“I’ll come right away! Hold on! Bai Ze responded immediately, and the next moment he rushed in the direction of the park.

Lei Ji on the side was startled by Bai Ze’s speed, and she also knew that something was wrong, otherwise Bai Ze would not have been so flustered.

In the park, Thiel hides in the shadows of the park with his injuries in a black military uniform, and she knows that it is only a matter of time before she is discovered.

If no one helps her, she will face only one result – death!

Thiel never thought that she would be so secretly calculated by her colleagues, and she would never contact Bai Ze before, because Bai Ze’s purpose is unknown, his identity is unknown, and he takes the initiative to contact each other when everything is unknown, that is, the same act as looking for death.

However, now she had to choose to contact Bai Ze, and could only pray that Bai Ze was not coming to kill her.

“Qilong that bastard!!” Tyre gritted his teeth and scolded.

Thiel never thought that he would actually capsize here, and he still turned over to the end. The people who hunted her down were none other than people, people from official special bodies, people from the state !!

What organ chief, what status, has already disappeared by this time.

She was careless, and at the same time underestimated that Qilong’s people were pervasive.

Previously, Thiel reported information to the state that he did not know Bai Ze and had not contacted Bai Ze.

She was not sure what Bai Ze’s purpose was, nor Bai Ze’s identity, and after seeing Bai Ze’s strength, she deeply understood that Bai Ze had the ability to destroy the world and the earth.

In order to avoid the state using tough means against Bai Ze to attract retaliation, Thiel lied that he had no news of Bai Ze.

Who knows, the news of his lying was actually caught by Qilong.

The most surprising thing is that there is still evidence that directly confirms that he is a lie.

The State knew that it would definitely intervene in the investigation and immediately dispatched investigators.

At present, everything seems to be very formal, who knows that something went wrong when he finally intervened in the investigation!

The investigator is Qilong’s man!

They didn’t come to investigate Tyre at all, but to kill her!

Charges: Refusing to investigate, assaulting investigators.

In this way, everything is justified.

And Thiel is difficult to argue in this matter, because no one will listen to her, and she is sat down to lie.

More importantly, the external claim is ‘intervention investigation’, this kind of investigation is almost every year, everyone outside knows that this is just a formality, even if others react, it is after Thiel has been killed!

At the same time, Thiel’s cronies were killed at the same time, on the same charge – refusing to investigate and attacking the investigators.

This obviously forced Tyre to rebel!

The state simply has no way to find out the truth in a short period of time, so Thiel must resist if he does not want to die, but once he resists, he will be convicted.

In the end, Thiel chose to resist and completely betrayed the special organs.

Now that the whole city is searching for her, she has gone through nowhere, thinking of the contact number left by Bai Ze, and asking for help with the mentality of gambling.

“That mongrel!” Tyre clenched his fists angrily and slumped on the grass in anger.

She dressed her wounds while observing her surroundings.

Unsurprisingly, the entire park was already surrounded, and the Skynet system was able to catch its whereabouts in an instant.


On the other side, when Bai Ze came to the park, the entire park was already surrounded, surrounded by armored vehicles and fully armed soldiers.

The entire park is under martial law, no one is allowed to approach, and the passers-by around can’t help but be surprised when they see it, they have never seen such a big battle, it is simply going to fight.

At this time, Bai Ze’s heart sank as he looked at the blocked park.

Is it late?! Obviously came over in less than a minute….

It seems that Thiel only called me when he was out of nowhere.

Bai Ze realized that this snack was very ugly, and walked up quickly without hesitation.

At this time, the surrounding soldiers saw Bai Ze and immediately said: “What kind of person!” Can’t get any closer here! ”


“Raise your gun! Warn you to leave, or you will be arrested for obstruction of official duties! ”

The soldier in black combat uniform stared at the approaching Bai Ze with a solemn expression.

However, Bai Ze didn’t pay attention to it, directly kicked his legs, and the whole person rushed out like a bullet.

Bump ——!

The ground cracked because of Bai Ze’s strength, and the soldiers on the opposite side lost Bai Ze’s trace without reacting.

“Not good! Someone broke in! Someone broke in!! ”

The next second Bai Ze disappeared, the armored car on the side sounded an alarm


Warning sounds can be heard throughout the park.

The soldiers searching for Tyre in the park were shocked when they heard it, and immediately raised their guns to form a defensive formation.

A man in a black military uniform frowned when he heard the siren, then grinned.

“I can’t see that Thiel guy still has foreign aid, so let me see who is so bold and dares to break in directly.”

The man looked back at the entrance of the park, he was the investigation captain – Lin An, and he was also a contestant.

The next moment, he immediately felt Bai Ze’s figure.

With a swoosh, Bai Ze passed by him expressionlessly, and Lin An’s eyes widened in disbelief in the moment he staggered!

“It’s pretty fast.”

Lin An smiled approvingly and reached out to grab Bai Ze’s shoulder at a faster speed.

Just as he grabbed Bai Ze’s shoulder, he said with a smile: “This road is not passable.” ”

Bump ——!

Bai Ze didn’t look at Lin An and directly punched up, and this punch fell fiercely on Lin An’s face, and the huge force directly knocked Lin An out.

Bang! Bang!!

The traces of destruction that run through half of the park are the trajectory of Lin Anfei.

The trunk fell to the ground, while Lin An collapsed in the ruins, his face had been distorted, and the person completely lost consciousness.

“I’m in a hurry, I don’t have time to play with you.”

Bai Ze glanced in Lin An’s direction expressionlessly, and rushed forward again.


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