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Chapter 1205: reverse

  Chapter 1205 Reversal

  When the Alcatel P5 pre-sale record was released, the entire media and the mobile phone industry were a little confused for a while.

The promised P5 is just an industrial waste. No one will buy this thing if it is agreed. The user reviews are raging. It is not a 3G machine. Dogs don’t play it. It is sold after pre-sale. One million phones were purchased, setting a new record in the history of the mobile phone industry. Who bought so many phones? !

  The media in the entire technology industry was silent for a while, and the electronic enthusiast forums that Brady visited, as well as Yahoo's electronic and digital channel, were also somewhat broken, and there was no sound for a while.

P5 has been scolded for being a bird. Schultz, who presided over the global press conference, was besieged by the media and electronic enthusiasts after the press conference, and the famous scene when he was shouted to refund tickets was made into reality. Emoji packs have become a "famous meme" in the global electronics industry. When a certain electronic product is called out for refund, it becomes synonymous with electronic waste!

As a result, media people, electronic enthusiasts, and professional mobile phone reviewers all thought that the sales would plummet, and the sales of the P5, which they thought would be impossible to sell, ushered in an epic explosion, which made many people suspicious up.

In contrast, the Alcatel mobile phone supply chain manufacturer, the listed company of the Alcatel mobile phone concept stock, ushered in the annual carnival again. When the order was placed, the stock price of Alcatel's mobile phone concept stock started to soar like crazy!

It is not an isolated case where the stock price fluctuated by more than 27% in a single day like Houston Dikler, and there is even an example of Alcatel concept stock company’s stock price doubling. It can be seen that Wall Street institutions are now interested in Alcatel concept Stocks, to what extent the fanaticism has reached, is in stark contrast to the attitude from last night to this morning.

What is more uncomfortable is those Wall Street institutions and investors who think that the P5 mobile phone will fall from the altar and cleared a large number of Alcatel mobile phone concept stocks in their hands. Those mobile phone parts manufacturers are a little dumbfounded at this time...

  In Sacramento, the capital of California, Smith Printing Company, which is mainly engaged in packaging and printing, has a solid atmosphere at the moment.

  Smith Printing Co., last year, when the P5 was being developed, passed the screening of Alcatel's mobile phone procurement department and was allowed to join the Alcatel mobile phone parts supplier industry.

  A mobile phone is composed of more than 200 parts, large and small. It is true that Alcatel mobile phone has built its own parts supply chain, but it is impossible for all parts to be provided by parts supply chain manufacturers.

Not to mention, Alcatel mobile phone supply chain manufacturers, in order to maintain competitiveness, are also competing internally every year, constantly replacing new component manufacturers, the entire Alcatel mobile phone supplier manufacturers, except for a few irreplaceable core companies, The rest is not set in stone.

The outer packaging supplier is also a member of the Alcatel mobile phone industry chain. Although this thing is not high-tech, it is a matter of face. Alcatel mobile phones are also the best outer packaging products purchased by Smith Printing Company. Seiko's ink technology is quite good in America.

Now, there are rumors in the outside world. If you want to ask the mobile phone electronic parts industry, which company has the best technology in the industry, you only need to check Alcatel mobile phones. The list of parts manufacturers that is routinely released every year will be known. The components purchased by Alcatel mobile phones are all the best in the industry. As long as they enter the Alcatel mobile phone industry chain, their profits will be doubled, and the stock price will skyrocket. This is why so many companies have been squeezed out over the past few years. , All want to join the Alcatel mobile phone industry chain.

Originally joined the Alcatel mobile phone industry chain supplier industry, which is naturally something to be happy about, but Smith Printing joined too late. At that time, the P4 had passed the hottest time, and there were sales, but there was no one. Start one, direct orders for tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of machines.

The most important thing is that Alcatel mobile phone has an exclusive agreement with supply chain manufacturers. This agreement is quite overbearing. All manufacturers that join Alcatel mobile phone supply chain can only supply parts and components to Alcatel mobile phone in the mobile phone industry, and cannot compete with other mobile phones. In cooperation with manufacturers, these component suppliers can only cooperate with other companies in the business that Alcatel mobile phones do not have.

The agreement is overbearing, but for those who want to embrace Alcatel's mobile phone thighs and get a share of Alcatel's annual sales of nearly 300 million mobile phones and more than 60 billion US dollars in sales, even if the agreement suffers, they will still accept it. up.

