[67] The God Of Enchanting Entries! ! ! 【Ask For Data】

at this time.

At Su Bai’s house.

Su Bai has started enchanting himself!

“Enchant me!”

[Please choose one of the following three enchanted entries]:

Enchantment entry 1: Furious Death I: Increase your critical strike damage by 300%!

Enchanting entry 2: Gravity: You can control gravity!

Enchanting entry 3: Space Affinity: You can use space skills with ease!


Among the three enchanted entries above.

There are two that are useful.

But Su Bai will not choose.

If Su Bai didn’t have the eyes of the avenue.

Maybe it will choose the first or second enchantment entry!


Su Bai now has the Eye of the Dao!

And also got a hint from the Eye of the Great Dao.

Knowing that refreshing the 200th time will refresh the Enchanted Entries of the God of Entries!


Su Bai would definitely not choose the first and second enchantment entries!


“Continue to refresh!”

200th time!

[Please choose one of the following three enchanted entries]:

Enchanting entry 1: God of Enchanting: You can store three enchanting entries in the future, and then use them for others or yourself! Or, copy the enchanting entries on your body/equipment to enchant equipment 03 or others !!

Enchanting entry 2: Asexual: You become a human being without gender!

Enchanting entry 3: Ultimate instant: You can do whatever you want, go to any place you have been and you know!

Su Bai’s gaze has been on Enchanting Entry 1.

without him.

Because that’s the best enchantment entry for Su Bai right now!

To know.

Su Bai’s mythic enchantment has always had a flaw.

That is, it can only be refreshed.

There is no way to keep good enchanting entries.

Now this god of enchantment entry makes up for the only shortcoming of mythical enchantment!

It can be described as a huge improvement!


Su Bai chooses the first enchanted entry immediately!

“Choose the first one, the first enchanted entry! The god of entries!!!”

【You have chosen to enchant the entry: God of Entries!】

[You have used enchantment on yourself, and you have obtained the enchanted entry: God of Entries! You can store three enchanted entries in the future, and then use it for others or yourself! Or, copy the enchanted entries on your body/equipment , used to enchant equipment or others!!!]

for a moment.

A panel appeared before Su Bai’s eyes.

【God of Entries】

Storage Enchanting Entry: None

Copy Enchantment Entry: None

That is.

Su Bai can now store three enchantments.

And you can also copy the enchanted entries you already have!

This is so cool!

In the future, Su Bai only needs to ask about the Eye of the Great Dao.

What is the best enchantment entry this item can spawn.

If it’s good, then needless to say, refresh it yourself!

If you can’t refresh a good one, then directly copy your own equipment, the enchantment entry on your body, and press it!


It just took off straight away!

“By the way, I remember that I have: two equipment upgrade scrolls, one Baijin-level equipment treasure chest, one equipment scroll (epic), and three lucky treasure chests!”

“Now how do I make the most of these things?”

“The answer is naturally enchanting first!”

Just when Su Bai was about to enchant.

Su Bai thought of one thing!

Before Su Bai got the workbench.

Brushed out an infinite enchantment entry!!!!

Unlimited use: No matter how long you use this item, it will not be damaged and can be used all the time!

That is.

If it is used on the equipment upgrade scroll, the equipment scroll (epic)!

Wouldn’t that just take off?!

The future equipment level and quality will all depend on the equipment upgrade scroll and equipment scroll (epic)!!!

In this case.

When Su Bai wants to upgrade the equipment level and quality in the future.

There is no need to buy equipment, use the workbench to upgrade!

“I’m going, I only now know how unnatural this enchanting entry is!”

“This mythical enchantment is really extraordinary. In the enchantment entry lexicon, there is such a heaven-defying enchantment entry!!!”

Take a deep breath.

Su Bai immediately took out the workbench.

Then copied the unlimited use enchantment entry!

[You copied the enchanted entry: Unlimited use! No matter how long you use this item, it will not be damaged and can be used all the time!]

【God of Entries】

Storage Enchanting Entry: None

Duplicate Enchanted Entries: Unlimited Use!

Su Bai watched the panel change.

You will know that this has been copied.

You can continue to use it!


Su Bai immediately used the Unlimited Use Enchanting entry on the Equipment Upgrade Scroll, Equipment Scroll (Epic)!

[You have used enchantment on the equipment upgrade scroll, and the equipment upgrade scroll has obtained enchanting entry: Unlimited use! Use this item, no matter how long it takes, it will not be damaged and can be used all the time!]

[You have used enchantment on the equipment scroll (epic), and the equipment scroll (epic) has obtained the enchantment entry: Unlimited use! Use this item, no matter how long it takes, it will not be damaged and can be used all the time!】


Su Bai got an equipment upgrade scroll (unlimited use version) that can upgrade any equipment to the same level as the user himself!

And an equipment scroll that can upgrade any equipment quality to epic level (epic unlimited use version)!

Su Bai didn’t hesitate.

Immediately use all the equipment on your body!

All equipment levels have reached level 90!

The quality of all equipment has reached the epic level!

[Epic Boots of the Galaxy (Iv90)]

Quality: Epic

Attributes: Speed ​​+2000, Defense +1050! Reduce the control received by 2%, you can walk in the air for a short time! Move against the wind, you can fly in the sky!

Features: galaxy

Enchanting entry: Stepping into the air! Walking against the wind!

Binding: Su 3776

【Epic · Magic Blade Thousand Blades (Iv90)】

Quality: Epic

Attributes: Attack +2200, Speed ​​+700, Attack Damage +1000%, increase speed by 15% after a critical strike, can be equipped with a variety of weapons, and can be used at the same time!

Features: Thousand Blades

Enchanting entry: Magic Knife V! God of Weapons!

Binding: Su Bai

【Epic · 3600 RPM Gatling (Iv90)】

Quality: Epic

Attribute: Attack +2100! Each of your attacks is equal to your attack value, and your attacks cannot be crit! Your attacks must cause at least 1 damage!


Enchanting entry: Damage conversion! Absolute damage!

Binding: Su Bai

【Epic·Magic Black Ring (Iv90)】

Quality: Epic

Attribute: Magic Attack +210! You can trigger ten combos with any active skill you use. When you release a skill, you can release it ten times directly! Wear the magic black ring

Infinite inventory in your backpack!

Features: life sanction

Enchanting entry: Ten combo! Infinite space!

Binding: Su Bai

After a while.

Su Bai has a total of eight equipment!

All turned into level 90 epic equipment!!!


PS: Ask for data!!! Ask for flowers and various data!!!.

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