Chapter 59: This son of Su Bai must not stay! The nations calculate! Su Bai hangs the ninth order!

【Ask for flowers】.

Eastern Xia Empire.

Imperial capital.

Nine elders gathered here. Meantime.

A picture is emerging on the light curtain not far ahead. It was above the pyramids.

Leaderboard and map screen! They are also watching the live broadcast. In fact.

For many big people, they don’t really believe that Su Bai can really kill sixth-order and ninth-order bosses.

Perhaps there are special gameplay or mechanisms in this super-ancient ruins and the city of giants.

Let Su Bai take advantage of the special gameplay in the city of giants to kill the bosses of the sixth and ninth ranks! After all.

The information above the pyramid really surfaced the information in the city of giants, saying that it was the first order to the sixth order.

There must be a reason for this! It is said that only the first order can be entered. And for a reason!

It means that it is impossible to be so dangerous! Even if there is.

It is also a first-order transferor who can use the things in the city of giants to solve! In a word.

It is impossible for Su Bai to be able to kill the sixth-order and ninth-order bosses. This is what they see.

“The location where Su Bai killed the sixth-order boss is here, and the location where he killed the ninth-order boss is also here, now, countless monsters are also in this position, as long as they are close to Su Bai, they will die, I suspect, there is a killing formation here, and then it was mastered by Su Bai!”

“Well, I think so too. However, one thing I really don’t understand, logically speaking, there can be no ninth-order boss here, obviously the information is the first order to the sixth order, how can there be a ninth-order boss? ”

“yes, that’s unreasonable!”

“Why think about it so much, now it seems that this Su Bai’s is indeed a talent, and this mortal situation has been broken by him.”

“Yes, he is also very lucky, otherwise, he would not have found such a killing formation, and then mastered it.”

“There is another thing, the news bought from Tianji says that Su Bai is a crow, and a crow is Su Bai, now, what do you think? How to deal with this? ”

At this time.

An elder said: “It is reasonable to let him come to the imperial capital, let him tell all his secrets, his second talent, second career, how he defeated the White Emperor doppelganger, how he passed the battle of the ultimate copy to defend the city, all this, we should know!” ”

But. Immediately someone refuted.

“Fourth Elder, what you said is inappropriate! Everyone has their secrets, don’t you like to make your secrets public? ”

When the fourth elder heard this, he smiled and said, “I am willing to dedicate everything I have to Dongxia, even if it is my life, anything I have!” As a citizen of Eastern Xia, he Su Bai should contribute to the country! You know, only when there is a country can there be a home! We should give up the small self and achieve the greater self 283!!! ”

The rest couldn’t stand it. The four elders were too paranoid.

The Great Elder glanced at the four elders faintly.

In his heart, he wondered whether these four elders were members of the Salvation Sect. This thing.

He had been doubting for a long time. Thereupon.

A plan was brewing in his mind. He decided to use Su Bai to lure the snake out of the hole!

If it’s just a Su Bai. They won’t be shocked. There will be no big moves.

After all, everything Su Bai did in the City of Giants. They can all explain.

And Su Bai has been staying where he is, killing sixth-order and ninth-order bosses, as well as countless monsters… These are all explainable!

It can be said that Su Bai is a genius.

But they won’t do so much either. But if Su Bai is a crow.

Then everything will be different! What does it mean that Su Bai is a crow?

It means that Su Bai’s potential is extremely high. His profession.

His talent has never been greater.

This world pattern will change because of him in the future! From ancient times to the present.

The White Emperor doppelganger, who had never been defeated, was defeated by him. From ancient times to the present.

The Tower of God, which no one had ever cleared, was cleared by him! Who knows how high Su Bai’s achievements will be in the future?! The Great Elder said: “There is no need to talk about this matter, whether Su Bai is a crow or not, he is now targeted by the whole world and must be protected”

“Fourth Elder, it’s up to you to go to Yongcheng to protect Su Bai.”

“If he wants to come to the imperial capital, if he doesn’t, you will protect him closely, understand?”

The four elders nodded.

“No problem.”

………… Western American Empire. Black Palace. Abbreviated as the Black House.

“I bought news from Tianji, this Su Bai, who has been in the limelight recently, is actually a crow!”

