[66] The Case Is Solved! Su Bai’S Second Professional Archer! Su Bai Is Definitely Not A Crow! ! ! !

The moment when the body of the twelfth evil god was pierced.

There is still incomparable horror and bewilderment in his expression!

He doesn’t know why?

His total attributes are actually one-fiftieth lower than the rest!

He doesn’t even know who killed him!

It’s really outrageous!

The twelfth evil god was puzzled and doubtful.

The body helplessly turned into ashes.

Ashes gone!

Around Yongcheng.

The black barrier disappears with the death of the twelfth evil god!

at this time.

Su Bai, who shot the arrow from the balcony, turned the ancient bow back into the magic black ring.

Put it back on your thumb.

As if nothing had anything to do with him.

Go back to your room.

Lying in bed.

Su Bai said freely.


“The twelfth evil god is completely dead.”

“The grievances and grievances between me and the evil god have just taken the first step!”

“Before I eradicate all evil gods!”

“Now, let’s enchant it first!”

at the same time.

Bai Liu, who was seriously injured by “Seven Five Seven”, looked at the result of the twelfth evil god in the sky being pierced to death by an arrow.

Immediately, a look of horror appeared!

He looked at the direction the arrow was coming from.

I already have guesses in my heart.

“That direction……”

“It’s the direction of Su Bai’s house!!!”

“It was made by Su Bai!”

“I really didn’t expect that he could actually kill the ninth level…”

In fact, Bai Liu didn’t believe that Su Bai really managed to kill the sixth-order king-level boss and the ninth-level legendary-level boss!

After all, this is really outrageous!

But now it seems.

This is real,

Su Bai can really do it!

This is the best proof!


Four were wearing military overcoats.

An old man with slightly white hair appeared in the sky above.

They are the pillars of the four great towns of Eastern Xia!

Equivalent to the four strongest people in the Eastern Xia Empire!

They did not greet each other warmly when they saw each other.

Instead, he looked around nervously.

He stared down intently.

As if looking for something.


They get nothing.

Only then did he reveal a look of surprise.

Elder Lu was surprised and said in disbelief:

“The evil god is dead?”

“As the fourteen pioneers of the Outer Heaven world, the evil god with the power of the tenth-level god died in Blue Star?! No, he died in the Eastern Xia Empire?!”

“This is unbelievable!?”

“In the Eastern Xia Empire, who else can do it?!”

Mr. Liu nodded and said with a shocked expression: “When I came just now, I was ready for the worst outcome of dying with the evil god, but now, I almost arrived, and the evil god was hit by a second. It’s incredible!”

“Who the hell did this?!”

Lin Laodao: “No matter who he is, he has the power comparable to a tenth-level god! He is the strongest existence in this world!”

The last old Zhao didn’t speak.

He looked at Bai Liu who was healing not far away.

So, it came immediately.

“You are Bai Liu, the lord of Yong City?”

Old Zhao asked.

at the same time.

The other three saw that Mr. Zhao came to Bai Liu’s place.

I want to know who did it from Bai Liu!

As the lord of Yong City, Bai Liu is naturally well-informed, so he immediately recognized the identities of the four!

The four of them are the four most powerful people in the Eastern Xia Empire!

A powerful existence known as the pillar of the town!

Bai Liu panicked and replied: “Yes, Marshal Zhao, I am Bai Liu, the lord of Yong City.

Zhao Lao said quietly: “Since you are the city lord here, then you should know who did this? Who killed the evil… this monster?!”

The other three pillars of the town looked at him.

Bai Liu didn’t dare to lie at all.

Bai Liu said: “It’s Su Bai! Su Bai from Yongcheng No. 3 Middle School!”

“If I’m not mistaken, he killed this terrible monster!

All of a sudden, the four of them were puzzled.

Because they haven’t heard of it.

After all, they basically do tasks to level up in the era world every day.

Basically do not touch the Internet.


I don’t know but it’s still true.

