The sudden appearance of the man made Bai Ze feel that there was something wrong, and under the powerful perception, he could feel the slight killing intent and encroachment consciousness emanating from the man. Faced with this situation, Bai Ze glanced at the man more, and this action made the man notice a slightly hideous smile in return.

Bai Ze frowned after seeing it, and always felt that there was a problem, but there was no direct evidence that he could only put it down temporarily.

Sitting opposite Bai Ze, Thiel felt something, looked down and typed and asked: ‘What’s wrong?’ ’

“It’s okay, eat and eat.” Bai Ze did not explain and think too much, indicating that nothing happened.

‘Oh. Tyre’s face was a little strange when he heard this, but he didn’t think much about it.

After dinner, Bai Ze and Thiel walked on the side of the road at night, the two were side by side, there were few pedestrians on the street at this time, after all, it was not peaceful recently.

And Bai Ze was very satisfied with the meal, with a smile on his face from beginning to end.

I didn’t expect that things in this era were so delicious, and this wave of eating was not a loss. This shop will come to eat more in the future.

He walked on the road with a smile to reminisce about what he had eaten before, but Thiel did not talk to Bai Ze along the way, because at this moment Thiel was thinking about how to tie Bai Ze to herself, so that she could more easily understand Bai Ze’s identity.

Maybe you can investigate whether Bai Ze is a member of some high-ranking organization.

However, the time was too short, and for a while she had no way to find an excuse. So now she is a little troubled, with an unwilling look on her face.

The two walked down the street like this, and a figure followed them in the shadows behind them.

This person was the man who was sitting behind Thiel in the hotel before, and at this moment, he was looking at Thiel’s back with a sinister smile, and his eyes were full of greed.

The man’s name was Kenny, and he was not a native of City C, but from City S.

Kenny didn’t have any specialty, and he lived a three-o’clock life every day after work, but one day he received an invitation to a wild war.

After becoming a contestant, I was lucky enough to meet some newbies, and then won in the Novice Versus match, and also got a good ability, a kind of hypnosis ability.

It is precisely because of this ability that all the desires in his heart burst out, he hypnotized women and then played with them in various ways, but after a long time, he felt that it was not interesting and needed more exciting things to stimulate himself.

So he thought of more cruel ways to abuse women for thrills.

But he did not choose his own city S, but chose the next door city C.

Almost every once in a while, he hunted women in C City, abused him and killed him, and it was such exciting things that completely fascinated him.

The more beautiful the woman, the more able to arouse the desire and satisfaction in his heart.

Over time, he also attracted the attention of some people. Faced with this situation, he very cleverly joined an organization dominated by criminals, an organization created by high-ranking people – the coffin.

Today, when I went out to eat, I saw the shocking Thiel, and suddenly my inner desire could not be suppressed, followed Thiel and then enjoyed it.

As for Bai Ze, who was with him, he was directly ignored.

Now he was following behind Bai Ze and the two, and the smile on his face became more and more hideous, as if he couldn’t control himself.

Kenny’s appearance naturally made Bai Ze feel strange, he looked back at Kenny very covertly, and when he saw the sinister smile on Kenny’s face, he was almost sure that his target was either himself or Tyre.

So Bai Ze opened his mouth and said to Tyre:

“We were followed.”

‘What? Thiel was stunned when he heard this, and looked at Bai Ze with wide eyes, and the text was displayed on his phone.

When? I didn’t even find out about you….

Tyre looked strange, and after Bai Ze’s reminder, he found that someone was following him.

What people? Could it be some other high-ranking person? Or is it undiscovered?

Her face flashed solemnly, and she looked at Bai Ze at the first time she thought that she might be discovered by other high-ranking people, and looked at him seriously.

‘You go first, I don’t want to burden you.’ ’

“Huh?” Bai Ze looked at Thiel with a surprised expression, and did not expect that Tyre actually let him go first?

Shouldn’t you ask for help at this time, or call the police?

Although Bai Ze was strange, he didn’t ask, and said with a serious face: “You call the police, I’ll drag him down.” ”

Call the police….

When Thiel heard Bai Ze say this, he was suddenly surprised in his heart, he is much more advanced than the police, it is better to find them than to find himself.

And the average contestant doesn’t say such things as calling the police, and they never trust the police.

It is precisely because of this that at this moment, it can be seen from Bai Ze’s words that he is not a contestant of the mad war, because each of the contestants has strong strength and will never go to Qin Qiu to be a policeman.

And before Bai Ze’s identity problem, I am afraid that he bought it with money.

After all, there are many hackers who sell personal identities, and as long as they spend money, they can put themselves on the identity of a stranger.

In this way, Thiel affirmed that Bai Ze was an ordinary person.

The most important point is that Bai Ze does not have the lawless feeling of the contestants, and is completely a good citizen who obeys the law.

The subtle misunderstanding made Thiel sure that Bai Ze was just an ordinary person.

At this time, Bai Ze saw that Thiel did not answer himself, and said with an indifferent smile: “Don’t worry, don’t look at me like this, in fact, I still have some strength.” ”

Saying that, Bai Ze turned around and walked towards the man behind him.

Just when Thiel wanted to stop Bai Ze, the man behind him walked up with a sinister smile.

“Hehe, do you want heroes to save beauty? It’s a pity that today you can only die here. Kenny stared at Bai Ze walking towards him with a sly smile, without the slightest hidden meaning.

Immediately afterwards, Kenny took out a red dagger from his body, and at the first glance he could feel that this was definitely not an ordinary weapon.

Bai Ze didn’t react when he saw this thing, but Thiel was different.

She looked at the red dagger with wide eyes, full of surprise!

He’s that serial killer!! Damn it! How could it come across here!

Thiel tensed up, not expecting to meet a serial murderer who had not been caught before at this time.

What worries Thiel the most is that this murderer is a member of the high-ranking organization ‘Coffin’!

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