Neon Tokyo Hidechiin High School.

This is the most expensive high school in all of Neon, and the elite descendants of all the chaebols in the entire neon will be educated here. Naturally, there are many beautiful girls with water spirits.

Shiwei also discovers that there are Sobutaka (俺物春), Sakakino Xueen (Sun in Gakuen), and Gaosei High School (Strength Supremacy).

Hidechiin (Miss Kaguya) and other high schools that only exist in anime.

Human beings living on this planet, both men and women, have colorful hair and pupils.

Simply put, this is the everyday world.

At least for now, Shiwei has not found any supernatural forces in the world.

In the back row of the third year of high school, Shi Wei, a super handsome man with silver hair, looked out the window boredly.

Even if it is just a simple place to sit, there is a detached temperament.

As if adding a special effects spotlight, the beautiful girls around him couldn't help but secretly look at his handsome side face

If you are not careful, you will fly your cheeks, and the deer will bump.

The so-called back row is by the window, the king's hometown.

As the Star Casting Dragon King, he was fully qualified to sit in this seat.

He whispered to himself, and the divine power phantom array shrouded him, even if he was playing games in his seat, the people around him could not see or hear.

"This is indeed my favorite two-dimensional ah, in front of me is Kaguya Shinnomiya, behind me is Kei Shiragin, and on the right is Ai Hayasaka. It's funny.

The life surrounded by beautiful women is the day I yearn for. "

He did not see Silver Imperial Travel in this world, and even Bai Yin Kei's age and class changed.

It seems that this is a parallel world to the anime world, and many things that happened in the original book did not happen here.

Shi Wei is not the native of this world, but a traverser.

A month ago, Shi Wei woke up next to the moon of this world, and woke up to find that he had become the Star Casting Dragon King whose palm alone was larger than the sun.

In the body, there is endless divine power.

In my mind, there is a vast sea of knowledge, such as the method of creating a planet with the snap of a finger, the method of compressing the entire nebula with both hands together, etc

He didn't know how long he had been sleeping in this world, only that he had acquired endless knowledge in his mind.

Then he glanced at the surrounding environment casually, and saw the familiar blue planet and the cratered moon.

I even saw the familiar neon on the blue star, and the various beautiful girls with colorful hair colors and pupils inside.

What are you waiting for? He naturally couldn't wait to come to this beautiful blue star that existed in the second dimension.

When he thought of the beautiful girl's long white legs and pink face that could pinch out water, he was excited.

So he will be in a stealth state, his body length exceeds the compression of the solar system, and he becomes a 190-tall, perfect, handsome Dragon Kingdom male.

Then he came to Neon and became a senior transfer student in Hidechi-in, and became a classmate of Kaguya Shinomiya and others.

As long as you can stick it with a beautiful girl, it's good!

"In my previous life, I didn't listen to much high school courses, but I didn't expect that now I just read all the textbooks and immediately fully memorized and mastered them.

The talent of the Dragon King is really terrifying. "

A cosmic-level powerhouse with an eternal lifespan, proficient in endless various knowledge.

Even the Ascension's Ascension trick is nothing more than a cat backflip in his eyes.

It's like a normal street performance

"Classes are really boring, so who should I fall in love with first?"

There are many beautiful girls around him, which makes him a little difficult for a while.

At this moment, a mysterious voice appeared in his mind, as well as translucent subtitles.

【Ding! The Super Dimension Chat Group invites you. Do you want to join? Yes/No].

"It's ridiculously strong to become the Star Casting Dragon King, okay, there is even a chat group?"

Shi Wei's eyes lit up, "Maybe there are more beautiful girls and sisters in the group waiting for me to save, even if I overwork, I am willing to save." "

"Join the chat group!"

After he chose yes in his mind, new subtitles began to appear in his mind.

【Ding! Join the chat group! 】

【Ding! Lin Fengjiao joins the chat group! 】

【Ding! Butterfly Kanae joins the chat group! 】

【Ding! Hinata Hinata joins the chat group! 】

【Ding! Aurelion Sol joins the chat! 】

(Hinata Hinata: "Huh? Is this a new call ninja? Or is it a new illusion, why is it in my head? "

Butterfly Kanae: "Is this a train-like device?" The power of technology is amazing. ")

(Lin Fengjiao: "Super dimensional chat group? This should be a device similar to a telephone, capable of making people talk over long distances or something.)

(Ying Zheng: "Chat group? What is a chat group? And those priests want to assassinate the widow? ")

Shi Wei: "The so-called super-dimensional chat group naturally refers to a place where everyone can chat together.

The difference is that we come from different worlds, even universes.

For example, Ying Zheng, you are the emperor of the Qin Dynasty, right? Which world do you have supernatural forces of internal forces, spells or something? "

Ying Zheng: "Hmph! Do not call the widow by his first name, but call me Your Majesty!

Meng Tian Meng Yi under my command is a dragon and phoenix among people, and with a snap of his fingers, the sword qi can be broken ten steps away, and the gold and iron can be broken! There are more than 500,000 troops under the widow's command, all of them are elite soldiers! There are even 100,000 ingenious soldiers."

Lin Fengjiao: "It turned out to be Qin Shi Huang, I didn't expect to see the great man who unified the whole country and unified the script, currency, and weights and measures, and lost respect and disrespect." "

Butterfly Kanae: "Wow, this chat group is amazing. I even met Qin Shi Huang. But, Mr. Shi Wei.

Why does everyone only have names, why is yours so long? "

Shi Wei was stunned, "Oh, it should be that I have such a thing as my real name." I know part of your experience. For example, Mr. Lin Fengjiao is the Taoist chief, right? It's a genius for dealing with zombies.

There is also Kanae is a ghost killing team, a pillar that hunts evil spirits.

Hinata Hinata is Naruto's ninja, the beautiful eldest lady of the Hyuga family. "

Ying Zheng: "Real name? Mr. Shi Wei, why do you know so many things? Are you a ghost or a god? "

Even looking at the empty name, Shi Wei could guess everyone's shocked expressions.

His mood also became happy. "Because there are countless parallel universes in the world, you happen to be from anime or novels that I have watched.

For example, Kanae is from "Ghost Slayer Blade", Hinata is from "Hokage", Lin Fengjiao is from "Mr. Zombie", and Yue Zheng does not know

However, Qin II died.

Kanae, you will be eaten by the winding oni boy. "

"What? Died in the second life? The widow does not believe! Ying Zheng was shocked, but he didn't believe it.

Kanae was also stunned: "Will I die?" This is indeed a kind of destination. "

"But your sister Butterfly Shinobu will also be killed and eaten by Tong Mo."

"Nope! Absolutely not! "Kanae panicked, it's okay if she died, but it's too pitiful for her sister to be killed by a ghost, right?

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