Chapter 54 Second Deal! World Creator!

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Accompanied by Zhang Su taking the lead to exit.

As a result, most people followed and withdrew from the superancient ruins. Just for a moment.

After they quit.

They each returned to their previous positions. But.

After they came out, the level instantly became 1, and all the attributes also changed. It became a property at level 1.

This one.

Zhang Hangkong felt the power fade.

The value of the attribute when it becomes a level one. Yourself reduced to waste.

He was extremely lost. Because henceforth.

He can only be a waste!! At least that’s what he thinks now. He quietly withdrew from the Age World. Go back to your own home.

The computer is turned on.

Watch the live broadcast of the superancient ruins of the City of Giants. At this time, the live screen is aimed at the light curtain above the pyramid. The City of Giants has begun.

They have all entered the City of Giants.

The light curtain also changed from the information of the super-ancient ruins of the city of giants to the killing giant ranking and exploration progress ranking, as well as a huge map.

The map has points of light with names on them.

At the same time, the map is also marked with boss areas, monster areas, organ areas… Zhang looked at the live broadcast in disbelief.

He is hopeful now.

I really hope that all the first-order transferees in the City of Giants will die inside! Such words.

He can make an excuse for himself. He will be able to convince himself!

Prove that your choice is not wrong!

“I’m right, this city of giants really can’t be passed, it’s better to quit and live than to die inside!”

“It’s better to be a waste than to die in a city of giants.”

“I’m still the young master of the Zhang family, I can at least enjoy glory and wealth!”

“I just became a trash…”

…… Meantime.

The people outside the pyramid also noticed changes in the light curtain. They all raised their heads.

Watch with your eyes.

Several patriarchs of wealthy families anxiously looked at the light point of their son’s name on the map. And the head of the Zhang family looked for a long time.

But he didn’t find his son’s name light. My heart was suddenly relieved.

He knows.

His own son may have chosen to quit. So he immediately sent a message to Zhang Suankong. Get a response from Zhang Hangkong. He was finally relieved.

Principal Lin who arrived here.

Immediately look at the map above the pyramids. There are many first-order teachers in Yongcheng No. 3 Middle School.

As well as some of the more gifted students who have reached the first order. For example, Su Bai, Zhao Yanran.

were forcibly pulled into this super-ancient ruins Giant 570 City. He served as principal.

You have to come and take care of the teachers and students. But.

Soon Principal Lin ignored the names of the others. Just staring at a name.

“Su Bai, you can’t die like this! Our school still depends on you to make a name for itself and shock the world! Come on, you must come back alive! ”

“Come on Su Bai, come back alive!!!”

The white willow not far away also looked slightly nervous.

In his heart. Su Bai is a crow.

But he wasn’t sure now.

Can Su Bai pass through this city of giants.

I don’t even know if Su Bai can come back alive!

“Su Bai…..”

White Willow was distressed. This is a crow!

Two world announcements were triggered.

What a crow who has done two impossible things! If death is caused by this incident.

This is important for the Eastern Xia Empire. For Bluestar.

Even for the Anno world.

This is undoubtedly a huge loss!!………….【Ding–】

[You have entered the City of Giants! ] 】

[You are currently in: City of Giants, Baker Street! ] 】

【Baker Street Exploration: 0%】

【Exploration degree of the city of giants: 0%】…

After a whirlwind. Su Bai opened his eyes. He at this time.

Has entered the city of giants. Where Su Bai is. It’s a street. For Baker Street. Surrounding sides. It’s all huge buildings.

“It seems that in order to pass through the City of Giants, you must explore all the areas!”

“And what I’m going to explore now is the Baker Street area in the City of Giants!”

Su Bai took a few steps forward. Look left and right. Suddenly.

The surrounding houses made a noise, and the iron doors of every house suddenly opened. One by one, humanoid monsters came out.

They are similar to humans. But several meters taller than humans. The limbs are long. The skin is all rotten. It emits a foul smell.


[Dark Giant [Elite]] Level: 60

Attack: 2.8w Defense: 8000 Life: 50W Skill: Dark Light Pillar! Flash! Engulf!