After all, the IDs used for the world notifications triggered by Su Bai are crows.

If you say crow.

Then the four of them will know it!


Bai Liu told the story of Su Bai to the four of them.

When I heard that Su Bai killed the sixth-order king-level boss and the ninth-level legendary-level boss in the city of titan by himself.

They all froze.

“Hey, young people nowadays are so fierce? A first-tier boss and a ninth-tier boss?!”

“Hiss! Mad, is this still a human?!”

“This can’t be the reincarnation of a tenth-order god…”

“This Su Bai, Ma De, is so fucking good!!!”

Just when Bai Liu was telling the story of Su Bai to the four pillars of the town.

Everyone also found the four big brothers and Bai Liu.

Plus what they said was not deliberately hidden!

all of a sudden.

Everyone heard it.


Shocked again by Su Bai!

“Damn it, Su Bai really did it! That arrow was fired by Su Bai!”

“Haha ang hahaha, let me just say it! Su Bai can’t be a crow! Now it’s a stone hammer! The crow is a gunner! Su Bai is an archer and an enchanter! Hahaha, they are not the same person!!! ”

“Awesome Su Bai! It turns out that Su Bai is really awesome. He really killed such a terrifying monster in one hit!”

“Hehe, you know, Lord Bai and the others were almost caught by a single move, so you should know how powerful this monster is! It can even more reflect Su Bai’s awesomeness!”

“Su Bai is really the emperor of my human race! Emperor Su is awesome!”

“Made, why is there such a big gap between people? I am also an archer, why can’t I even do 1000 damage with one arrow! And Su Bai can kill such a powerful monster with one arrow… ”


Because of this.

It also allowed the network to ferment rapidly.

The original idea that Su Bai is a crow has been completely shattered!

“Haha, I just said that Su Bai is not a crow! A gunner and an archer, hmph, they are really different!”

“That’s right, how can the crow compare to Su Bai! See, the crow’s NC fan! This monster made all the pillars of the four major towns in Eastern Xia come to Yongcheng in person! It can be seen how awesome the monster is! But it is Such an awesome monster, was caught by Su Bai in seconds! What is the gold content of Su Bai! How can the crow compare with Su Bai?!”

“That’s right, Su Bai has the actual battle to kill the sixth-level boss, the ninth-level boss, and this ninth-level monster! What does the crow have? Isn’t it the Tower of God? This is nothing!”

“Hehe, you said that Su Bai is so awesome, why didn’t he pass the Tower of God? Why didn’t he trigger the world announcement? Why are they all crows? Doesn’t it mean that Su Bai can’t do it, can’t he? I’m still here for Su Bai Put gold on your face!”

“That’s right, the crow’s infinite bullets Gatling and a bullet with hundreds of thousands of damage, isn’t this tulle Su Bai?! Su Bai is nothing!”

“Hehe, you can shoot dead crows with the day lottery!”


At this time, there was a scuffle on the Internet.

Su Bai didn’t know.

Now I inexplicably have two fan groups!

One is to support Emperor Su Tian.

One is in support of Emperor Yatian.

They don’t know that Su Bai is actually a crow, and the crow is Su Bai…

at the same time.

The fourth elder who had just arrived in Yongcheng was stunned.

He couldn’t believe it.

4.3 The evil god is dead.

The evil god who cooperated with their leader is dead!

“How is this possible…”

“This Su Bai…is he really so against the sky?!”

You must know that the strength of the evil Kanbaru is tenth rank!

It’s just because I came to this world and was assimilated by data!

Although the realm fell.

But it is still the top existence!

But it is such an evil god.

Seconded by Su Bai.

One shot in seconds!!!

The fourth elder thought of this.

My body began to tremble inexplicably!

The Fourth Elder didn’t know.

Now I have a great fear of Su Bai!!!


“The plan will be discussed later!”

“Now I can never be an enemy of Su Bai!!!”

“Otherwise, it must be the way of death!!!!”

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