Outside Yuyin Village.

At the entrance of an inconspicuous cave, three figures were slowly approaching.

Two of them wore robes with red clouds on a black background.

A richly dressed teenager followed behind the two.

Swirling surface hemp.

It has been fifteen years since the tire was worn into this world.

As an orphan of the Uzumaki family, his early life was not good.

After getting a little older, Uzumaki started a business plan in Yuyin Village.

At that time, it was the period of development of the Xiao organization after the death of Hanzo of the pepperfish.

Whirlpool noodles have laid a lot of foundation.

Soon, of course, he was noticed by money-sensitive horns.

There is such a big gold mine at the doorstep, and the horns will naturally not let go.

It's just that the horns don't even know.

In fact, the whirlpool noodles are all this, just to catch him hooked.

The ability he shows to absorb gold, with the character of Kakuto and the experience of the elders, he will never kill chickens and get eggs.

Uzumaki Noodles also took the opportunity to offer to hand over the property to Kakuto, but to meet their leader.

So, he was brought here.


In a cave.

On the rock where Xiao organized the rally, only two people were standing.

Heavenly Dao Payne.

and Xiaonan.

Fei Duan Hanger Lang leaned aside.

Kakuto patiently said Uzumaki's request.

Uzumaki Noodle Ma also came up with his idea - to become the brainchild of the Xiao Organization.

"God, there is no need for intrigue! Strength is the only truth! "

After listening to it, Tiandao Payne replied coldly.

Apparently, Uzumaki's proposal was rejected.

Uzumaki pouted.

—— There is no need for intrigue, you are about to be hidden by the group, take the soil to play into a Fiji cup, a group will not play, and put this outfit.

"That is, little brother, you can honestly make money, when the time comes, give us more funds, and the provincial uncle will go to receive the bounty at every turn, wasting my missionary time."

Fei Duan also burst out laughing when he heard Uzumaki Noodles' proposal.


Uzumaki shook his head.

It's really troublesome to talk to low IQ, it seems that it is better to go to the big snake pill.

Right now.

There was a loud noise at the top of the cave.

The cave is collapsing?

Kakuto frowned, and hurriedly picked up the whirlpool in a daze and ran towards the outside of the cave.

——This is his egg-laying gold only because he can't die.

However, the crowd ran out of the cave and found out.

It is not the mountains that shake, but the entire sky.

The reason why Uzumaki was in a daze was because there was a sound in his ears that only he could hear.

[The Ninja World Comparison System is turned on, and the system will compare the current Ninja World with the original Ninja World. 】

[At the same time, there will be a question and answer for the entire ninja world.] 】

[The reward for the correct answer will be synchronized to the host, and if no one answers correctly, the host will receive a random reward.] 】

[Hint: The original ninja world has dissipated, and now the ninja world is the only sacred timeline, and only the afterimage in the video.] 】

Fifteen years, finally come to the system!

Do you know how I have lived these fifteen years!


Every day is cool, I almost forget that I don't have a system.

Uzumaki looked at the sky in confusion.

I always feel like there's something wrong with the system.

Ninja comparison?

What is there to contrast.

He, the traverser, didn't affect the world much.

Uzumaki Ma was thinking, and a huge screen suddenly appeared in the sky.

This screen can be seen in any corner of the world, even the Pure Land and Sealed Space.

At the same time, there was a mechanical sound in the sky.

[The ninja comparison system is turned on, and the system will compare the two ninja worlds.] 】

[At the same time, the All Ninja World Q&A will open.] 】

[Anyone who consumes Chakra Cap, Life Force, or Soul can participate in the Q&A.] 】

[The top three answerers will enter the calculation.] 】

[Those who answer correctly will receive a special reward that transcends the rules of the world.] 】

[The Ninja World Chat Room is about to open...].

Konoha Village.

The Chu Shinobi exam has just begun.

The "Four Generations of Wind Shadow" and the Third Generation of Hokage Ape Flying Sun Chopper just sat down separately.

The appearance of the sky screen attracted everyone's attention.

"Lord Hokage, don't look at me, I'm still wondering if this is something you Konoha made it."

Facing Ape Fei Ri's skeptical gaze, the "Four Generations of Wind Shadow" smiled.

"It's not an illusion, and it can't be such a large-scale illusion."

Sarutobi nodded slightly, and then said a few words to the dark part behind him, asking the dark department to send someone to pacify the villagers.

[The Ninja World chat room has been opened.] 】

Everyone saw a strange frame appear in their sights.

Few people dared to touch it directly, for fear that it was the enemy's illusion.

But the fact that the living do not dare does not mean that the dead do not dare.

[Senjukuma: I am a pig. 】


[Thousand Hand Pillars: Huh? Together, are you here too? 】

[Senju Kakuma: Big brother, according to the previous prompt, I guess all the ninja realms are there. ] 】

[Senjukuma: Huh? Didn't everyone see what I just said? 】

[Uchiha: Humph, idiot. 】

[Senjukuma: Madara, are you there too?] Is this how the dead communicate? 】

[Uchiha: Haxi hot mother, you are still so stupid. 】

[Senjukuma: Big brother, I told you that the entire ninja world is there, as for why those living people don't speak, it is estimated that they are afraid of illusion. ] 】

[Thousand hands: Don't say it's a living person, even if it's a dead person, no one dares to speak first, so big brother, you stupid guy tried it first. ] 】

【Thousand Hand Pillars:......】

[Uchiha: Haha, indeed, it's hard to find a second fool like Haxi's hot mother in this world! ] 】

"This, this is the first Hokage-sama and the second-generation Hokage-sama?"

"And Uchiha Madara?"

Watching the conversation of people who got up early and died in the chat room, everyone was shocked.

[Naruto Uzumaki: Hey, can you see it?] 】

[Naruto Uzumaki: Uncle Ben is Naruto Uzumaki, a man who wants to become Hokage. 】

[Naruto Uzumaki: Also, Sakura-chan, I really like you, for you, I want to..."

"Bastard, shut up!"


Go for it.

Naruto slowly slid down the wall.


Looking at Naruto who was punched by Sakura, Shikamaru, who was sitting behind Naruto, swallowed: "Woman, it's really terrible." "

Fortunately, he hid quickly, otherwise he would have become Naruto's meat pad.

[Uchiha Madara: ......].

[Thousand Hand Pillars: A descendant of the Uzumaki clan? ] It's so lively. 】

[Ape flying sun chop: The first generation of adults, the second generation of adults is good. ] 】

Sarutobi Slash made a sentence tentatively, and then found that his chakra was missing a little.

"Does speaking in this consume Chakra?"

Sarutobi touched his chin and nodded.

Just as everyone in the ninja world was about to try to speak, a burst of electricity crossed the sky screen.

[Ninja World Comparison Open! ] 】

[The theme of this comparison - the shadow-level powerhouse who was singled out by the middle ninja VS the evil god who deters the entire ninja world].

[Sampling Q&A questions...].

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