  For Smith Printing Company, it is now facing an embarrassing problem. It did not get the bonus of P4 mobile phone. As a result, the P5 may be yellow. It makes Smith Printing Company feel completely blown up.

The president of Smith Printing Company originally wanted to take advantage of the popularity of the P5 mobile phone to have a big meal, and even complete the listing. Who knows what kind of market will be after the P5 press conference, so Smith Printing Company also had a break. The idea of ​​cooperating with Alcatel mobile phone, after all, if the cooperation is not cut off, because of the overbearing exclusive agreement, Smith Printing Company can't accept orders from other companies at all, which led to the fact that last night, it sent a mobile phone to Alcatel mobile phone. A document to terminate the agreement, and promised to "compensate" Alcatel a certain amount of mobile phone costs.

   It can’t be said that Smith’s approach is so wicked. After all, when the disaster is imminent, they will fly separately. Seeing that the Alcatel mobile phone ship is about to "sink", it is reasonable to change the door at this time.

But, the mistake is that Smith Printing Company never imagined that those media, technology commentators and Wall Street analysts are so unreliable. The Alcatel mobile phone didn't hurt a single leg hair!

   "Who can tell me what to do now!"

  Antono Smith, president of Smith Printing Company, asked a group of executives in a rage.

   A group of executives standing in Antono's office kept silent. What could they do? The agreement to terminate the cooperation was sent to Alcatel Group frankly a long time ago, and it would be impossible to get it back.

Besides, it was Antono’s decision not to cooperate with Alcatel’s mobile phone, and they can change Antono’s decision. Now when it’s time to take the blame, Antono Smith has started to throw the blame. Can you handle it? !

   Still with Smith Printing Company for many years, the old minister who served as the president of Smith Printing Company stepped forward and found a way for Antono to step down.

   "The most important thing now is to recover the loss, go to San Jose immediately, whether it is an apology or an admission of mistakes, do everything possible to recover the loss!

   On the other hand, we must also be prepared to recover from failure. In the second half of the year, all major mobile phone manufacturers will definitely launch flagship phones. Smith Printing Company must seize the opportunity, otherwise... it may completely lose orders this year! "

Antono Smith's face was tangled. He is the second generation of Smith Printing Company. He took over the Smith Printing Company established by his father. He has not experienced his father's predicament and still retains his arrogance. He asked him to come to the door to apologize Apologizing and bowing his head to admit his mistake, for An Tuonuo, it was really hard to bow his head.

Seeing Antonuo's expression, the old minister said helplessly, "President Antonuo, this is the only chance for Smith Company. If it fails, the entire Smith Printing Company will fail more than 80% of its large orders, and it may even affect the , other companies cooperate with us!"

"I see!"

   At the last moment, Antono Smith finally gritted his teeth and said that he was going to San Jose to plead guilty to Alcatel Mobile.

It is not only companies like Smith Printing that are affected. Relatively speaking, the troubles of Smith Printing are still visible to the naked eye. Other mobile phone manufacturers are really struggling at this time, because all major mobile phone manufacturers have spent a lot of money before. A large number of US dollars are used to develop mobile phones with graphene components. At this time, Alcatel mobile phones are bluffing. The P5 is not a graphene mobile phone, which makes them extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know whether to continue to develop graphene mobile phones.

Let’s develop it. A graphene mobile phone is like a bottomless pit. I don’t know when it will be filled. If you develop a graphene that can be used, don’t develop it. What if your friends develop it in advance? Then they are not beautiful. It's a waste of money, and now I'm really entangled to the extreme.

   Nokia, which regards Alcatel mobile phones as its lifelong enemy, and a large number of mobile phone manufacturers such as Motorola, Ericsson, Samsung, Sony, Siemens, Panasonic, etc., are caught in a dilemma at this time.

  Nokia headquarters, the office headquarters of Nokia President Ollila. After watching the Alcatel P5 mobile phone conference, Ollila returned to the office, and then the door was closed.

  Ollila is making an important decision, and it is very difficult to determine, and it may even determine the fate of Nokia. All the people in the Nokia headquarters understand it.

  Until the phone sitting outside Ollila's office rang, the assistant received the call and said to the executives waiting outside, "President Ollila, I want to see Vice President Kallasvuo!"

