That night, the members of the Black Snake immediately contacted the headquarters of Country X.

“The mission failed.”

“Failed?! You guys come back first. ”


That night, he took a plane directly back to country X, but he didn’t know that at this time, Bai Ze and the three arrived in country X one step ahead of him.

Black Snake headquarters, in an ordinary-looking office building.

At this moment, Bai Ze was standing at the gate with a cigarette hanging his head, looking up at the towering building, and there was a fierce light in his eyes.

And Thiel, who was wearing a black military uniform next to Bai Ze, was ready to go, but Thiel’s face was wearing a black gas mask-like thing, and his face could not be seen at all. The black battle dress bears a special emblem, the emblem of this official special organ.

In Thiel’s words, you can’t go back anyway, it’s better to use this thing to do something, tell others that you’re okay, and don’t mess with yourself.

As for Reggie, she was holding a sniper rifle that was longer than her height, and looked at the tall building in front of her with a complicated mood.

“Let’s act.” Bai Ze said indifferently, casually throwing away the cigarette on his mouth.

When the cigarette butt fell to the ground, Bai Ze had already walked up with Tyr.

Reggie stood in place and carried a sniper rifle in the same way as a Gatling, and the muzzle was instantly aimed at the electrical equipment in the building.

Bump ——!

The next moment, the sniper rifle in Reggie’s hand made the sound of a cannonball, and her body trembled violently because of recoil.

In an instant, the power of the opposite office building was instantly lost, and at the same time, passers-by on the street looked at Lei Ji in horror after hearing the loud noise, and they only reacted at this time that the thing in Lei Ji’s hand was not a toy.

The passers-by who reacted immediately fled in panic, and many people also called the police at this time.

Lei Ji glanced at the passers-by around and said coldly: “Don’t worry, everything is over when the police come.” ”

At the same time, the Black Snake headquarters.

“What’s going on!?” The founder of the black snake, the black snake, looked solemnly at the room in front of him that suddenly became pitch black.

His first reaction was a power outage, but the next moment he immediately felt that something was wrong, even if it was a power outage, there would be no vibration. The slight vibration just now was definitely not an ordinary thing, and the experience of walking between life and death told him that this matter would definitely not be simple.

Immediately, he kicked away the boss’s table in front of him, squatted down and reached out to grab the carpet, and a secret compartment appeared, and countless firearms were neatly placed inside.

Just as he was preparing his weapon, there was a sound of fighting outside the house.


The sound of gunfire was followed by shouts of disbelief.

“How is it possible! Monster…… Ahhhhhhh ”

“Impossible! How can there be such people !! ”

The screams coming from outside the house made people feel fearful, and the black snake’s face sank, and he clenched the gun in his hand.

Just as he was about to walk out of the room, the door of the room was kicked open.

Touch – when!

The sound of steel breaking resounded throughout the room, and Black stared at the kicked door with wide eyes in disbelief.

That’s a 10-centimeter-thick steel gate!

The black snake was horrified in his heart, and looked in the direction of the door with wide eyes in disbelief.

Then two people walked in from outside the gate, and their appearance made the black snake feel terrified.

“Who are you?” The black snake clenched the gun in his hand and stared at the two people in front of him.

Thiel didn’t answer when he heard this, and turned his head to look at Bai Ze.

Bai Ze looked at the black snake in front of him indifferently and said indifferently: “Hehe, you sent someone to kill us, and now you still ask who I am?” ”

The black snake frowned when he heard this, and thought quickly in his heart.

Recently, they have received many tasks, but it is impossible for people with this kind of combat power, the only thing that is possible is – assassinate Ray Lawrence, this matter!

“How could it be… Obviously the information said…” The black snake was suddenly startled and looked at Bai Ze in disbelief.

However, the next moment, Thiel reached out and took out a reinforced version of the pistol from his military uniform, and the pistol that was longer than the usual muzzle flashed silver-white light.

Thiel sneered: “Stupid guy, meddle in this matter without knowing anything, hehe.” ”

Bump ——!

As soon as the words fell, Thiel pulled the trigger without hesitation, and the head of the black snake instantly exploded.

Blood splashed on the ceiling and turned into spots.


When the members of the returning Black Snake returned to the Black Snake headquarters, it was already midnight.

He stood on the street and stared wide-eyed at the destroyed headquarters, and a wave of fear arose.

“How could it be… What’s going on! He muttered in fear, and his body couldn’t help but tremble.

What the hell is going on!?

He didn’t understand why it had become like this, and he had no idea what had just happened.

And at this time, a silver-white muzzle quietly aimed at his head, and the instantaneous touch made his whole person dare not move.

Looking sideways, he saw a white-haired man looking at him expressionlessly.

“Who are you? Why kill me!? He looked at the person who appeared in horror, and that person was Bai Ze.

Bai Ze said indifferently, “Didn’t you say before that I can’t fight you? ”

As soon as these words came out, the man’s pupils shrank, and he had heard this voice.

It was the voice on the walkie-talkie at that time!!

“No… No…… Please… No! I just listened to the instructions not to kill me…”

Bump ——!

At night, a gunshot stunned residents from sleeping.

And Bai Ze looked at the fallen guy in front of him coldly, and said indifferently:

“It’s just a warning.”


The next day, all the killer organizations that accepted the assassination of the Lawrence family stopped, and all the tasks related to the Lawrence family were rejected!

Because the killer organization Black Snake was destroyed the next day after accepting the mission to assassinate Ray Lawrence!

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