Regency did not expect that he would become the child of luck in this world.

[Regxi: "What is the child of luck?" Is this of any use?

Why is it that after I awakened the Divine Dragon Swordsman profession, after casually swinging a sword, there would be such a rich reward. "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "The son of luck refers to the good luck that can be increased by the will of the world, and you will want to work smoothly in the future. "】

[Kanae: "I have to say, Regesi is indeed lucky. "】

Shi Wei: "Actually, this is normal, the advantage of the world race that Regency is in is very huge.

There were no humans in their world, so almost all the animals that existed on earth gained wisdom. For example, lions, tigers, wolves, cows and sheep, crocodiles, and birds.

In a world where there is no extraordinary power, the ability to awaken a profession is naturally very heavenly. "

[Ying Zheng: "So it is. "】

With the encouragement and advice of his super-dimensional friends, Regency began to gradually determine his way forward.

Even if the world is peaceful on the surface, because of the race, vegetarian beasts are often hunted at night.

He must think of changing the appearance of this kind of thing.

Gang walked up to Regsi, as a tiger spirit, and also a tiger spirit of a famous university, he naturally knew who to befriend.

Just like this gray wolf Regency in front of him, he looks like a harmless person now, but he will definitely become a future figure.

Selling a little favor now, you can definitely get a lot of help when he needs it later.

"Regxi, I'm going to help you apply for the Blue Beast Beaster. Please advise me in the future. "

"Ah, no, no, principal, naturally I will ask you more in the future."

Principal Tiger showed a kind smile, and when he said that he helped apply for the candidacy, he actually represented the determination.

However, the Litton Academy has not elected a suitable green beast leader for many years.

It wasn't because the Choliton Academy didn't want to choose, but because there was no way to elect the best Blue Beast leader.

This is the face of a school, and in the future, the elected leaders of the beasts will become athletes (equivalent to researchers of the National Academy of Sciences) or even politicians after graduation.

If the strength of the green beast they launched is not enough, then once it is easily defeated by other green beast opponents, their school will have a serious loss of reputation and reputation.

[Regxi: "Mr. Shiwei, what should I do now?" Juno has already posted what I just happened online

Now almost the entire college community is discussing my affairs, and even the first place in the hot search of global universities is me, and the popularity is ten times higher than the second place! "】

[Shi Wei: "Isn't this a good thing?"

From now on, you have to find a way to become the leader of the green beast. Then you need to unite with your people, and then constantly maintain your own popularity, and practice your sword skills a lot.

Don't worry about your strength being exposed, be in the spotlight all the time.

So be it, Regxi. As long as you can become the leader of the beast, then I will help you resurrect your dead mother. "】

[Regxi: "Rub, big brother. Are you sure? Are you sure?

Woo hoo, my mom killed herself when I was twelve. Do I really get a chance to meet her? "】

[Shi Wei: "Of course, but I have the power to turn time. But I'm not a philanthropist

So you must also do what you deserve, so that I will help you. "】

Seeing that Big Brother Shi Wei helped him so hard, he was already a little embarrassed to ask how to operate in detail.

At this moment, he only felt the blood boiling in his heart, and he also saw the group live broadcast about Big Brother Shiwei reversing time.

There is no need for such a big brother to cheat him at all, even if he is teasing him.

He has already obtained valuable superpowers from his eldest brother, but he will definitely give all his strength to campaign for the leader of the Blue Beast and even the Strong Beast.

Louis leaned in front of Regsi, "Regsi, can you continue to swing the move just now?" "

"Well, I've recovered."

Regency drank the water that Juno handed over, "Louis, do you have any suggestions, as long as it can bring me closer to the leader of the blue beast, I will do anything." "

Louis patted his shoulder, "Keep this will to compete in the world, let's go to the playground for training." Where it is more empty, Juno, go and find us two durable unbladed real swords. "

"Okay, but you all have to stay safe."

Louis took the lead in the position of the big hole, and he turned around, the sun shining on him behind him, making his already warm coat even more shining.

"Regxi, go ahead. The gears of fate have begun to twist! "

"Well, I can't stand still anymore!"

Regency clenched his fists, "Senior Louis, I want to learn kendo." I just have the power at the moment, but I don't know how to play it or when I should play it. "

"Good! Then let me support you! Together we change the world! It's empty here, let's start, let me see your full strength.


Regxi's hand now had an unbladed longsword in his hand.

"All out?"

Juno took his mobile phone at this moment and began to record the whole process.

"yes, let's go Regsi. Do not worry. "

Regency began to empty his mind and was about to start performing his moves.

"Yo, isn't this our big star Regxi?"


As the patron saint of the beast star, his name is known to everyone.

"Ah, it's Yafuya-senpai!"

Regency shouted excitedly. "You're here! I'm so lucky. "

"Hehe, there is a violent explosion in the university community, and once this kind of thing is not handled well, it is likely to become a terrorist bomb attack in the university community."

So I'm going to see what's going on, so what are you going to do? "

"I'm going to continue practicing the newly awakened power here, because if I can't master it perfectly, it will cause an accident."

So Regency swung the Earth Rift Wave Sword under Yafuya's shocked gaze.

The pale golden sword qi in front of Regxi rushed vertically along the ground, and the ground was plowed into a ravine with a diameter of one meter and a width of two meters, and this six-meter-high sword qi directly cut the pure steel basketball hoop a hundred meters away into countless pieces.

At this moment, all the playground students who witnessed this situation made an astonishing cry, and the beast star was boiling again at this moment.

And all because Regency obtained Shiwei's Career Awakening Scroll.

"Regency huh? This, how can you have such magical powers? "

"Eh, this is what my eldest brother gave me, he is a dragon, a divine dragon that can reverse time, life and death."

The gray wolf clan Huajino, the heir of the world-class chaebol horn company Louis, the leader of all the beasts in the world, the current patron saint, Yafuya, is shocked again at this moment!

It turns out that behind him is a divine dragon! It turned out to be a divine dragon that can reverse time and live and die!

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