In the case of the group members chatting happily and farting, time passes quickly.

[Machima: "My idea is correct

Everyone knows that no matter what method is used, as long as the illegal murder will self-detonate in the next second, the global crime has been greatly reduced.

All human beings who break the law will go to hell to be tortured according to the laws of their own countries, from a few days of hell imprisonment, to years and decades of eighteen hell torture, to ten thousand years of endless hell torture after self-explosion.

It's just three days of the world, and all mankind is honest.

I want Denji to join my army of judgment, how can such a powerful demon just be wasted. "】

[Ying Zheng: "Machima, you can't agree with your approach. Although the criminals on the widow's side are guilty, they are not in order to open up territory

The oligarchs generally put them on the battlefield to use as a source of troops. "】

Shi Wei frowned and looked at Machima, this Machima was really a little extreme.

Today's Shiwei human nature is still greater than divine, since her management methods have been recognized by the will of the world. Then let her be.

Out of kindness, Shi Wei had to remind her a little: "I don't recommend you to promote her about the chainsaw man."

In the future, you will be torn to pieces by her love and eaten into your stomach. Because she is loving, she is not judged as an attack on you. "

[Machima: "Then I just need to re-modify my conceptual spell so that any action body that is ready to injure myself will self-detonate?" "】

[Shi Wei: "You bad woman can really play!"] Wait, I'll teach you a hard lesson when I'm free! "】

[Machima: "Really? Why did I get excited when I heard this? When are you coming?

I'll wash myself fragrant~"

Apart from forcibly modifying Machima's will and making her completely obey Shiwei's orders, he really doesn't have any way to break the game now.

Since he also has a basic moral bottom line, he generally does not forcibly distort the consciousness of others.

Otherwise, in today's Omnibus Planet, he directly made a wish to make all the pure and beautiful girls who were adults and under thirty years old fall in love with him.

But I don't know why, when he heard that she had slaughtered a large number of little devils, he was a little dark.

After that, he seems to be slowly losing the so-called moral bottom line.

No, this kind of thing must not be known to the group.

It's so anti-human.

What the? Is the little devil a humanoid monster that drank the mutation of nuclear sewage? That's okay.

And it seems that it is because the nuclear sewage that was discharged into the sea was poured back by the typhoon? Great, drink more. 10,000 tons per person, despite drinking!

Shiwei's life today is so unpretentious and boring.

Every day is to chat with friends, watch the matches in the hero city, and then improve your divine power, for the second world that has been connected, the Runeland.

When he gets tired of playing on his side, it is never too late to pass again.

【Ding! Hinata's strength increases, the trajectory of fate changes, he gains the attention of the will of the world he is in, and his luck improves. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei obtains ten copies of the Hokage World Origin. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei obtains ten copies of the Animal Rhapsody (Beast Star) World Origin. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei obtains ten copies of the Zombie World Origin. 】

Not only Hinata Hinata, but even Regxi, Lin Fengjiao's strength has also improved at the same time.

Therefore, at this moment, Shi Wei once again obtained thirty units of World Origin.

This kind of world origin that can make him go further in the multidimensional universe is naturally extremely important.

[Kanae: "Actually, I wanted to ask for a long time, what is the use of this world origin?" "】

[Shi Wei: "I thought you wouldn't ask, the best use of this kind of thing is to break through the upper limit of your own strength.

Or as a universal wishing machine. For example, after your strength reaches the SSS-level explosive star.

The Career Awakening Scroll I provided has reached its limit, and if you want to break through from SSS to Tier X, you must use the World Origin.

However, the current everyone is still too far away from the SSS level. "】

Hinata: "Maybe I have to cultivate for decades to reach what level."] I'm going to work hard! "】

[Shiwei: "It's okay, Hinata. Your potential is still good. "】

Shi Wei raised his head and looked at Hero Canyon.

There are already many girls there whose strength has been improved.

【Ding! More than a hundred people in Shiwei's world have been promoted to the D-level axe blade level, and you have obtained 164 world origin points. 】

Kaguya, who has gained the power of Verus, the arrow of punishment, is now in a video interview with TV Tokyo.

Now the first audition has been completely over, and a full eighty-one beautiful girls have been completely eliminated.

In addition to the fact that women are naturally not good at fighting, more often than not, they have not changed their mentality.

The whole world has been objectifying women, such as she is a girl, why should you think about her?

Men who want to get married are tacitly buying their own houses, and women have houses and cars, and society does not need to live for men by default.

Men's money should naturally be spent on girls, but the reverse is not needed.

In this way, most women begin to be inferior to men in many ways.

Shinomiya Kaguya looked at the Imperial Rice Manchi (the work of the Dragon King) in front of him

"I'm Kaguya, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions."

Wanchi was herself a hero who successfully made the cut, wearing a beige suit, black dress, and black stockings

The beautiful face always has a faint foxy smile, and the hero of the fusion is the desert emperor, who has a mysterious temperament.

The beautiful girl with black hair had a big smile on her face.

"May I ask what Miss Shinomiya thinks of the first world competition in Hero Canyon today?"

"Go all out! I have seen the power of Aurelian Sol, as a divine dragon that can twist the stars of time and space at will.

Each of the five people on the championship team gets a wish that is not too excessive, so I will definitely give it my all. "

For Imperial Rice Manchi. "What do you think of netizens saying that this is a contest to recruit relatives, or that the emperor chooses a concubine?"

"I hope you don't joke casually, he can really go to everyone's home to check the water meter along the network cable."

Shinomiya Kaguya looked at the Imperial Rice Man Zhi in front of him speechlessly, "There is no problem, right?"

Before asking questions, think that the dragon god Thor can easily crush the entire earth. I'm going to keep preparing for the game. "

"Miss Shinomiya, are you willing to marry Dragon King Sol?"

PS: The picture is for Onibanchi

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