"What? How could there be such a terrifying power? "

Yafuya knew that just with his current strength, Regency could already be regarded as the leader of the Blue Beast.

Not to mention that he also has a big brother behind him.

"Do you mean giant crocodiles covered in scales or giant lizards?"

Regesi gasped, and then at this moment picked up a bottle of physical strength potion that sold for 0.01 points and drank it, and suddenly had a lot of physical strength.

Yafua felt something, "What are you that?" "

"It's a drink that restores physical strength, and the effect is pretty good." Where else does my eldest brother have a primary life elixir that can restore surgical wounds in seconds? "

"By the way, I took the initiative to call his eldest brother, he didn't refuse or accept, I'll make it clear to you first."

Yafuya watched this Regesi recover completely after drinking a bottle of primary magic potion when his physical strength was almost drained.

This kind of thing is a real strategic material, how can it be drunk as water?

"Needless to say, the point is that we go to the board of directors of the school to get down to business first."

[Regxi: "Thank you, big brother, I have become the leader of the blue beast, can we send all kinds of the most exquisite and precise toys here to exchange for your primary life and magic potions?"] "】

Shi Wei was leisurely watching the girls have a blood-boiling match, who knew that Regency actually asked him if he could upload a little more primary potion?

[Shi Wei: "What? Do you want this kind of thing that only has a few tenths of a point? All right. "】

Shi Wei looked at the exclusive red envelope sent by Regxi, and then saw a lot of magical eighteen forbidden pictures about wolves and wolves.

Then there are all kinds of fun toys, film and television anime.

[Shi Wei: "Okay Regxi, I prefer human beautiful girls now, and I'm not interested in animals or anything. Give you points, buy whatever you want. "】

【Ding! Regency earned four hundred points. 】


Regency was surprised to find that at this moment, in the chat group mall, the number of various primary consumables increased by 100,000.


[Machima: "Shiwei? Come to me to play? Let's take a look at who is the dog and who is the owner? "】

[Shi Wei: "So you are very brave?" "】

[Machima: "I'm super brave or not. "】

As a dominant demon, Machima's own feelings are very weak.

In her values, there are only three that exist.

One is a pet, one is a rat bug, and the other is her owner.

She didn't have the idea of a so-called love object at all, and the reason why she said that in the group before was to attract Shi Wei's attention.

Such a powerful dragon, it would be exciting to be her dog.

[Shi Wei: "Come, let me see~"].

Shi Wei, who was still admiring the beautiful girl's battle in the Hero Canyon, now directly crossed the dimension and came to the world where Machima was.

"You coming? Time dimension? Do you know? I want to make the world a better place. "

Machima leaned in front of Shi Wei and patiently remembered the smell of the man in front of her. Compared to a person's appearance, she is better at remembering everyone's smell.

It is the smell that emanates from everyone's soul, and a person's appearance may change due to plastic surgery or special abilities.

But the smell that emanates from the inside out because of the soul cannot be changed.

Machima took Shi Wei's palm and placed it on her chest. "There are unhappy factors in this world such as death, war, hunger, etc.

So these humans, these cute cats and dogs have to endure all kinds of suffering, you will definitely help me, right? We are the same kind. "

Feeling the amazing touch on the palm of his hand, Shi Wei felt a little funny.

"Although I am no longer the same species as humans, I still regard humans as interesting beings. So what do you do?

Do you think I'll be at your mercy? "

"You'll definitely be mesmerized by me, well~"

Shi Wei grabbed the hand that Machima wanted to put on her head, and then took the other person into her arms.

"You bad woman, I'm going to eat you dry!"

"So what do you want to do?"

Shi Wei's palm was placed on top of Machima's head, and soon he sensed the location of the other party's home.

"Go home and eat you~!"

After a fierce battle, Machima felt an experience she had never felt before.

She looked at Shi Wei in front of her curiously, carefully observing the mysterious man in front of her.

"Machima, have you ever wondered if there is an equal relationship between souls and souls?

Even if there is a huge difference in race, appearance, and strength?

Machima, do you believe in love? "

"Love? Isn't this the most false lie?

How can there be an equal relationship between life and life? "

Shi Wei rubbed Machima's head, "Then I will continue to teach you lessons, and I will teach you more carefully until you understand what true love is!" "

Start with appearance, fall into talent, and be loyal to character.

Shi Wei knew that he was a dragon full of color hearts, and he made no secret of this.

But he will respect those human beings, machine girls, monster girls and other life forms that are countless times weaker than him in terms of personality.

As a dragon, he is equally fond of any good-looking female individual.

Just like humans, they equally like fairy girls with white skin who are hundreds of years old.

I like angels with feathered wings, and I like monster girls with a small number of animal characteristics.

As a human being, he can equally like the beautiful females of different races, and when he becomes the Star Casting Dragon King, he is naturally more unscrupulous.

Why are thousands of races likely to have such a slight relationship with dragons? I know everything.


Machima collapsed on the bed, and she fell into doubt.

The memories of each demon killed are reset, and after dominating the demon to fuse with Machima's soul, she is brainwashed by the neon high-level.

And now her values have begun to collapse, "Is there really love in the world, is there an equal relationship?" "

"Shiwei? When will you come again? Is this love? "

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