“So what are you waiting for? Since he is from Dongxia, it should be destroyed! Su Bai must not be allowed to grow up! ”

“I have already contacted the magic net, but, I don’t know why, they refused, insisting that Su Bai is not a crow!”

“Hmph, now that there is a confirmed target, they don’t dare to go up, hehe, they don’t really think that Su Bai can kill the ninth-order boss, right? These people have so little knowledge, I really doubt how they reached the ninth order! ”

“Okay, now what? The magic net is unreliable! We must not let the crow continue to grow, otherwise this blue star, will there be countries in the future? I’m afraid that there will only be one Dongxia left! ”

“Continue to contact the magic net, just say that we are willing to add manpower!”

“Including ninth-order transferees!!!”


Above the blue star. Most.

Any country with a nine-order transferor.

Now they have all bought the news from Tianji. We all know that Su Bai is most likely a crow!

At such times.

Countless calculations have already come. It’s all aimed at Su Bai!

After all, before the crow appeared. All countries are stable. It’s all checks and balances.

Everyone has such high-end combat power as a ninth-order transferor, a humanoid nuclear bomb. No one would say that any battle broke out easily, war!

But now it’s different. After the crow appeared.

An unprecedented genius has appeared! Defeat the White Emperor doppelganger.

Pass through the first floor of the Tower of God.

They had to take it seriously. Such people.

If you grow up.

What if I step into the tenth step? When the time comes.

This world.

Will there still be these countries? So.

For crows. That is, Su Bai.

They are absolutely going to strike destruction!!! I don’t think I can let him grow!!!


Inside the City of Giants.

At this time, Su Bai looked at his properties panel. It was found that the property value is no longer increased.


【Su Bai】Level: 50

Class: First Order Enchanter! First-order World Creator! Talent: Mythical Enchantment! Eye of the Avenue!

Life: 5,505,000 [+5000] Mana: [Infinite]

Attack: 167,800 [+700+1200+900] Spell: 166,500 [+1500]

Defense: 166,950 [+800+350+800]

Attributes: Strength 55,000, Spirit 55,000, Agility 55,000, Physique 55,000 Enchantment: Infinite Resurrection! Full-time God!

The full property reached 55,000 later.

After killing the giant, you don’t continue to gain attribute values! Su Bai was puzzled.

“Strange, why didn’t you continue to increase your attributes?”

At this time, the Eye of the Avenue gave a hint.

[Master, you have reached the upper limit of the attribute value you can obtain by killing a giant in this giant city, continue to kill the giant, and no longer obtain attributes! ] 】

Didn’t Su Bai think that he didn’t have a rule pen? Can I use the rule pen to modify the rules? Thereupon.

Su Bai said his thoughts to the Eye of the Great Avenue. I want to use the ability of the rule pen to modify rules. Modify the rules for obtaining attribute caps!

In this way.

You can continue brushing monsters. The Eye of the Avenue continued to prompt.

[The rule pen can only modify non-basic rules! ] 】

[But in this city of giants, one of the most basic rules includes the upper limit of obtaining attribute points! ] So, master, you can’t modify the rules to get the upper limit of attribute values through the rule pen! 】

Su Bai listened. It can only be done. What a shame.

Otherwise, Su Bai felt that he could brush attribute values infinitely in this Giant City. And then directly invincible!!!

It’s exciting just to think about! It’s a pity that you can only think about it.

If it can be done. The world of that era was over.

After all, evil gods can modify such rules. That can also be made stronger in this way. It won’t end up until now.

There is no unified era of the world! It seems that the rule pen is not omnipotent either! But now Su Bai is also very satisfied.

Because now Su Bai’s four-dimensional attribute value has reached 55,000! It has already surpassed the vast majority of ordinary ninth-order transferees.

Although high-level job changers have a hierarchy of repression.

The sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth orders can only suffer one percent, one thousandth, one in ten thousand, one in 100,000 from those who are lower than their own ranks.

Even a ninth-order transferor could only receive one hundred thousand of Su Bai’s damage. But.

You must know that Su Bai belongs to that kind. As long as you break through your defenses.

Then I can second your all-rounder. Therefore, it is still able to kill the ninth-order transferor in seconds!

