su Bai thought of a question.

“Wait, is my Magic Blade Thousand Blade and Flame Blade clashing? They are all weapons of the warrior class, and they are all the same type of weapons, can’t they be put into the Transformation God Box together? ”

[Yes, so you need to use the workbench to fuse the Flame Knife and the Magic Knife Thousand Blades, and retain the God of Weapons and the Magic Knife V Enchantment entry to form a weapon based on the Flame Knife or the Magic Knife Thousand Blades. 】

“Then I see!”

To put it simply, although it can be equipped with many weapons, Su Bai only has two hands and cannot take them.

That’s why you need a Transformer Box.

In this way, not only can a lot of weapons be equipped, but also the blessings of attributes can take effect, and the hand can also change with Su Bai’s battle, and the adaptability is very strong, and he is not afraid of being restrained.

“In that case, then I will first enchant the workbench, first let the workbench upgrade, and then use the magic knife thousand blades as the mainstay, and fuse the level, attributes, and enchantment entries of the flame knife!”

Su Bai still planned to focus on the Magic Knife Thousand Blades.

After all, the characteristics of the Magic Knife Thousand Blades are really good.

A thousand blades.

Thousand attacks.

This cannot be dispensed with.


Su Bai took out the workbench from the inventory.

“How many enchantment entries can I produce for numerical advanced classes?”

This workbench is blue quality.

Equipment below the Deluxe level can only be enchanted.

Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of the workbench.

[372nd time, the third enchanted entry: Numerical Advanced I.] 】

【You can immediately improve the quality of the workbench when you open the workbench panel】

“Is there only this one numerical advanced enchantment entry?”

[Also, it only takes 98 million and seventy-five times to refresh the enchantment entry: Numerical Advanced III!] 】

Su Bai was stunned: “Ninety-eight million….”

“No wonder you only prompted one option…”

More than 90 million times, this special meow must not be refreshed all the time.

However, the purple quality workbench is also enough!

A second enchantment was performed on the workbench immediately!

[Please choose one of the following three enchantment entries]:

Enchantment Entry 1: Hard I: The workbench has become extremely hard, and it takes a lot of effort to destroy!

Enchantment Entry 2: Call of the Undead I: The workbench summons different types of undead monsters with first-order strength at every moment!!

Enchantment Entry 3: Sun I: The workbench emits a dazzling, warm glow that illuminates the surroundings, just like the sun in the sky!

“Keep refreshing me !!!”

372nd !!!

[Please choose one of the following three enchantment entries]:

Enchanted Entry 1: TNT: After using the workbench once, the workbench explodes directly!!!

Enchantment Entry 2: Moe Girl I: The workbench turns into a cute girl!!

Enchanted Entry 3: Value Advanced I: When you open the workbench panel, when you want to use it, the workbench upgrades a quality, and it takes effect only once!

Finally brushed.

“Choose the second, bah, the third enchantment entry! Numerical Advanced I!! ”

[You have selected the enchantment entry: Numerical Advanced I!] 】

[You used an enchantment on the workbench (blue), and the workbench (blue) enchantment entry: Numerical Advanced I!] When you open the workbench panel, when you want to use it, the workbench upgrades a quality, and it takes effect only once! 】

[Workbench (Blue): Can fuse or create equipment (Note: Platinum only) (unlimited number of uses)



Su Bai immediately opened the page of the workbench.


The light flickered.

【Workbench (blue) upgraded to workbench (purple)].

[Workbench (purple): Can fuse or create equipment (Note: only select Star Shine and below) (unlimited number of uses)



The workbench changes.

The original blue quality workbench.

It has now turned purple quality.

It has also changed from creating workbenches with equipment below platinum to star level and below.

The improvement is very big!


Su Bai put the Magic Knife Thousand Blades in the main position.

The flame knife is placed in the secondary position.

Changes change on the page of the workbench.

[Magic Blade Thousand Blades (Primary Position)] + [Flame Knife (Secondary Position)] = [Platinum Magic Knife Thousand Blades (LV20)].

[The enchantment entry, level, and attributes of the flame knife will be inherited to the magic knife thousand blades, will this fusion be completed?] 】

Su Bai nodded: “Yes, immediately fuse!” ”

【Integration successful! 】

【Shirogane Magic Blade Thousand Blades (LV20)].

Quality: White gold

Attributes: +300 attack, +80 speed, +1000% attack damage, 15% increase in speed after generating critical hits, can equip multiple weapons, and can be used at the same time!

Features: Thousand blades

Enchanted entry: Magic Knife V, God of Weapons

Binding: Su Bai

The flame knife dissipated.

Only the Thousand Blades of the Magic Knife, which inherits the attributes of the Flame Knife, as well as quality, level, and enchantment entries, remains!

Hold the magic knife thousand blades.

Su Bai couldn’t put it down.

However, there is a problem.

Level 20 equipment can only have a maximum of two enchantment entries.

Now there are already two enchantment entries for the Thousand Blades of the Magic Knife.

So there is no way to continue enchanting.

Only when it’s time to wait until level 40.

“I still have robes on my body, boots on my feet, Chaos cards, Anno World Pass, and other things.”

“First enchant all these things, then go to the Treasure Pavilion and buy the ‘Transformation God Box’ and various weapons, then buy the rest of the high-level and high-quality equipment to improve the quality of the equipment on my body, as well as upgrade them, and finally buy the equipment I don’t have!”

“In short, I want to get a set of luxurious equipment out!”

“Wear it all over!”

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