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Chi entered the Holy Dragon City with a large army, his identity was naturally self-evident, and no one thought that there were actually people with the heart of the ring in the Sword Saint family, and they were also family members!

Driving the carriage down the street, Chi Qiu rushed towards the place where Tia spread the news.

And Bai Ze was sitting at Tia’s house at this time, waiting for the auction to begin. I have to say that Tia arranged quite well in this regard. Originally, Bai Ze didn’t have any superfluous thoughts about this room, just when Tia made up for it.

Now Tia is holding the instant noodles with a happy face, and he can’t help but sigh for a while, not knowing how to describe Tia’s very fond of instant noodles.

Seeing that she likes it so much, I don’t admit telling her the truth, Ma Ya, why does my conscience hurt.

Bai Ze sat opposite Tia and covered his face and didn’t want to speak, silently watching Tia at a loss.

But Tia didn’t notice Bai Ze’s embarrassment at all, and happily held the bowl and gulped down all the soup.

As a result, this scene made Bai Ze can’t help but condemn in his conscience, and he didn’t dare to look at Tia.

No, my conscience constantly condemns me, and it is better to watch this guy eat noodles less in the future.

When Tia put down the bowl, she patted her stomach with a satisfied look and said happily: “The auction is about to start, how do you plan to catch the person of the Heart of the Ring?” ”

After Bai Ze heard this, he smiled mysteriously: “I naturally have a way.” ”

“What way? Tell me about it? Tia’s eyes widened in curiosity and she lay on the table expecting an answer.

And Bai Ze smiled and did not tell her.

As for how to catch the method of catching the Heart of the Ring, Bai Ze naturally had a complete grasp, as long as he exposed what the Heart of the Ring had been looking for, he was not afraid that they would not appear.

Bai Ze’s eyes flashed fiercely when he thought of this.


Momentarily, the auction.

The large venue was full of people, all of whom came for the ring ring, each with a different purpose.

As for what purpose, it is unknown.

Just as everyone was done, a man slowly walked out from the high platform opposite them, this person was Bai Ze.

When Bai Ze walked to the middle of the field, he looked around and said indifferently:

“Thank you all for coming, but unfortunately I don’t plan to sell the magic ring ring, and anyway, these are my engagement rings. I don’t think you have the idea to sell your engagement rings. ”

As soon as the words fell, the faces of everyone present sank.

“Are you fooling us? Do you know how terrible the consequences are? ”

“I see you don’t want to live?”

“Find death!”

The people present unceremoniously scolded Bai Ze, and everyone sitting at the bottom was a person of high moral integrity or great power.

These people were suddenly played like this by Bai Ze. The mood will certainly not be angry. The killing intent seemed to be able to be seen with the naked eye, and the atmosphere of the entire venue was dead silent.

Faced with such a situation, Bai Ze didn’t care and said indifferently: “It’s best that you don’t interfere in this matter, after all, this is a matter between me and the heart of the ring.” ”

“Heart of the Ring!?”

“The guys are here too!?”

“! Let’s go! ”

The fame of the Heart of the Ring is so useful.

Bai Ze saw that the people present turned around and left after hearing this name, and said approvingly in his heart.

Bai Ze, who was standing on the stage, didn’t care about these people who left at all, because he had what the Heart of the Circle had to need.

“So the Heart of the Ring hasn’t come out yet? The ring ring you want is in my hand. Saying that, Bai Ze revealed the magic ring ring on his finger, waiting for the people around him to act.

It’s a pity that this situation has not yet reached the point of exposure, and Chi under the field looked at Bai Ze with a sneer, unmoved by his provocation.

Seeing that there was no effect, Bai Ze nodded and turned around to sit on the chair on the stage.

Leaning on his leg, he lit a cigarette and said very casually: “It turns out that you don’t want the magic ring ring, then forget it.” I’ll just do it for another thing, Mary in my hands. ”

In an instant, the red pupils under the stage shrank, and the magic power on his body erupted.

Mary, a person who can travel through the world and not be wanted by the mad war, she has in her body what the Heart of the Circle must get, the way not to be wanted!

Bai Ze on the stage felt the magic and smiled, and swore with a smile: “I know that you will not let this matter go, so who will introduce you?” ”

Chi heard Bai Ze’s words and stood up unceremoniously, and he walked towards Bai Ze with an expressionless face. The magic power on his body constantly erupted, and every step would smash the ground.

“Sword Saint, Chi!” Chi said his identity with a cold face.

As soon as his words fell, the eyes of the people around him who had not yet left suddenly widened in horror.

“What?! Sword Saint Chi!! ”

“! Come on! This madman didn’t expect to appear here! ”

“Damn it!”

The people around them fled like the wind, and they didn’t expect to encounter the infamous Sword Saint Chi in such a small place!

At this time, Tia, who had been hiding in the background watching the play, pulled out, and stood on the side and said to Bai Ze worriedly:

“Bai Ze, let’s go! This guy is no ordinary guy! ”

Tia looked at Bai Ze anxiously, wanting him to leave.

Sword Saint Chi has the strength of a Sword Saint and has a good magical talent. It has a good reputation in the world, but it has become notorious because of one thing.

That is, in order to pursue greater power, he joined the Heart of the Ring, and the meeting ceremony for the Heart of the Circle was to slaughter a city hostile to the Heart of the Ring!

There were many strong people in that city, and as a result, they did not block a single move in front of Sword Saint Chi.

Even Tia, the head of the academy, was not entirely sure of defeating him.

Therefore, Tia panicked and stood up to remind Bai Ze at the first time.

After Bai Ze, who was sitting in the chair, heard the identity of the Sword Saint, he smiled and asked expectantly, “You are very strong?” ”

“Is it strong, why don’t you try it?” Chi Face walked in front of Bai Ze expressionlessly, and he already had a gorgeous holy sword in his hand.

“Bai Ze! Run away! Tia immediately rushed up when she saw the food approaching, and at the same time cast magic on Chi with both hands.

Vulcan’s left hand!

Vulcan’s right hand!

A crimson magic wrapped around Tia’s hands, aiming at Chi was super magic.

The moment Tia aimed her hands at Chi, a crimson pillar of light burst out.

The adult-sized pillar of crimson light rushed towards Chi, and everything around it was dyed red by this crimson light.

The next moment, I saw Chi turn his head and glare at Tia!


Tia’s magic was instantly broken, and her right hand was also cut off!

Her eyes widened in pain, watching her blood splash in the air, not expecting to be cracked magic so simply. _

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