After choosing the inextinguishable flame.

Su Bai at this time.

Have learned the flame of immortality!

Su Bai immediately began to enchant the equipment scroll (epic)!

Tips given according to the Eye of the Avenue.

It only needs to be refreshed ninety-two times.

You will get the enchantment entry: Do it again!

Such words.

After using the equipment scroll (epic) item.

Can be used again!

That’s two in total!

Can turn two pieces of equipment into epic !!!


Su Bai enchanted the equipment scroll (epic) on his hand!


[Please choose one of the following three enchantment entries]:

Enchantment Entry 1: Eternal Bronze: After using the equipment, the equipment becomes Bronze, and can only be Bronze forever, cannot be downgraded or upgraded, and the quality is Eternal Bronze!!

Enchantment Entry 2: Flame Armor II: When used on equipment, the equipment comes with a fire effect, a full body flame, and the person wearing the equipment comes with a fire effect and 18% fire damage for each attack!!

Enchantment Article 3: Wood Vine Protection II: When used on equipment, the equipment comes with wooden vines, which increase the defense of the equipment by 50%, if it receives fire damage, the defense will be disabled, and the damage taken will be doubled with critical hit!!!

“Sure enough, there is no good enchantment entry.”


Su Bai glanced at it

It refreshes immediately.

Ninety-second time!

[Please choose one of the following three enchantment entries]:

Enchantment Entry 1: One More Time! After use, this item is not consumed and can be used again!!

Enchantment Entry 2: Taunt V: After using the equipment, the equipment has a taunting effect, its own charm value is negative, and anyone, monster and other intelligent creatures will immediately attack you when they see you!!!

Enchantment Entry 3: Glitter Effects: After using the equipment, the equipment comes with a flash effect, which is sparkling and shiny!!!

The first enchantment entry for the ninety-second time.

Sure enough, it was again.

“Choose the first, the first enchanted entry! One more time!!! ”

[You’ve chosen the enchantment entry: One more time!] 】

[You used an enchantment on the equipment scroll (epic), and the equipment scroll (epic) obtained the enchantment entry: do it again! ] After use, this item is not consumed and can be used again!!! 】


The equipment scroll (epic) in Su Bai’s hand has been enchanted.

Now Su Bai is going to use this prop.

Upgrade your gear!

First of all,

Definitely to upgrade your own weapons!

Magic knife thousand blades.

Three thousand six hundred turns Gatling.

Primeval God Bow.

The Magic Guide Black Ring.

Endless Shield.

There are five in total.

With extreme output,

As well as the ultimate defense.

Thought about it for a moment.

Su Bai still planned to enchant the Magic Knife Thousand Blades first.

Then enchant the Black Ring.

As for the reason.

Very simple.

The equipment used by Su Bai, at present, is the Magic Knife Thousand Blade and the Magic Guide Black Ring.

Needless to say, the magic knife thousand blades.

It was Su Bai who burst out with all his strength

A weapon that can bring the most extreme damage to Su Bai!

Here can only be said that the characteristics of a thousand blades, forever dripping gods!

As for the Magic Guide Black Ring.

The reason for upgrading its quality.

Because this is also the most often used by Su Bai.

The black ring of the magic guide is worn on the thumb

Not only can you use spell-type skills directly

The main thing is convenience.

Of course, it’s also because it looks good.


Su Bai first used the Equipment Scroll (Epic) on the Demon Guide Black Ring.


[You used the “Equipment Scroll (Epic)” for “Magic Guide Black Ring (Star Glory)”! ] 】

[The quality of “Magic Guide Black Ring (Star Glory)” is +1, which becomes: “Magic Guide Black Ring (Epic)”


[“Equipment Scroll (Epic)” triggers the enchantment entry “One More Time”! ] This use, no loss!! 】

[“Magic Guide Black Ring (Epic)” Awakening Feature: “Life Sanctions! “】

[Epic Magic Guide Black Ring (LV20)].

Quality: Epic

Attribute: Spell Attack +1500! You can trigger ten combos when you use any active skill, releasing one skill ten times at the same time! Wear the Black Ring and your backpack’s inventory is infinite!

Feature: Life Sanctions: Each of your attacks, if you hit the target, the target will reduce the recovery effect by 99.9999%!

Enchantment entry: Ten combos! Unlimited space!

Binding: Su Bai

Su Bai was stunned for a moment.

I didn’t expect to wake up the characteristics unexpectedly!

You know, the characteristic of this thing can only be synthesized with materials and equipment, or the probability appears when the equipment advances to the next quality.

But it is not so easy to perform the awakening feature with the workbench,

Especially if you want to get good features,

It’s not an easy task!

Each material and equipment can produce different characteristics.

This is also why Su Bai did not give these weapons synthetic characteristics.

Not every time with the workbench,

Can make magic knife thousand blades such a perfect thousand blade characteristics!

Another point is that the balance of the Chaos Card is not enough….

As with enchanters,

The materials needed to add character to equipment using workbenches are also expensive…

But this time, while improving the quality, I actually awakened the characteristics.

That’s a real profit.

“The main thing is that this feature is really good, which just makes up for one of the shortcomings of the Immortal Flame!!!”

The flame of immortality, though it is a flame that will never be extinguished.

But if the enemy keeps using the recovery skill and restores more than half of the health at once, then although the Immortal Flame can always burn, it can’t help the enemy!!


With this life sanction, it’s different!

Directly reduces the recovery effect by 99.9999%.

It’s basically equivalent to no recovery.

So that’s the case.

It just so happens that the Immortal Flame is launched with the Magic Guide Black Ring.

This life sanction effect can be triggered!!!

That’s just… Invincibility!!!

Su Bai took a deep breath.

“Today’s luck is really good!!!”

“It’s kind of cool.”

Followed by.

Su Bai uses the Equipment Scroll (Epic) against the Magic Knife Thousand Blades.


[You used the “Equipment Scroll (Epic)” for “Magic Blade Thousand Blades (Star Glory)”! ] 】

[The quality of “Magic Blade Thousand Blades (Star Glory)” is +1, which becomes: “Magic Blade Thousand Blades (Epic)”


[Epic Magic Blade Thousand Blades (LV20)].

Quality: Epic

Attributes: +1200 attack, +500 speed, +1000% attack damage, 15% increase in speed after generating critical hits, can equip multiple weapons, and can be used at the same time!

Features: Thousand blades

Enchanted entry: Magic Knife V! God of weapons

Binding: Su Bai

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