For a while, all Nokia executives looked at Kallasvuo, the chief operating officer of Nokia, especially the chief strategy officer of Nokia, Marty Alahuta, and the head of Nokia's phone department, Karasvuo. It seemed that they all had feelings in their hearts, but they didn't speak. They all looked at Kallasvuo and walked into the door of Ollila's office.

   After Kang Peikai went in, he was surprised to see that Ollila's temples had turned gray after just over a day, which surprised him.

  Ollila, whose face was full of exhaustion, seemed to be completely relaxed at this moment. Seeing the look on Kam Peikai's face, she smiled and waved to him, motioning for Kam Peikai to sit down.

  “When I took over Nokia, Nokia was facing the most critical moment, all businesses were losing money, and it may be less than a year before bankruptcy!

  I cut off a lot of Nokia’s business, got back a sum of money, and then bet on the mobile phone business. Fortunately, I won the bet. According to the current market value of Nokia, this is a $300 billion bet! "

   When mentioning the past of saving Nokia, Ollila couldn't help showing a little complacent expression on his face, but then, Ollila's expression became dim.

"Perhaps, everyone has their own problems that need to be faced. My problem back then was to save Nokia. I did it, but now Nokia has encountered new troubles. Maybe...the next person is needed to solve Nokia's current troubles Already!"

  Kang Peikai looked at Ollila in shock, of course he could hear what Ollila meant.

   "I decided to terminate Nokia's research and development in the field of graphene, and no longer invest in the field of graphene in the future. This is the last order I signed as the president of Nokia!"

  Ollila decided not to follow Alcatel’s mobile phone and eat ashes. This decision is very risky, and the price she may pay in the future is also very high, but Ollila decided to bear it all.

   "I will nominate you as the new president of Nokia. I know this may be unfair to you, but... everyone has their own mission, right?!"

Ollila stood up, patted Kallasvuo on the shoulder with a smile, and then looked around. He sat in the office for more than ten years, and the past events came to mind one by one. He resolutely walked out. As for the future war with Alcatel and Nokia's future path, it has nothing to do with him. He has tried his best!

   When there were reports of executive changes at Nokia, and many executives including chief strategy officer Marty Alahuta and head of Nokia's phone department Karasvuo suddenly resigned, Alcatel P5 officially began to go on sale globally!

  Nokia's changes did not affect the sales of P5. Even today, all the media and practitioners in the mobile phone and technology industries were so focused on P5 that they ignored the changes made by Nokia.

   "By 11:30 noon, many stores in New York that sell Alcatel P5 mobile phones announced one after another that the P5 is sold out today, and they are currently getting the phone from the Alcatel mobile phone headquarters!"

   "For the first time in Miami, Alcatel mobile phone boom was set off, and there was a scene of thousands of people queuing in front of America Telecom's electronic flagship store!"

   "Alcatel P5 agent in England, British Telecom urgently announced at noon that it will start to limit the purchase of P5 mobile phones. Each British Telecom mobile phone number user can only buy one P5!"

   "The first batch of 350,000 Alcatel P5s released in Germany has been snapped up. Some German mobile phone users are dissatisfied. They think that the German Alcatel mobile phone agent may be reluctant to sell P5 at a higher price. The German commercial department is involved in the investigation!"

"America, Canada, England, Germany, Lao Maozi, the Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong City, Yanjing and other places have seen a rush to buy Alcatel P5 mobile phones. This is the most popular Alcatel P series mobile phone since its appearance. a cell phone!"

After the P5 went on sale, various rumors began to appear. By noon, news that the P5 was sold out began to appear in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, San Jose and other places. There were huge queues in front of the stores selling P5 Overseas market also began to spread the news of snapping up P5, and agents like British Telecom began to limit the sale of Alcatel P5 mobile phones!

And in the afternoon, the preliminary sales statistics of Alcatel P5 came out, did not wait for the evening, only in the afternoon, through store sales, Alcatel mobile phone official website, as well as Amazon, ebay, 8848 and other major global e-commerce platforms, Alcatel The sales statistics of P5 directly broke two million units!

Sorry, the update is late. I originally wanted to write more in the past two days, but I planned to update it yesterday afternoon. As a result, my mind has been drowsy since yesterday afternoon. I drank medicine and slept for a long time. I only wake up tonight Woke up, really sorry.



  (end of this chapter)

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