After the verdict was announced, he did not forget to give Bai Ze a charming smile, as if he was rewarding.

Bai Ze felt speechless when he saw the corner of his eyes, he stood in place and closed his legs, turned his head to look at customer service 02 and asked:

“So, what about the rewards?”

Hearing this, customer service 02 smiled funny, opened his palm and put it in front of Bai Ze.

I saw a white glow appear in 02’s palm, and a white energy ball appeared.

“This is Kenny’s fifty-year lifespan, and the skills and rewards he earned in the Rage War, corpse do you want?” If you don’t want it, I’ll destroy it. Customer service 02 patiently explained to Bai Ze.

Bai Ze heard the two words of the corpse, glanced at the dead Kenny subtly, shook his head and said: “No, you destroy it.” ”

“OK!” Customer service 02 smiled and snapped his fingers.

The next moment, I saw Kenny’s body turn into dust and disappear.

Then Bai Ze looked at the ball of light in his hand, and data immediately appeared in his sight.

Kenny’s Ball, fifty years of life.

However, Bai Ze frowned and felt that something was missing, and looked at customer service 02 and asked:

“Huh? What about Kenny’s props? ”

Customer service 02 said with a smile after hearing this: “In your backpack, you won’t have opened the system until now, right?” ”

“That broken system I really don’t want to see it, if it weren’t for that thing, I wouldn’t have come out.” Bai Ze couldn’t help but complain when he thought of the system, and everyone else encountered it alone when they were fine.

“You better take a good look at your system, there are many things you need to know, it is better to read the system description. Then that’s it for today, and tomorrow your task will come down. Customer service 02 said this, turned around and prepared to leave.

It’s just that she glanced sideways at Thiel as she left, and the smile on her face became dangerous.

This guy! What do you mean?

Thiel was so looked at by customer service 02 and felt wary, she was not sure what customer service 02 meant, as if her information was known in an instant.

But now there is a more important question in front of Thiel, that is, who is Bai Ze.

She walked up, looked at Bai Ze with a solemn look and asked, “Bai Ze, what kind of person are you?” ”

After Bai Ze heard this, he turned his head and said in a somewhat cold tone: “Do you think I’m a good liar?” ”

“I…” Thiel was not prepared for this question in the slightest, feeling overwhelmed in the face of Bai Ze’s questioning.

“Forget it, it doesn’t have anything to do with me anyway, does it? Maybe the next time we meet, we’ll be enemies. ”

A dangerous smile appeared on Bai Ze’s indifferent face, and there was a fine light in his eyes, like a warning and like expectation.

“Sorry, I lied to you.” Thiel looked at Bai Ze seriously to apologize, and the expression on his face was very solemn.

However, Bai Ze did not accept it, and he turned around and left directly.

“Gone. And don’t bother me, none of us know anyone. The kindness you invited me to dinner before, I will find an opportunity to return you. ”

Bai Zetou did not turn back and left, his tone carrying a coldness.

After all, no one who is deceived so deliberately will feel good in their hearts.

When Thiel saw Bai Ze leaving, the expression on his face was a little thoughtful, and finally glanced at Bai Ze’s reassurance that he left and decided not to look for Bai Ze anymore.

“You’re right, maybe we will be enemies the next time we meet.” Tyre’s face froze, she is a state organ, and the state organ absolutely does not allow such a thing as crazy war to exist in the country, so she and Bai Ze are destined to be enemies.

Because the relationship between Bai Ze and the war customer service is definitely not simple.


The next day, the sun was up.

Bai Ze got up from the tent in a daze, his face full of fairy energy. Bai Ze, who had never slept well last night, said that even the grass was hard.

Even if the body can carry it, but the mood is a little bad.

“It’s almost equivalent to not sleeping, is the task of breaking the system so coming?”

Bai Ze sat depressed in the grove of the park, holding instant noodles in one hand and holding a kettle to boil water.


Please check if there is your new task.

Just when Bai Ze wanted to make noodles, a voice came from the system.

After hearing the voice, Bai Ze stopped his hand movement and opened the system interface.

“Let me see what the task is?” Looking at it in confusion, Bai Ze’s face was a little uneasy.

Mission: Supervise the upgrade match between contestant ‘Raige’ and contestant ‘Tenryu’ as a temporary war referee.

Mission Reward: Random identity.

“God’s special random identity!” Bai Ze immediately went crazy when he saw this task, and he waited for a long time to wait for a random?

Who counts as a woman? Do you want me to live as a woman in the future?

Drafted! Wait for me to call and scold you!

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