"Then Miss Mihan, if you marry the Dragon King, the Dragon King can grant any of your wishes, are you willing to marry him?"

Shinomiya Kaguya bowed to the other party after speaking, and then was teleported to his living room by a mysterious force.

The entire hanging hero city covers an area about the size of the entire city of Tokyo, and there are only more than 100 people living here.

So the beautiful girls here can enter and exit the eighty percent of the territory at will and enjoy most of the scenery above.

Suspended celestial rivers, brilliant rainbows, gorgeous and unusually sci-fi buildings coexist with the surrounding plants and this world.

Just because this world is so beautiful, at first glance it looks like the home planet civilization world of human beings from the 0.7 level civilization

Came to the universe-level civilization above the fourth level.

Shinomiya Kaguya gritted his teeth, and finally took the initiative to dial Shi Wei's phone.

She had been waiting for three days, why didn't Shi Wei call her until now?

If everything is really the Dragon King choosing a concubine, what can she do?

"Shiwei? Where are you? "

The familiar phone rang, and Shi Wei picked up the phone and looked at it.

"Huh? Kaguya, call at this time? "

Shi Wei immediately arranged the illusion around him and connected the phone.

"Shi Wei, where are you? Are you okay? "

"Okay, what's wrong. I haven't been to school these days, and I'm really happy. "

"Whether you don't go to school, the world has been violently turbulent. Is it convenient for you to come out? Let's see you, shall we? "

Soon Kaguya arrived at Shiwei's residence.

"Classmate Shi Wei, we will probably never see each other again in the future."

Kaguya has no shortage of looking at Dragon King Thor with the greatest malice, and the joy and anger of this existence are between the thoughts of the other party.

The whole Blue Star can be regarded as his back garden.

She now has the power of an A-class explosive street in her body, and every girl who is completely integrated with her hero will have this level of energy.

At best, there will be a difference in presentation. The sum of the energy in everyone's body is the same, and it seems to have been deliberately balanced by the dragon god Sol.

"Why do you say that? Or Kaguya, are you going to start running a family business in the future? "

"No, the preliminary round is over today. The eliminated girls are still in Hero City.

I suspect that after we choose the champion, we women will all become the women of the Dragon King. "

Kaguya leaned in front of Shi Wei, "Then, Shi Wei-san." What do you think of me?

What do you think of me? "

"Perhaps, the Dragon King is not as bad as you think?"

Shi Wei really thought so in his heart, even after this Hero Canyon competition, he would not let them go, but would continue to keep them in the city.

"Giving one's fate to others is the most foolish act! Classmate Shi Wei, you no longer have the right to refuse.

I don't want to make myself regret. "

Kaguya Shinomiya thoroughly figured out how naïve her thoughts were after being interviewed by Mikan Wanchi.

Under the attention of billions of pairs of eyes in the global spotlight, everyone covets her power.

The power of the humanoid nuclear bomb is so attractive that it is like a poison.

Those who possess this power can be above the law, and money, power, status, and countless other temptations will continue to come.

Before she was lost, she wanted to meet the only man she was interested in.

Looking at Kaguya attached to him, he knew it was time to take the initiative.

So he carried her into the room when Kaguya exclaimed.


Neon Cabinet

Prime Minister Fujiwara World rubbed his temples irritably at the moment.

Before, he was directly crushed by the collapsed building, and after the follow-up surveillance footage was uploaded, he learned that he was resurrected by the dragon.

Tens of millions of neon people have died and come back to life, and this life and death are all in the thought of the dragon god, which is too terrifying.

He looked at everyone in the room with a serious expression

"I want to get the personality model of the dragon god Aurelian Sol, and his contact information, can I do it?"

"Report, Dragon God Thor is a typical hedonist. Everything is done for fun.

At present, among the 164 adult women who have landed in the hero city, all of them are young and beautiful and retain their pure existence after expert analysis. "

"So the dragon god is a big color P,"

"Ahem!" Fujiwara Daichi also has three daughters in his family, and Chika Fujiwara is still competing in Hero Canyon.

"I'm sorry, Dragon God Thor is a person who yearns for beauty and pursues love.

Such a person we can conduct a full neon concubine selection and then send him the most beautiful, pure adult female past.

The criteria for appearance and figure are based on the 164 women who have been selected. "

Fujiwara Daichi's brows furrowed even more fiercely, "Then how should we contact the Dragon God?" "


"Why don't we do the pageant first? This beauty contest must be transparent and fair.

Anyone must bind an ID card, a mobile phone card, and a year-round residence IP. Any cheating and canvassing must be dealt with as a crime of violating national security! "

Eagle sauce, Maozi and other big countries carried out a unified caliber at this moment, and then jointly announced a global joint beauty contest of many major countries.

Based on the 184 selected women above the hero city, the global pure adult female beauty contest is held.

When the dragon god V. Aurelian Sol began to pity these pure adult women in favor of the gods.

The entire eight billion humans on the earth will choose to cooperate with the fun of the dragon god.

The world is too bitter, and it is even more bitter as ordinary people inside.

So when faced with opportunities that are hard to come up, they will only be more crazy.

This is one of the few ways to get promoted!

This is the will of eight billion human beings around the world to choose the best women to serve the only god!

Dragon God – Aurelian Sol.

They will mobilize a national effort to arrange the world's top criminal investigators, behavioral scientists, etc. to select each adult pure woman one by one.

In the regret of women who have lost their purity, the envy and envy of countless men.

The Global Pure Beauty Beauty Pageant officially begins.

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