Description: The giants ate the dark fruit, so they mutated and gave birth to dark giants! The dark giant is completely black, has a violent personality, and is easy to do violent things, so it is not tolerated by ordinary giants…….

Just for a moment.

These dark giants launched an attack on Su Bai! They strode forward.

Come towards Su Bai. Su Bai snorted coldly.

Bring your world to life today. Want to form a chaotic realm. Centered on Su Bai.

The 1000m x 1000m x 1000m field is slowly emerging.

Cubic metre!

2 cubic meters!

3 cubic meters!..

Gradually expand! When the dark giant entered Su Bai’s realm.

Within the field.

Su Bai felt that he was really invincible. In a thought.

All dark giants can fall!


Su Bai said lightly.

Use Creator permissions within your own world. Next second.

The dark giants that rushed towards Su Bai all fell to the ground. A red damage number lit up on the body.

-99999…-99999…-99999……this is a direct flash deal! Moment.

After killing the dark giant.

They turned into majestic experiences and entered Su Bai’s body.


【You have upgraded to: level 40】

【Full attribute+10】

[You get free attribute points: 400+700=1100]…

[You killed 30 dark giants, and you gained 30 attack attribute values!] 】

[Attack attribute +30! ] 】

[Trigger the full-time god enchantment entry effect: agility attribute, spirit attribute, physical attribute are all 1,226! ] 】

Su Bai was stunned.

“Killed the dark giant, actually dropped the attack attribute?!”

[Yes, killing the dark giant in this city of giants drops 1 attack attribute! ] 】

[Kill ordinary giants in the City of Giants and drop 0.5 defensive attributes!] 】

Got the hint of the Eye of the Avenue. Su Bai was excited.

Don’t look at it, you can ignore the rank of monster killing now.

But this world field also has shortcomings. The first point: the embodied world realm cannot be moved. There is no way to move with Su Bai’s movement. It can only be fixed in one position!

The second point: it is slow to appear.

1 cubic meter, 1 cubic meter of enlargement. This is too slow.

If only others knew that Su Bai was powerful in this field. Definitely won’t come in!

Or see the world field and run.

Both of these points are considered shortcomings of the profession of the world’s creator. Very buggy though.

But there are corresponding disadvantages. So.

This also means that Su Bai’s combat effectiveness still has to be subject to attribute values. Encounter what can’t be beaten.

And you can’t run away yourself. This is what opens up the world. Take the opportunity to fight back!

Anyway, now there is infinite resurrection + mythical enchantment + white emperor blessing + world creator class characteristics. Can’t kill him.

All controls of the tenth order and below are invalid. Invincible in the world realm.

It can also give you a negative state of enchantment… It can be said.

In this world.

No one can pose a threat to Su Bai.


It’s in a higher world.

No one can pose any threat to Su Bai!

At most, the control above the tenth order is useful to Su Bai! But to what time.

Su Bai estimated that he had already enchanted the enchantment entry that was immune to the control above the tenth order! But this world field.

It still has to be used as a hole card.

Otherwise, it is very likely that others will run [laughs] as soon as they see me open fields.

“Since killing giants can have attribute value rewards!”

“That… You’re welcome! ”

Su Bai smiled.

“By the way, add points first, and add all 1100 free attributes to attack attributes!”

Su Bai is now one level up to the ultimate class + 40 free attribute values!

Mythical class upgrades by one level and +70 free attribute values. So after going up ten levels.

There will be 1100 free attributes!..

[Attack attribute +1,100! ] 】

[Trigger the full-time god enchantment entry effect: agility attribute, spirit attribute, physical attribute are all 2,326! ] 】

【Su Bai】

Level: 40

Class: First Order Enchanter! First-order World Creator! Talent: Mythical Enchantment! Eye of the Avenue!

Life: 237,600 [+5000] Mana: C [Infinite]

Attack: 9,778 [+700+1200+900] Spell: 8,478 [+1500]

Defense: 8,928 [+800+350+800]

Attributes: Strength 2,326, Spirit 2,326, Agility 2,326, Physique 2,326 Enchantment: Infinite Resurrection! Full-time God!

