The Beast Star researcher began to study the autumn leaf knife before getting up.

Autumn Leaf Blade, E-level strength equipment, slightly increases the user's attack speed and casting speed.

Obviously, the shape of this blade is very ordinary, but because of the unknown forging technology, material. This allowed him to easily slice through the alloy steel of their world.

"This technology is amazing."

"It is said that this was all sent to him by Regsi's eldest brother, who is his eldest brother."

"It is said to be a dragon, but unfortunately we are not qualified to see that legendary dragon.

The only people on our side who are associated with dragons are lizards and crocodiles. Reghey's luck is really good. "


Regency had come to Louis's father's corner company.

This company is a world-class chaebol company, they are responsible for the research and development of various valuable medicinal herbs

In addition, he is also in charge of developing a variety of delicious foods.

Regency looked at the food in the restaurant and involuntarily swallowed.

"Senior Louis, the food here looks great."

"That is, even though my father's corner company is mainly engaged in drug development, the food is still world-class."

[Regxi: "Mr. Shiwei, this is the food of my world. You taste it too, right? "】

[Shiwei: "Food? Eh, first of all, about bugs I can only eat fried cicada chrysalis, look at the picture (fried cicada chrysalis) ·jpg, that's it.

So the worm meat just needs to prepare this.

I'll try everything else. "】

Shi Wei remembered what Ying Zheng said before that he wanted to unify the world, "Ying Zheng, how is your plan to unify the world?"

How about trying this instant noodles from Regxie's side? The nutrition and taste are good. "

[Ying Zheng: "Huh? This tastes good! Regxi, let's work together! Yes, it's something called instant noodles. Ready to eat right out of the bag, it tastes delicious and easy to transport.

The oligarchs need a lot of food, and with them the oligarchs can quickly unify the world.

How about we settle in gold?

The price is 200,000 packs per kilogram of gold (400,000 Chinese coins)? "】

Regency quickly turned his head to look at Louis beside him, "Louis, how is the price of these instant noodles of yours?" My friends from another world want to buy in bulk.

How do you see the price? "

Louis immediately exchanged the price clearly, "Yes, if you throw away the cost of transportation and rent, my company can still get half of the profit from it." It's still a good deal. "

Regesi's side immediately contacted Ying Zheng and directly sent the 200,000 Jiao Company instant noodles.

In the Daqin era, it was difficult to effectively improve food.

In addition, today's Daqin has only just unified the six countries, and all walks of life in the country are in ruins.

Therefore, under the premise of today's expedition, there is a great need for various food reserves. Under the premise that the ancients generally ate grass, gnawed tree bark, and even sold land to sell their daughters in a major drought.

Instant noodles, a nutritionally balanced, salt-heavy and oily delicacy, are eaten dry in time, as long as they are eaten quickly or even in just one or two minutes.

This smoke-free diet,

[Ying Zheng: "Great, with it."] My soldiers finally didn't have to go hungry. "】

[Hinata: "Mr. Katsumasa, do you need to buy water?" Just now, I found out that red envelopes can also store all kinds of things, and they can be stored for up to seven days.

Water is common with us, but it should still be possible for your army to experience drought.

I also have military food pills on my side, which can restore physical strength after eating. It is very useful under the premise that everyone does not even have enough time to eat instant noodles, even when the physical strength is exhausted. "】

[Ying Zheng: "Good stuff! The oligarchs also bought it, you set a price. "】


Machima also tasted some food from the Regency era

There are also delicacies from all over the other group, which are actually no different from her world.

"It's ordinary, that's all."

"Boring, why can't I sense strong emotions?"

Machima wondered, she had no anger, no hatred, no joy, no sadness.

"I am the dominant demon, so is it the ruthlessness of the devil that masks the emotions of being human?"

"Even if there is that kind of relationship with Shiwei, why is there only doubt? Is that a pleasant feeling? "

"He seems to have given me a conceptual spell, but he just fell on me, why give me this kind of thing?"

Machima went down the street and began to buy today's servings of coffee.

In her back, which she did not see, a pedestrian somewhere took out a small firearm, the M9shou, from his pocket, aimed it at Machima's back, and emptied the magazine.

The supersonic warhead of the extremely fast fire hit Machima's body and knocked her body to the edge of the wall and slipped to the ground.

Because of the cavity effect, when the bullet passes through human flesh, it will quickly expel air around it to quickly stretch the wound.

Therefore, even for a pistol cartridge, the single hole is larger than the bullet itself.

Many real-world weapons use intermediate power bullets, because even this bullet alone is enough to completely incapacitate the target.

Not to mention that several "passers-by" nearby used firearms given by gun demons.

You only need to offer enough dollars to the gun demons, and then they will receive a steady stream of fire support.

One of the men walked up to the other and looked at the girl's dazed death, and he was even more happy.

A strafing shot was then fired at the opponent's entire body.

"Yo, isn't this dominating the demon Machima? Didn't see you for a few days, so pulled? "

"Well, did it finally come out? Gun Demon. "

"You, you're not dead?"


Machima appears from another place, and the previously dead Machima is strangely gone.

"Gun Demon, Blast! And disappear from this world forever. "

As Machima's words fell, the guns of the enemies holding guns in front of her exploded at the same time.

In the distant New York City of Eagle Sauce, a cannonball comparable to Big Ivan exploded out of thin air.

The huge mushroom-like dust rushed to an altitude of 10,000 meters, and the dazzling brilliance was extremely dazzling even from a distance of a thousand kilometers.

All electromagnetic equipment within a radius of three thousand kilometers of a nuclear explosion was strongly interfered with.

Countless Eagle Sauce passers-by were also vaporized in an instant....

PS: The picture is Machima (pretending to die is so elegant, it is worthy of Miss Machima ~).

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