Su Bai flew all the way.

Not for a while.

Then I saw the 800,000 barbarian army that hit like a black tide in the distance!

The army of 800,000 barbarians marched with deafening steps.

Their pace is rhythmic.

The formation of the army is wide and deep

Like an impenetrable solid wall

Advancing swiftly and steadily towards distant goals.

The vanguard of the Great Army was an elite force of barbarian warriors.

They wore rough animal skin armor

Armed with a sharp stone weapon

Holding high the flag,

Immediately following a barbarian battle flag.

And the main forces of the Great Army,

It is made up of hundreds of thousands of small but strong barbarian warriors.

They wore heavy fur coats

Armed with a huge stone weapon,

Take heavy steps forward.

They all had a resolute and cold expression on their faces.

As if he had seen through life and death and honor and disgrace

Just for a war,

Whatever it takes.

Su Bai was shocked.


This special meow of this disciplined barbarian army.

The Goblin Mall can hold ?!!

This is simply impossible, okay!!!

Su Bai suddenly thought.

No wonder no one can get through!

“yes, too!”

“If it were simple, it would not have been hundreds of years without anyone passing!”

“It’s just a pity.”

“Met me Su Bai!!”

“No matter how strict your army is, no matter how imposing it is, facing me, there is only one end!!!”

“Crushed by me!!”

After a second beating.

Su Bai fell.

Face the coming army of 800,000 barbarians alone!

Inside the tent of an operation.

A small barbarian soldier ran and said to the barbarian king who was sitting at the top: “King! If there is one person standing in front of the army, how to deal with it? “、

The Barbarian King frowned.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with such a trivial matter.

“The army advances, step on it!”

The barbarian king looked into the distance.

At this time, he,

Already fantasizing about entering the Goblin Mall, the Goblin Mall!


The barbarian army will not stop for Su Bai who is blocking the path of the army.

It will only keep moving forward and stepping on the !!!


Su Bai will not be soft!

The Magic Guide Black Ring on the thumb of Su Bai’s right hand suddenly flashed.

A Gatling appeared in Su Bai’s hand.

Su Bai looked at the barbarian army.

A red light suddenly lit up on his body.

Fight to the death!

【Health -90%】

【Mana -90%】

[10,000% increase in all attributes].

[Damage randomly increased by 5-10 times].

[Su Bai].

Level: 20

Class: First Order Enchanter (unknown).

Talent: Mythical Enchantment! Eye of the Avenue!

Life: 8,260 (+5000).

Mana: ∞ (infinite).

Attack: 234,950 (+700+550+900).

Spells: 233,320 (+520).

Defense: 234,750 (+800+350+800).

Attributes: Strength 77600, Spirit 77600, Agility 77600, Physique 77600

Enchantment: Infinite Resurrection! Full-time God!

This moment!

Su Bai’s attack value is 20W+

A bullet from Gatling,

That’s 20w+ damage!

If you are lucky, the damage multiplier triggered is ten

Then the maximum damage can be 200w+!

And that’s just the damage of a bullet!!!

However, the price is that health and mana are deducted by 90%!

Health is only 8260 left!

And mana is because of the enchantment entry of Chaos Card Infinite Mana.

So mana is infinite!!!

Su Bai pulled the trigger mercilessly!


The mana value in Su Bai’s body instantly turned into blue light and entered Gatling.

Then, at the Gatling barrel, the ejected blue light lit up.

Rustle –

Rustle –

Endless bullets pouring out!

Ruthlessly fell within the barbarian army.


Anyone who is hit by a bullet,

They all fell to the ground.

The bullet passed through the body of the person in front

and penetrates into the body of the person behind him

Another person who can’t afford it,

Blood is flowing all over the ground!


The screams resounded through the heavens and the earth!


“It’s magic, it’s black magic!”

“Help, help!”

“Run, I don’t want to die!!!”



The rout, fear, shock, and flight of the army of 800,000 barbarians is a spectacular picture.

On the whole battlefield.

Soldiers of the barbarian army.

At this time, it no longer has the majesty and momentum of the moment.

They were covered in blood and dust.

His face was full of exhaustion and fear, and he ran away frantically, afraid that if he took a slow step, he would be harvested by the Grim Reaper behind him!!!

Who would have thought!

This is just so mighty, disciplined, moving like thunder, like a solid Great Wall of 800,000 barbarians!!!

Now it’s just a few breaths away.

became a remnant of the defeated general!!!

Su Bai looked at the handsome flag in the distance

Look at the camp moving in the distance.

The hint of the Eye of the Avenue appeared.

[The barbarian king is running away! ] 】

Su Bai sneered disdainfully.

The Gatling in his hand changed instantly.

It became a dark golden longbow!

Its shape is breathtaking.

This bow is about six feet long

Made of Ugin,

It looks extraordinarily luxurious.

The bow is carved with mysterious runes and ancient patterns

It seems to contain infinite power!

Su Bai held the Taikoo Divine Bow.

In an instant, his vision suddenly became larger, and within a hundred thousand miles, everything was in his mind!!!

Everything is so clear!!!

Su Bai pressed his left hand on the bowstring, and in an instant, the magic power in his body poured in, turning into a golden arrow!!!

Su Bai casually shot four arrows.

Hit four barbarian soldiers.

Instantly turned them into a blood mist!


[+1 of Spades].

【Plum Blossom +1】

[Block +1].

[Next attack, anything you see as a target can’t dodge your attack, and the damage you will deal is +5000%!] When you lock on a non-boss target, all defenses of that target disappear! 】

“The flowers are all set.”

“Send you on your way, Barbarian King!”

A halo of light flowed above Su Bai’s arrow.

Next second!


Golden arrows flew out.

Turn into a golden crow and go towards the barbarian king!

Tear and pull –

Just a moment!

Barbarian kings evaporate!

The golden crow arrow was inserted into the ground, the earth trembled, the mountains and rivers shattered, a huge explosion sounded, the earth cracked, a large canyon appeared, and it was still spreading!!!!

The style of this arrow.

Su Bai can see it clearly!

This hurts.

Against the sky!


A total of about 230 million damage!!!

It’s comparable to a high-level job changer!!!

To know.

Su Bai is only a first-order ah!!!

“This arrow, I, am very satisfied!!!”


[You defeated the “Barbarian Army” and killed the “Barbarian King!!] 】

[Quest passed! ] 】

[You get: Skill Chest (Black) x1, Equipment Scroll (Epic) x1! ] 】

[You have upgraded to: level 30!] 】

[+10 for all attributes


[You get free attribute: 400 points].


[You passed the “Tower of God, Ultimate Quest, Battle to Defend the City”! ] The first floor of the Tower of God has been cleared by you! 】

[All buff rewards corresponding to the number of layers will be sent soon].

[You will become the master of the first floor of the Tower of God].


[You are the first transferor to pass the “Tower of God Ultimate Copy”, and you will soon make a world announcement for you, whether to make a world announcement in the name of “Raven”!!! 】

“Just use the crow’s name.”

[World Announcement: Blue Star turned-person ‘Raven’ passed the “Tower of God, Ultimate Quest, Battle to Defend the City”, and cleared the “Tower of God First Layer”! ] Broke the record of all time! Hereby make a world announcement, hoping that the two realms of career transfer can learn like ‘crows’! 】

The other side just got everything ready.

Chen Xiaoxiao and his group, who had already formed a team, were

Just when I was about to enter the copy of the battle to defend the city.

A light curtain emerges in front of you.

The world is revealed!

The sound of the world’s announcement rings in my ears!


They were stunned!


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