Now Su Bai’s attack almost broke 10,000. Merely.

Just level 60 elite monster. The properties are indeed very high. The defense is a full eight thousand.

“It is estimated that except for me, most first-order transferees can’t break the defense against these giants…. Next. ”

Su Bai continued towards the street of Baker Street. Intend to kill giants to improve attributes.

……….. And in the outside world. Beyond the pyramids.

The leaderboard for killing giants has changed. Su Bai’s name appeared!..

【Kill Leaderboard】

First place: Su Bai! Kill thirty! 2nd Place: None 3rd Place: None… 100th place: None… Moment. Everyone was shocked.

“Groove? Outrageous! It’s outrageous!!! ”

“Su Bai killed thirty giants at once?! That’s too fierce! ”

“Awesome, Su Bai!”

“Although this son is not as good as a crow, he still has ninth-order resources!”

“Nonsense, people are double professions, or the first ruthless person to kill the regional boss, it must be awesome, but I didn’t expect it to be so awesome!!!”

“Fake, huh? Just Su Bai alone killed so many giants?! ”


Principal Lin looked at the leaderboard. Suddenly relaxed a lot!

“Haha, it’s worthy of being our third middle!”


“I hope Su Bai can keep it forever.”

But soon.

Principal Lin’s face darkened again.

Because several teachers’ names disappeared on the map. It means dead.

Killed by giants!! White Willow and the generals.

The patriarchs of the major families also saw the rankings. He was immediately shocked by Su Bai.

They were shocked: “What is this Su Bai’s second profession?” Is it actually so against the sky? ”

“Yes, no one else killed a giant, he killed thirty at one time, which is also too strong!”

“Eh, do you say that this Su Bai has a chance to finish exploring this city of giants?”

“I feel that it should not be, after all, this is an ultra-ancient relic with a sixth-order monster!”

“I estimate that Su Bai has encountered thirty giants of the same level, and with his strength, it should be normal to be able to win!”

“Then I hope that there will be fewer high-level giants, at least, give a little hope!”

Only Bai Willow was in a surging mood.

“Maybe, Su Bai can really do it!”

After all.

Ravens are the ones who can do what many people think can’t! Miracles work again and again!

White Willow believes. Su Bai will definitely be able to do it! He’s a crow!!!


on the web.

Countless netizens who are in the live broadcast room. I saw this scene.

I was shocked.

“It’s this Su Bai again!”

“Hahaha, I almost forgot that Su Bai is also in Yongcheng, after all, he is the first ruthless person to kill the regional boss, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he is the strongest first-order transferor!”

“Awesome, not long after entering, I killed thirty giants, it’s too fierce!”

“Huh, what’s in this? It’s just luck! ”

“I’m a passerby, let me say, Su Bai’s is indeed awesome, and his combat power in the first order is indeed very strong, otherwise he would not kill the regional boss alone!” But this super-ancient ruin, the city of giants, and regional bosses are different! There are sixth-order giants inside, and I don’t think Su Bai can be so lucky every time and meet so many first-order giants. ”

“Upstairs, you are saying this too much, is this your luck? Have you ever been in? You know so well? You know so well that Su Bai killed a first-order giant? ”

“In short, Su Bai is awesome! If the crow can enter, it will be better, the two of them will definitely be able to explore the entire city of giants together! ”

“Yes, yes, I’m looking forward to the cooperation between the two of them!!”

Inside a villa.

Zhang Hangkong saw Su Bai’s name appear on the leaderboard. One comes out.

He killed thirty giants. Immediately, I was a little angry and corrupted.

“Hmph, but luck.”

“If you encounter a high-level giant, there is only one way to die!!”

He comforted himself.

He is now the most unsightly person who can have a brilliant performance in the city of giants. Otherwise.

As a super genius in Yongcheng, he took the lead in withdrawing, what is this?!

He just wants everyone to die inside!

So that no one will say that he took the lead in running away in the future. It will only be said that he is wise.

Know the advance and retreat!

So I saw such an excellent performance of Su Bai. Zhang Hangkong is extremely angry and corrupted!

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