What’s more, Su Bai still has this thing in the world realm! It is simply an invincible existence!

Look at your own attribute values.

Su Bai smiled: “It seems that in Blue Star, I am already invincible.” ”

“Speaking of which, I really have to thank the evil gods!”

Su Bai smiled lightly,

“If it weren’t for the evil god, I wouldn’t be like this, hahaha!!!”


Su Bai thought of the evil god. And then laughed. If not the evil gods.

Su Bai also could not enter the super-ancient ruins and the city of giants. You must know that this is a relic that will not come to Yongcheng until a year later! But because the two evil gods want to get rid of the crow.

The result was modified using a regular pen.

Let the ruins come early!

In the end, not only failed to get rid of Su Bai.

It also made Su Bai’s four-dimensional attribute value reach 55,000! What else allowed Su Bai to get the rule pen!

Lost Madame and broke the army!!! For Su Bai, this is simply cool!!!

I’m afraid that now the two evil gods have fallen asleep. I don’t know that Su Bai is not only not dead.

On the contrary, it is even stronger! If only I knew. I don’t know how it will react. I’m afraid I’ll be mad! After Su Bai was a little happy. Suddenly.

A tone came.


【XX area exploration degree has reached 100%】

【XX area exploration degree has reached 100%】

【XX area exploration degree has reached 100%】

【The exploration of the city of giants has reached 100%】

[Regional Announcement: The City of Giants has been explored! ] Rewards are being sent! 】



[Your level +10! ] 】

[You have reached the level limit, you have saved the reward for you, please complete the second-level advanced task to receive the level increase reward! ] 】

[You are the first in the kill list, and you have obtained: 500 free attribute values! ] 】

[You are the first in the exploration list, and you have obtained: 500 free attribute values! ] 】

[Trigger Attribute Double Blessing: You get 10,000 Free Attribute Points!] 】


White light flashes.

Su Bai returned to the Tower of God in the Age World. City of Giants has been cleared!

Su Bai stood in place. Look at the rewards.

My heart is already excited.

“Hahaha, here are another 10,000 attribute values!”

“It’s so cool, isn’t it!!!

“Now I, even if I don’t open the world realm, I can kill a ninth-order transferor!”

“Gee, how long have I only awakened my profession?”


“It’s like playing a BT online game in a past life!!!”


Su Bai sighed! And then. Right now.

Su Bai planned to add all the attributes to complete it first.

Then pass the second-order advanced mission to reach the second-order job changer! Explore the ultimate quest on the second floor of Tower of God!

Upgrade your equipment by the way!

“Add points, all on the attack attribute!”


[Attack attribute +10,000! ] 】

[Trigger the full-time god enchantment entry effect: agility attribute, spirit attribute, physical attribute are all 65,000! ] 】


【Su Bai】Level: 50

Class: First Order Enchanter! First-order World Creator!

Talent: Mythical Enchantment! Eye of the Avenue! Life: 6,505,000【+5000】

Magic: C [Infinite]

Attack: 197,800 [+700+1200+900] Spell: 196,500 [+1500]

Defense: 196,950 [+800+350+800] Attributes: Strength 65,000, Spirit 65,000, Agility 65,000, Physique 65,000 Enchantment: Infinite Resurrection! Full-time God!


“Now, my four-dimensional attribute has broken 60,000!”

“Even a ninth-order transferor with the ultimate profession can’t keep up with my speed!!!


Right now.

Su Bai’s agility value has reached sixty-five thousand!

Even if it is the ultimate career ninth-order transferor of the Extreme Dao Stream. The agility value is far lower than Su Bai, and there is not even half of Su Bai! This means:

When they fought against Su Bai. They couldn’t see Su Bai’s movements. The eyes can’t see clearly!!!

His own agile perception can’t keep up with Su Bai’s movements! Only afterimages can be seen!

And in Su Bai’s eyes?

Their movement changes become very slow, very slow…. It’s like a slow-motion replay!

It can be said. Now Su Bai plays the ninth order.

It can be said that it has been crushed!!!


“Next, it’s time for me to complete the second-order advanced mission!”

“It’s time to enchant yourself, your equipment, for the third time!!!”

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