The thirteenth evil god is very jealous of crows.

The crow’s performance already made him feel a sense of oppression.

It was hard for him to accept.

If you don’t stop the crow and continue to let him grow like this, at that time, the plan of devouring the era world from the outer heavens will be in vain.

Fourteen of their evil gods, with the hope of the outer heavens, descended on the epoch world.

In order to break through the inside of the era world!

Nine hundred years have passed now.

Only he and the fourteenth evil god are awake

Woke up.

He had to do it before the rest of the evil gods all awakened.

Destroy this crow!

He must not be given a chance to grow!!

He must be completely strangled in the cradle!

“I don’t know what Old Fourteen is doing in Blue Star, a crow appeared, and I don’t know to erase it earlier!”

“It seems that I have to personally take action, fight the price of falling into a deep sleep again, and also wipe out this crow!!”


The thirteenth evil god received a message.

It was from the fourteenth evil god.

“Don’t worry, I have already sent a doppelganger to the Eastern Xia Yong City, at that time, the crow will have no way to escape, and it will definitely die!”

“However, in order to prevent the crows in Yongcheng from entering the era world and escape, I need you to use the rule pen to temporarily modify some of the settings.”

“You’re going to be so…”

Receive a message from the fourteenth evil god.

Learned of the plans of the Fourteenth Evil God.

The thirteenth evil god is no longer worried.

The black light flickered, and a strangely shaped brush that could not be seen directly appeared in front of him.

This is the rule pen.

Ability to modify the rules of one world.

However, it is not how you want to modify it.

If it is said to modify the basic rules so that the epoch world has no profession, it is definitely not possible, and the most basic rules of a world cannot be changed!

What can be modified is only some rules derived from the basic rules.

For example, a first-order copy appears.

However, only first-order changers can enter.

Then you can use the rule pen and tamper with the rules.

Changers who have changed to the second, third, and fourth orders can enter.

But this is not a permanent modification.

will be corrected.

Modify the rule with a rule pen

It can only last a few days or so at most.

Then it will be corrected.

And this rule pen will be scrapped.

The thirteenth evil god looked at his rule pen with pain.

This is the talent of their Outer Heavenly Evil God, and it is because of this talent that they can modify some rules of other worlds, so that they can devour the heavens and realms and feed on the heavens and realms!

If the rule pen is scrapped.

Then the thirteenth evil god needs to be bred for ten thousand years again

to condense a new rule pen!

That’s why the thirteenth evil god will feel pain in the flesh!

“Crow, crow, in order to deal with you ant, I have to use my rule pen!”

“You, you must die!!”

Although the flesh hurts.

But in order to be able to finish off the crows.

To avoid the aftermath!

He had to use!


The thirteenth evil god poured his thoughts into the rule pen.

In the vast and boundless rules, in the new rules that appear all the time, he is concentrating on finding new rules related to Blue Star Yongcheng!

“A year later, a super-ancient relic will appear in Yongcheng…”

“Okay, that’s it, modify the rules!”

“Tomorrow, a super-ancient relic will appear in Yongcheng, but only first-order transferees can enter, and it is mandatory, every first-order transferor in Yongcheng must enter, otherwise the level will return to level 1!” Until the superancient ruins have been explored, they cannot exit or enter the era world!!! ”

Modified complete!

In an instant, the rule pen of the thirteenth evil god shattered!

The original dark body of the thirteenth evil god also turned gray.

Obviously, the rule pen disappeared, and the blow to him was quite big.

The thirteenth evil god let out a cold laugh:

“Although it can only be modified for three days, I don’t believe that you crow will not go in!!!”

“As long as you go in, you will surely die!!!”

After the laughter.

The thirteenth evil god gradually fell asleep.

Blue Star.

Inside a large estate in the Western American Empire.

A formation full of mysterious patterns.

This is a round-trip teleportation array.

You can go directly to anywhere in this world.

And it’s extremely private.

Even a ninth-order transferor has no way to find out!!

In the interior of the estate, an invisible, indescribable mass of black granulation splits.

After a while, a boy who looked like a Western beauty appeared.

“Fourteen, remember my orders!”

The teenager nodded.


Come to the front of the formation.

The mind moved slightly, and the formation was communicated.

A black gate appeared in front of the formation.

Fourteen walked in.

The next moment.

Space flickering.

When it reappears.

It has come to a corner of Yongcheng.

Go outside.

A few girls who played from late at night to the day, covered in tattoos, just walked out of the bar and each sent a message to their husbands, saying that they would be back soon after spending the night at their girlfriend’s house.

As a result, fourteen were met on the side of the road.

“Wow, it’s a Western beauty, it’s so handsome.”

“This is much more handsome than our Dongxia people.”

“That’s it, angular, too manly!!”

“Little brother, do you want to come to our house to play.”

Fourteen smiled, “Okay. ”

Anyway, the superancient ruins haven’t come out yet.

The crow hasn’t gone in yet.

Then he might as well play.

Wait for the superancient ruins to come out.

The crow was forced in.

That’s when he entered again.

Then, he easily killed all the Dongxia people in the entire super-ancient ruins.


The hidden threat posed by the crow can be removed.

At this time, Su Bai did not know that he had been targeted.

And a huge trap awaits him!!!


Actually, for Su Bai.

Even if there are huge traps, it’s not a big deal.

Anyway, there is an infinite resurrection.

There is a mythical enchantment, and the Eye of the Avenue is there.

Su Bai is simply not vain!!!

Right now.

Su Bai set his sights on his reward for passing the Ultimate Dungeon Battle to defend the city.

He has now become the master of the first floor of the Tower of God.

You can control the copy of the first layer of the Tower of God to descend to the two realms.

It appears in the two realms, and even adjusts the difficulty and so on.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the ninth masters of the Tower of God!!!

“Let me see, what does this skill chest (black) and equipment scroll (epic) do, this is the first time I have encountered it, and I have never heard of it before!”

PS: Is there still a big handsome than watching? Woo hoo, give the little brother a little flower, (づ ̄3 ̄)づ!!!

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